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Young Dreams 5 March 2021 update: Chaya pushes rachna and hides behind a wall while Rajeev tells rachna that he read the letter and asks her to meet at a cafe near saagar cinema.

Rachna is stumped when chaya comes and as soon as chaya gets to know she says that Rajeev sir has called her out on a date. Rachna and chaya are super happy and they play phugdi.

The entire family is discussing budget for diwali and prabhu says that he wont be able to contribute for it as Mayank and Charu s wedding is cancelled so Mayank Seema and Prabhu wont buy new clothes seema is upset Dayal denies and says everyone will celebrate it as a family. Seema and Sangeeta talk about karva chaut hinting that Gunjan should keep it but cant fast the whole day without water. Gunjan and rachna come in and seema tells gunjan that from next year she will have to fast gunjan says she will fast this year as well but seema puts it off.

Savitri devi calls shayl and wants rachna to fast for karva chauth and will send the sargi. She also promises that she will get vihaan home one day.

She hangs up and vihaan comes home . Savitri devi shows some clothes and is all praises for her dil who is very fair. Vihaan tells her he wants to meet her alone but she does not agree as its banaras. Dad asks about rajeev and SD gets annoyed saying that rajeev does not come home just because he could not marry some girl. Vihaan ends up taking garg house landline number from his mom s mobile.

Rachna gets down from an auto and sees rajeev wearing a suit walking with a bunch of roses. (Lot of soap bubbles flying in air. Back ground saas from jab tak hai jaan ) Rajeev comes and gives her the flowers but drops something and they both bend at the same time to pick it and their heads bump. Rajeev gives her the flowers and touches her hair.

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Rachna wakes up from her dream and is all excited and happy to just think that Rajeev has feelings for her. She touches her hair and is shocked to feel a pimple. She rushes to the kitchen ,dholu comes walking in the hall where rachna is sitting with haldi on her face. He is scared and screams ghost waking everyone up. Seema sangeeta shayl are shocked to see rachna applying face pack and they tease her that she is doing all this for her fiancee. Dholu asks her to get rid of the pack or he will call her bhoot didi .

Mayank pulls Gunjan and asks her why she wont fast for him he even says he will fast . He tells her its just a fast and she wont have to do other rituals later. Gunjan teases him that he should fast this year while she will fast from next year.

Vihaan calls on the landline first time Shayl picks it but he does not speak then prabhu picks up he still does not speak . Rachna picks up finally and vihaan tells her to meet at 4 o clock at the same cafe where she is supposed to meet rajeev.

(The scene starts with Vihaan),talking to Rachana, and saying to meet him at cafe world at 4:00p.m, near southern cinema,(the same place were Rajeev told her to meet Nov,5),Rachana gets shocked,(she remembers, Rajeev, flashback),and tries to says that she couldn’t come, but Vihaan talks over her(poor Rachana couldn’t talk back), then he keeps the phone, (Rachana in a dilema),Vihaan is so happy,and practices on the mirror to present himself,Shail asks Rachana who was in the phone,and lies, then says that it was a wrong number, and says to eat the breakfast, Gunjan gets a little suspicious about it, and asks what happened, and Rachana says nothing, Gunjan says her to eat, Sangeetha serves Rachana, but she refueses to eat, Shail says what you just ate a bit, then says enough, calls Gunjan to go for college, (Gunjan still with the same look says okey),

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Sageetha says to make a plan with Gunjan to Seema,Mayank calls Seema to give water, Sangeetha gives the water,Gunjan asks what as happened to Rachana, Rachana says yes, lies again saying that hte phone that Gunjan gave was the problem, Gunjan says so you are in love, how romantic to Rachana, Rachana says that she is in love with Rajeev, Gunjan is so happy,and surprised, to hear it, Seema gives water to Mayank, Sangeetha and Seema talk thru their eyeseye contact), Sangeetha trying to say something, and giving a thumbs up ,( definitely a plan cooking up),Seema says that he looks tired to Mayank, he says he is OKEY!, Seema says “that a mom knows what is going on by looking at her beta or beti”,and says that he is hiding something from her mama, he says come on,( Mayank getting a little scared and worried),and Seema says that she is very happy to get a DIL like Gunjan, Mayank a little happy, (Sangeetha making facial gestures behind, I think silent laughing), they have nice laugh, Mayank leaves, Sangeetha full of joy, cheers her up, The scene now college),Gunjan says she can’t even believe it, (Rachana all shy and embarrassed), (Gunjan pulls a prank saying that she will tell Rajeev)

(The scene still in the college), Gunjan still exited, and shouts Rachana’s name, (the scene no in a clothing place), Mayank and Seema are looking some saris for Gunjan,Seema acting, she says to pick the best of the bunch of saris,(mayank is very happy),the man shows them, a red bordered white sari, with studs,Seema and Mayank agree to buy it,Seema opens her purse,(she is shocked to see no money), and tells Mayank to pay but he says that he doesn’t have money too,
Seema gets embarrassed),Seema tries to manage the manager, he says to give the money right away,Seema tries to make a commotion, Luckily Charu saved the fight, then she payed,Mayank feels bad about it,(oh so this was the plan that they were making),charu and Seema are happy about the reaction,( OMG! Seema was acting like she didn’t have money, but she payed for Charu’s sari), Mayank was hiding and seeing the episode, both get nervous.

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the scene starts with Rajeev coming in his bike, WOW! the opposite side Vihaan comes with his bike,park their bike,both approaching the cafe,when Rajeev goes vihaan bends, rajeev findsa spot for them,Vihaan enters, and he finds a spot, both Gunjan and Rachana arrive in the auto,Gunjan waits outside,she sees Rajeev sir, and sits there, and they order,Rajeev starts looking romantic,Gunjan sees Vihaan, then he sees her, then suspects her,he gets a call then he says his full name,Gunjan gets shocked.

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