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Young Dreams 29 January 2021 update: gunjan listens to everything and comes in the room locks the door questions rachna why did she hide everything from her. Rachna explains the circumstances why she could not tell her.

Rachna is scared its already 12 but gunjan says if that mintu wants a kiss he will get a kiss. Rachna is really scared and so is chaya. Chaya tells that she is not from mumbai that she can kiss anyone. Gunjan explains that people from mumbai have same sharam that other people have. Chaya hugs gunjan and tells that if her parents come to know about it they wont let her be friends with rachna. Gunjan tells some plan to the gals but we are not told what the plan is . Someone is knocking o the door its dolu who wants to come in gunjan tells him only girls can come in and sends him away. Chaya is told to go home. Dholu goes and complains to shayl that gunjan is not giving him attention .

But when shayl comes to the girls room no one is there. Seema is lost admiring her pretty saree . Gunjan and rachna stand outside seema s door. Gunjan starts saying loudly that she wanted to gift seema with a saree for dabbu s engagement gift so she wants to go to market. Greedy seema in the hope of another gift allows the girls to go and even agrees to talk to shayl about the girls going out seema falls hook line and sinker for gunjan s lie.

They almost reach the door but bang into mayank . Mayank has a smile on his face throughout but wonders where the girls are going.

shayl asks seema where the girls went but she covers up for them. (wat a greedy woman )dholu is upset that gunjan went out without him. Mayank decides to distract him by playing panja with him. Dholu is still angry that gunjan left without him so he complains to mayank now and tells him that there is some secret as the girls were repeating ‘plan’. Mayank also thinks something is fishy .

Rachna asks gunjan how did she end up doing such a mistake but gunjan consoles her saying its not her fault and they will teach mintu a lesson. Mayank s father is in the market and the girls hide from him.

charu calls sangeeta and plead that she wants to meet mayank. Sangeeta and her husband try to convince mayank that he should meet her outside but mayank is not convinced . Sangeeta s husband tells him to take charu to some hotel for coffee this is the same hotel where mintu is meeting rachna .

Rachna meets mintu and he is very pleased that she dressed up for him he holds her hand she pulls it away and asks what she wants to eat she says nothing but Mintu asks rachna to eat ice cream and says its sweet and creamy like her (creep kahinka) gunjan comes in and says hi. Mintu is shocked and angry. She tells even she wants to eat ice cream.


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