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Young Dreams 19 February 2021 update: Episode starts with chaya, rachna and gunjan going to Argalwal’s home. They are by the gate admiring the place. They see the gate and goes in and guard sees them and shouts out at them and the girls scream and run away.

They are in the auto laughing. At college teacher is teaching about love and rachna is think about her coach.

At home, gunjan’s father is distributing gifts to everyone. Seema is happy and opening her gift but her husband scolds her quietly. Rachna asks the guard if Rajiv is in school and he tells her that he is in some room. She goes and knocks on the room but it opens just like that form her knocking and she is shocked to see Rajiv on the bed. She sees some tablets on his bedside table.

She covers him with the sheet and wonders what next to do. Meanwhile Akash is telling Shayl that two days from now is gunjan’s birthday and he wants to celebrate it and shayl says that has already been taken care of and all smiles.Rachna takes out her book and writes something and leave sit by the table. However, her pen covers comes off and is there too but rachna doesn’t see it. Meanwhile gunjan is waiting for rachna and mayank comes. Both start arguing and mayank says he will tell her father and gunjan says don’t dare do that. Gunjan sees rachna coming and ask mayank to leave and he leaves. gunjan and rachna goen in auto and gunjan sees mayank through the mirror.

gunjan and akash on terrace chatting about college. he then asks her if she is angry because he lft her and went away and then apologises. he tells her he had lots of work and had to leave her here and says please forgive me. Gunjan cries and hugs him.

all are at the table having dinner. Akash says i won’t eat until i tell you something important and tells he is taking gunjan with him to australia all are shocked and sad but seema has a smile. he says yes, Sneha had wanted this but its time for him to take care of her and he asks gunjan he she is happy with this decision but gunjan does not asnwers and looks at mayank.

Akash saying that it’s time he took care of Gunjan. Then, he asks Gunjan if she is happy with his decision or if she wants to stay in Banaras. She then tells Shail that she will go with Akash to Australia. Shail, Rachana and Mayank look sad. Even Gunjan looks a bit teary. Shail says ok and that gunjan can go with her father to Australia for a holiday. But it will be better if she goes during her college holidays. Gunjan then says she is going with Akash to Australia forever. Shail is shocked and drops the plate. (so dramatic…) Dayal also is shocked. Then, Rachana questions Gunjan about her decision. Rachana asks Gunjan if she is joking. akash says that he knows that there is no better family for Gunjan than this. he then says during a difficult time, I left Gunjan here and you all took good care of her and for that I am always grateful to you. But now I must take responsibility of Gunjan and that is why I’m taking Gunjan with me. Rachana then says Gunjan doesn’t face any problems living here. then, Bua tells Rachana not to interfere when elders are talking and says that Akash must have thought this through before making this decision. Seema and Sangeetha then tell Gunjan there is no place like your real home and they will miss her when she leaves.

Part 2

Dholu says he will not allow Gunjan to go anywhere. Seema then says that gunjan can’t live without her father. Dholu starts shouting that he won’t let gunjan go and hugs Gunjan. Sangeetha then quickly takes him away but he continues shouting. Mayank, Rachana and shail look upset. Shail then says she can’t just leave her studies and go. Gunjan then says she will continue in australia. Then mayank says the food is getting cold and they should start eating. Then, Gunjan looks a bit angry and shocked at Mayank’s reaction. akash then apologizes for saying this suddenly. seema tells gunjan she is sad that she is going but after all she has to go back to her own home. mayank’s father then says this is also her home. mayank, rachana and shail still look upset. Then shail goes to the kitchen and gunjan follows her. gunjan sees shail crying in the kitchen and says she is sorry. shail then tells her not to go and she will akash that Gunjan won’t be comfortable there. Shail says how will gunjan get used to staying there. gunjan then tells that akash made this decision after asking her and she wants to go there. shail says ok but just stay for a few more days here. shail tells Gunjan that she reminds her of sneha. she then says her life will be very quiet once she leaves and she asks if gunjan is having any problems here and if that is why she wants to leave. gunjan says no.

Part 3

Shail says where did she go wrong. gunjan says no and tells shail she is the world’s best aunty. she says if she comes back , she will straight come here because this is her home. But for now she has to go because Akash is there alone and after all she has to someday leave anyway so why not now. However, she will miss everybody especially Shail. She tells Shail that shail gave her love like a mother. Then, Shail says here’s the problem I was like a mother to you but couldn’t actually be. gunjan immediately says she miss took what she said. gunjan then wipe the tears from Shail’s face. Shail the turns away and says the food is getting cold. the scene then shifts to the dining table and Dayal asks akash when he plans on leaving and Akash replies after Gunjan’s birthday. mayank, Rachana and Shail still look upset. Dayal then tells akash that Gunjan is a very sensible girl and she has even taught him a few things. he then continues and says that Gunjan and Rachana’s friendship has also gone stronger. Gunjan and rachana look at each other. both teary eyed.then dayal adds that’s why it doesn’t seem good that Gunjan is leaving . Gunjan looks touched by what Dayal said. then, Mayank’s father says he will miss her and everything will remind him of her. Seema looks angry. gunjan says she too will feel the same. Gunjan looks at mayank. mayank looks upset and a tear can be seen in his eye. He then gets up and says he is done eating. Everyone looks shocked and seema says he has barely touched his food. mayank replies that he is not feeling hungry and looks at gunjan and walks away. then he stops, turns around and tells Akash if he needs any help getting to the airport that he is there to help. Gunjan looks shocked at what he is saying. akash then says there is still a few more days for that. mayank replies to still let him know if he needs help for anything. Gunjan continues staring at mayank confused by his attitude. Akash nods his head. Gunjan wipe away the tears from her face as mayank walks away.


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