Young Dreams 15 March 2021 update: gunjan goes to say sorry to seema but she pretends to be fast asleep and gunjan leave the room. Sangeeta comes in and is very happy. Gunjan rachna leave for college. Mayank comes in seema starts acting , mayank sees flowers on the table and thinks that its gunjan who gave those flowers, sangeeta says that the flowers are sent by charu as she came to know seema is not feeling well. Mayank is upset that gunjan did not apologize even once.

Gunjan rachna are in college, gunjan confesses that mayank was really rude even though she knows she made a mistake before they can continue vihaan comes and gives a rose to rachna saying a rose for a rose . Gunjan wants to leave but vihaan stops her saying saali adhi gharwali. He asks her to teach rachna how to talk gunjan makes vihaan promise that he will keep rachna happy . Vihaan gives rachna the rose rachna accepts it blushingly. Shayl feeds khichdi to seema who is ‘crying’. Shayl explains that gunjan did not do it on purpose ,Seema sees mayank near the window and says that gunjan has not apologized even once. Seema says that she will only apologize to maintain peace. Mayank barges in and says that gunjan only has to say sorry.

Gunjan rachna come home, gunjan asks how is seema sangeeta says she is not well. Gunjan wants to go and talk to her but sangeeta makes sure gunjan is busy in some house hold work. Mayank sees rachna he asks sangeeta where gunjan is. She adds fuel to the fire saying that gunjan went straight to the terrace without even talking to seema. She says it might be because of ego mayank storms out. Rachna is thinking about vihaan and suddenly gets up thinking how can she as she is in love with rajeev. Her phone rings and its vihaan. She is tensed pacing her room and finally decides to pick up . Vihaan is flirting with rachna saying he wanted to listen to her sweet voice. He second guesses her every move saying she is feeling shy, nodding her head etc. He suggests to spend more time so they can get to know each other he tells her to learn to speak from gunjan. Rachna says bye and hangs up . Gunjan comes down and sees mayank enquires about his mom s health. He gets really angry shayl gets seema in the hall. Gunjan says she went to her room in the morning but seema was fast asleep. Seema says she could not sleep full night and never saw her coming in. Gunjan replies she went in the morning and they can ask sangeeta. Sangeeta says gunjan told her but did not see if gunjan actually went in. Shayl asks gunjan to say sorry but seema folds hand and apologizes to gunjan saying she is a modern girl so she should nt have given the family heirloom. mayank says why should she join hands in front of gunjan, she should not bother if someone does not want her love specially a nadaan ghamandi bewakoof person. Gunjan tries to tell shayl but sangeeta delivers the final blow saying if only gunjan had asked seema s condition once. Gunjan pleads but shayl removes her hand from gunjan , gunjan runs away. Shayl is lost in everyone s statements trying to decipher who is telling the truth and concludes something is wrong.


Gunjan is in her room and recalls Mayank s harsh words when shayl enters. She asks her to have puri aloo and jalebi but gunjan declines saying she is not hungry. Shayl tells her to have patience teaches her that its a woman s duty to bind everything together and she should learn. She takes her to eat breakfast. Rachna is waiting on the table and shayl serves. Since its a holiday rachna says they will clean cupboards and shop for face pack. The bell rings and its Vihaan and some friends. Shayl tells them she will serve breakfast. Vihaan says no and he says he has come to take the girls to a stamp exhibition as rachna likes history. Rachna is blushing gunjan does not want to go and rachna has to go alone . Shayl tells vihaan to drop him in an hour or two as Dayal does not like all this. Gunjan is lost in her own thoughts. Vihaan has come on a bike and asks rachna to sit she says she will come with the others in the car but they tell her there is no place and she sits on vihaan s bike. She is shy and keeps stealing glances. Vihaan applies the break and rachna hugs him. Rachna realizes that its the wrong road she asks vihaan and he tells her they are going to play pool. Seema and sangeeta really happy that gunjan s name is spoilt and they hurt gunjan s ego. Gunjan comes down and they change the topic to seema s ill health. Gunjan apologizes but seema does not hear. Gunjan folds her hand and keeps saying sorry but seema sangeeta ignore her. Shayl and mayank notice this leaving sangeeta and seema shocked. Seema forgives gunjan in front of shayl.

All the friends reach some place where there is a pool table. Vihaan holds rachna s arm and gets her near the table. He asks her to put the green ball in the pocket. He holds her from behind and manages to put the ball in. He is smirking while rachna is all shy. The friends clap. Gunjan is on the terrace her sweater is stuck but she believes mayank is holding her. She asks him to leave her and mayank comes in front of her and tells her that they will forget the past and have a fresh start. Gunjan says no.

Shayl announces on the dining table that they should get mayank and gunjan engaged. Everyone is really happy including gunjan and mayank.


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