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Young Dreams 5 February 2021 update: Gunjun is sleeping and is dreaming,she gets up and woke up rachna and beg rachna to be honest with her is she looking ugly, will the wound heal.

Rachna assure her everything will be alright..,Shali is in her room,she is feeling guilty,she could do anything to help Gujun,Dayal come and console her. Rachna then give Gujun her tablets,she quitely then goes to sleep.Shali is wondering if she should tell Akash,Dayal tells her not to only a mother can bear that amount of pain for there kid not a dad.Shali ask Dayal why didn’t he let Mintu get punish,he said they have daughters in there house and there family nam will only be ruined. Rachna goes to Mayank and told him she can’t bear to see Gunjun in such a condition,and should expose Mintu fast. Mayank said they will do just that.

Mayank show Rachna the video,he re do the image and blur the girls faces so no one will knows who they were only knows who did it. Mayank then upload the video on line,from one person to another, to another and eventually everyone in college got the video. Together they goes to Mintu seeking justice for their fellow student.

Gunjun woke up the next morning,to fing her room with all sort of flowers and one cards that said for my friend. She said only rachna can do this much for her. Rachna then comes and she said she didn’t someone else did it, Gunjun found another card and goes outside to see Mayank waiting with another set of flowers and cards…,

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