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Young Dreams 22 February 2021 update: Mayank telling Shail he loves Gunjan and she loves him too. Shail asks him how long has this been going on and he said 2 months. Shail then says why they didn’t think it was important to tell her. She then tells Gunjan how could she love a boy who is about to get married. She asks Gunjan what if she were in Charu’s place. Mayank then says its not Gunjan’s fault and he never like Charu. Shail then says what does he mean by that. She says the engagement happened with his consent and that in a few days he’ll be married.

Mayank says he wanted to tell everyone about this and he doesn’t want to marry Charu and that he loves Gunjan. Shail says he knew Gunjan only for 2-3 months and he calls that love.

Shail says how could he make the decision to break off his engagement and that the love between him and Gunjan is only an infatuation and it will disappear in a while. She says this was bound to happen since they were living in the same roof and that Gunjan it happened because she was vulnerable as her mother passed away and her father left and that she felt alone staying in a new city. Shail says that she was looking for a friend in Mayank but then infatuation happened. She adds saying that this is not love and tells Gunjan to forget Mayank. Shail tells her to move on. Mayank says no he loves Gunjan and wishes to marry her. Mayank says Charu is not his type.

Part 2

Shail says it takes 2 people to make a relationship and it doesn’t happen overnight. Shail says its the age to make mistakes and repent later and tells him to admit that he made a mistake. Shail tells Mayank despite being engaged he loved another girl and that is wrong. She scolds Gunjan telling her how could she do this despite knowing. Shail tells Gunjan she thought she was an understanding girl that doesn’t hurt people intentionally but Gunjan proved her wrong. She says Akash and Dayal will be upset when they know about it. Shail tells Gunjan even Sneha won’t be happy knowing that Gunjan loves a guy who is engaged and about to get married. Shail tells Mayank he betrayed Charu’s and his parents. Shail says he’ll realize it and Mayank cuts her saying he doesn’t agree with her and that his and Gunjan’s love is true love. Mayank tells Gunjan to convince Shail that its not just an attraction but love that will last. Gunjan recall what Shail and Mayank said to her. Mayank then tells her to say something. Gunjan says its right that this was just an attraction and a passing phase and that she should go to Australia. She said she should start a new and Mayank should marry Charu and that is the right thing. Shail tells Gunjan she knows how difficult it is for her but its the right thing. Mayank says what is she saying and that they were waiting for this opportunity to prove their love. He tells her to understand at least. She tells him he has to forget her and they have not right to break two families and hurt their feelings. She says she needs to pack her bags and leaves. Mayank calls out to her and follows her. Shail looks on.

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Part 3

Prabhu tells Akash that India is the best and he knows Australia is comfortable but to come and visit India if possible. Akash says if God willing he would but as of now he wants to stay with Gunjan in Australia. Gunjan runs down the stairs and Rachana notices. In the room Gunjan is crying apologetically saying to herself that she’s sorry she couldn’t support hers and Mayank’s love. She says she’s a coward and that she’s running from the truth and herself. Rachana knocks the room door and says what is she doing there and to open the door. Gunjan opens the door and Rachana asks if she was crying and Gunjan says why should she. Rachana says she’s lying and saw her crying downstairs and asks her what’s wrong. Gunjan packs her things. Rachana asks if she could help and Gunjan says she’s fine and angrily replies she can’t even pack her things in peace. Gunjan tells her to keep quiet but Rachana offers to help and Gunjan says she can do it herself and tells Rachana to leave her alone and let her pack in peace. Rachana tells Gunjan she’s hiding something and that there’s another reason she’s leaving for Australia and that its not only because Akash is here to take her. Gunjan asks her if she wants to know the truth and tells her she can’t adjust anymore and there is no better opportunity then to go to Australia with Akash and that’ll be good for her. Rachana says everything will be fine and if she needs anything to call her. Gunjan starts crying as Rachana leaves the room.

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Part 4

Rachana tells Chaya if only there was a way to stop Gunjan from going and prays to God to stop her. Chaya says if she has made up her mind then nothing can be done. Chaya sees Rajiv and tells Rachana. They approach him and Rachana greets him and asks how he’s feeling. Chaya then asks what’s going on. Rajiv says that from 2-8 of October SVC is celebrating the joy of giving week. He says something is given to a person in need of it. He says that there’s a wish tree with a wishlist and they should try make someone’s wish come true. Rachana and Chaya pick something from the wishing tree and it reads they have to help and donate clothes to the underprivileged. Chaya says why delay such good work and they leave. They reach the orphanage and a man comes to welcome them. Rajiv says he comes here often but today his students are here and says these are for the children and hands over bag of things and that the students would like to spend time with the children. The students read, draw, paint and play hockey with the children. Rachana tells Rajiv that she finally realizes how good it feels to make someone else happy. Rachana says a child’s smile is priceless. Chaya thanks Rajiv for the opportunity. Rajiv tells them to always remember that if they give someone happiness it makes their day.

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