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Young Dreams 11 January 2021: Sneha coming down the stairs,& found breakfast has already been prepared.Shali then came & say sneha have to get hospitalize.But sneha doesn’t want to.

Shali is trying her best to convince sneha, but sneha still stay firm on her decision.Gunjun came unexpectedly and heard but sneha told her it is Shali’s friend who is suffering from cancer.In came Akask..,Shali then called her husband and told him everything about Sneha and she will stay back a few more days,she then talk to Rancha who is sad..,Akash was telling Shali to talk to her sister,as she listens to no one.Gunjun wants to go shopping,so sneha told her to take Shali with her but she said no,But sneha told shali to go with her..,Sneha then promise Akash she will get hospitalize after Gunjun Kakat perfomance.

Back at Banaras,Rancha wants the white bra,but is shy to buy it,so she called her friend chayya & told her.Together then went to the store,but all the employee are males.Back at Mumbai Shali doesnt even have to help Gunjun,she is trying on and buying whatever she like.

Aunt Shali is very surprise with her.At Banaras the store employee ask the girls what they need,they point to what they want,when the guy ask what size,Rancha runs out of the store & start to cry then called her mom& told her mom what happen & ask her to return home to which shali said she can’t return for now & Gunjun heard her..

Sneha and Akash are on a terrace overlooking the sea. She tells him that it feels like nothing has changed, she will miss him the talks the memories the time spent together when she goes (indicates towards the sky) specially this evening which she spent with him. Cry Cry Cry . Even he has tears in his eyes and she asks him if he regrets marrying her as she is not like her sister capable ,susheel, not perfect but he assures her saying she is his love and where there is love perfect does not matter and he only wants her they hug Hug .

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Rachna is talking with her friend chaya who suggests that she will ask her mom to help her buy inners but rachna refuses saying chaya s mom would tell her chachi who in turn would tell someone else . she concludes the only solution is not going to the party and is hurt coz of her mom

shayl and sneha looking at jewellery while sneha says that the payal was given to shayl by their father but she cried and threw tantrums that she wanted a similar one on the same day so shayl had to give her payal to sneha. She confesses that she snatched it from her not only the payal(she gives it to shayl who returns it back to her) but other thing as well. Shayl says that akash and sneha were meant for each other she s about to bless them for a long life together but she controls.

Gunjan calls her mom for help but shayl goes instead combs her hair, helps her get ready in traditional clothing and jewellery. Sneha hugs her daughter when she sees her all dressed up and gunjan says goodnight and goes to sleep.

Sneha gets an attack of pain ,akash and shayl comfort her. Akash says they should tell it to gunjan but sneha says dancing tomorrow is gunjan s dream (for her mom )and that s her last wish

chaya comes to rachna s house with a letter from some admirer who has asked chaya to wear a red saree for the party then she taunts rachana that she s not well dressed oils her hair plaits it so no guy will ever look at her. All other gals must be going to parlour ,applying make up etc . Rachna thinks even she wanted to look beautiful she finally gathers the courage goes to her aunts and tells them that she needs black antarvastra but they tease her ,pull her leg. Rachna feels really bad,cries and decides not to go to the party.

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Even at dining table her aunts tease rachna and she does not eat and runs away. Shayl calls her and before rachna can actually talk about her problem sneha takes the phone.

Sneha and rachna have a sweet conversation and blesses rachna.

Sneha makes shayl promise that she will take care of gunjan after she dies . Gunjan asks them to come at 12 to see her friends and seniors perform Akash and shayl try to cancel the plan but sneha assures her that she will come.

Gunjan turns back and says i love not mom before leaving. As soon as her daughter leaves sneha faints and falls on the sofa while akash n shayl push towards her.


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