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Young Dreams 26 February 2021 update: ok so scene starts with vihaan falling down on ground. He stand up and goes towards rajiv sir with his angry looks, but den suddenly he take blessing and say PRANAM GURUJI , all students start laughing and again vihaan say to rajiv APKA HUKUM SARAKO PAR( he will pay heed to all his orders )..and then vihaan see anushaka mam and say mam what u do to urself? you are looking so beautiful..

anushaka mam gets flattered and say that he also look like a bad, naughty and handsome guy. Vihaan then say to anushaka that she has made his day..( he was going to complete his sentence ) suddnely, Rajiv sir interrupts and say to vihaan stop it, BAATON KE BHAIGAN, start doing work and he also tell other students to move to their work. Chaya gets really impressed by vihaan and addresses him by saying cute and naughty.

She further adds that it seems like suddenly he will come and say MY NAME IS VIHAAN, NAAM toh SUNA HI HOGA. gunjan tells chaya that she has gone mad and she further adds by saying VIHAAN JAISE LANGOOR KO YAHI JUNGLE MEIN CHOD DENA CHAHIIYE, CUTE MY FOOT..and all three girls go away. Scene then shifts to garg’s house where dayal is putting his feet in hot water and shayl lovingly scolding dayal that she is not able to understand when 3-4 people are their in shops why he has to stand up all day and dayal tells shayl that if he will not do this customers will not be satisfied and business is not that easy as it looks. golu comes running and screaming that he wants to go there, from upstairs with sangeeta behind him. Shayl ask where he wants to go? golu replies where gunjan and rachna has gone. Sangeeta replies to golu that he can go where ever he wants to go but only when he becomes older and also when he start sleeping without her. golu replies that he can sleep without her for 2 days and he has become older he eats 2 roti’s, he can solve math and also know english and hockey.

sangeets again tells him that he can go ,but 1st he has to eat dinner. Seema comes from behind and ask shayl, where mayank has gone. shayl tells seema she doesnt know where he is. Shayl suggest seema to call him but seema tells his mobile is coming switched off. She further adds that she is getting really tensed. shayl advises seema to not to take tension, he will come in time. Sangeeta’s husband comes and adds that let him enjoy these bachelor days, as these happiness he might not get in future. sangeeta pinches her husband and tell him to say it one more time angrily. Scene shifts to camp ground where boys including vihaan cutting onions with tears in their eyes. Vihaan says that IN AANSOO KA HUM CHUN CHUN KE BADLA LENGE( they will take revenge for every drop of their tears )..another boy say that this isn’t fair, its been half an hour and girls still hasn’t come back from jungle , they are definitely enjoying over there and we are doing work as labourers. vihaan tells them not to worry as they will take revenge for this unfairness. Anushaka mam comes and in her flirtatious tone says HI BOYS, KYA KHICHDI PAKK RAHI HAI ( what’s cooking ) and vihaan in a very sympathetic way that MAM KHICHDI NAHI, BUT APNE PASINE (SWEAT), PYAR(LOVE) AUR PARISHRAM( WORKING HARD) SE KHANA BANANE KI KOSHISH KAR RAHE HAI, MAN TOH BIRYANI BANANE KA THA BUT WHAT TO DO.

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Anushka say not to worry after camping he can make biryani. Vihaan ask is it biryani date?? anushka say yes. vihaan gets happy and was about to fall on ground but suddnely rajiv comes and say to anushka that why she has got stucked in between these monkeys? They only talks and they will not able to cook food too and he suggest anushka to go from here. rajiv ask anushka why girls haven’t come till yet and anushka also show concerns. Vihaan listening to rajiv-anushka convo. Scene shifts to jungle where girls are shown with torches, all girls getting anxious but gunjan makes them understand to not to worry and suggest them to gather woods. all start gathering woods and rachna goes little further and suddenly she gets surrounded by 4 people wearing ghosts clothes. she get scared and run away from them. All girls start screaming in terror. gunjan ask rachna what has happened to her. rachna tells gunjan about the ghost, gunjan tells them that there is nothing like ghosts and she is going to see that place. Scene shifts to boys including vihaan laughing on girls and saying that girls are such dumb and they are cowards and suddenly they hear gunjan’s voice, they are able to see gunjan but gunjan is not able to see boys. all boys run away. gunjan comes where all boys were present and she see ghost mask and a torch with Vihaan name on it.

boys comes to camp ground,laughing and making fun of girls. Rajiv come and ask them are they cooking or just doing pranks and stuff. Vihaan in his Guruji’s mode tone say Guruji we are so busy cooking,that we are not able to think anything else. suddenly, they hear gunjan voice saying he is a liar. Camera shifts to girls coming from behind. Rajiv ask who is lying? gunjan tells dis swimming champion who is doing part time ghost too by showing ghost mask. Vihaan says what rubbish? gunjan tells rajiv about the whole incident of ghost. Vihaan in attitude says excuse me, we are making food, we don’t have time to do this..suddenly he stops and guesses that it is his awesome personality fault that gunjan see vihaan everywhere. gunjan smirks by listening this. vihaan further adds to go away and he has forgiven her. gunjan say just tell me MR AWESOME PERSONALITY what your torch was doing in jungle. vihaan get shocked to see his torch and tries to brushes off the topic. rajiv tells vihaan to pull his shoe off and ask him to show sole of shoe and rajiv gets really angry and say that girls are right,red soil is present in the sole of your shoe which is only present in jungle. he calls other people to come out who were involved in this incident. rajiv tells them that they have to do girl’s work too including wood gathering and putting tent up as a punishment. girls get really happy and gunjan and vihaan exchange looks angrily.

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scene 3
scene starts from camp ground where students are playing and talking. rajiv sir comes and announces they have still time to do something as dinner is not ready. anushka mam comes and say i have an idea and tell to students that rajiv sir play guitar very well and anushka mam insist rajiv sir to play guitar in girls honour. MERE BINA MEIN from crook song starts ( my personal favt song ) and rajiv sir start singing and all people start dancing. rachna lost in her dreams and start imagining herself in white pretty gown and a nice hair updo, and rajiv sir in short peach coat/vest and white trousers (rachna was looking nice but rajiv was totally hottie ) doing couple dance on song..chaya wakes her up from dream and make her see towards rajiv sir where rajiv and anushka were dancing. rachna gets upset. scene then shifts towards gunjan sitting around bonfire( song is still playing ), imagining herself with mayank doing dance. mayank in black sheer shirt and gunjan in red and black sari ( both looking really nice ).she wakes up from dream, smiling. Scene shifts to Garg house where seema crying loudly saying someone has put evil eye on him. Something has definitely happened to him. Mayank’s father get flashback of mayank saying that he will not be able to do marriage as he doesn’t love charu. He goes to dayal and say that he is feeling that mayank himself has gone somewhere. shayl gets tensed hearing this.

precap- shayl reading letter written by mayank saying we are going and tells shayl to make family understand and shayl thinks gunjan and mayank both ran away.

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Image result for sapne suhane ladakpan ke – episode 90
Mayank has written letter and shyl reads it he has left house shyl thinks he left along with gunjan…

And in camp vihan puts mirchi to Dal and gunjan tells boys should eat first as they have worked a lot..

Vihan tells girls are weak ..anushka mam supports her and gunjan serves only vihan and group dal … Vihan avoids dal but eats sabji…

She tells she has put mirchi in sabji…

And all boys drink water and anushka mam praises boys for food..

Vihan friends tell him that he got some takkar girl for his level…

All those 3 girls laugh at vihan position..

Rachna searches outside and ask them to come for walk… Chaya avoids…

Gunjan and rachna on a walk..

Gunjan tells she wants to speak important thing…

Rachna not in mood to listen to gunjan..

Gunjan gets upset on hearing rachna wants to speak with rajiv sir..

Gunjan tells rachna don’t have time for her..

Rachna tries to stop her..

Rachna sees anushka and rajiv sir in tent gets jealous and sad…

Seema and dayal and prabhu are tensed that mayank is missing wants to lodge complaint that before few days he left house..

Shyl lies them mayank called her up just now… And all will relax after that..

Shyl is upset

Anushka and rajiv notices rachna…

Rajiv asks her she should take rest as she needs to get up early tomo..

Anushka tells she has to sleep too..

Rachna hears anushka telling rajiv that wherever he is girls will be behind..

Early morning vihan in west and tells something to gunjan..

Tea is ready and rachna takes tea to rajiv sir and both anushka and rajiv together and rajiv says rachna…

Rachna shocked to see them again…

Will drop tea on rajiv for sure…

Rajiv says she has got tea for him… Rachna says some girls told to give tea to him… And anushka jokingly say tea only for rajiv sir not for her… Rachna says sorry to her but anushka tells she was joking ,Rachna trying to give tea to rajiv sir… She is tensed and her hands are shaking…and drops tea… Rachna gets scared and tells shirt will get spoilt she will take water bottle but anushka mam tells she will clean and helps rajiv sir to clean his shirt and rachna sad..

Vihan throws rope on gunjan and she gets scared and falls down and rolls down and gets hurt … Anushka and rajiv sir comes to help her she is bleeding… Rajiv sir asks how it happened … And all girls get first aid…

And rajiv sir sees rope and asks who is behind this accident all are seeing each others face..

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