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Young Dreams 12 March 2021 update: Mayank sees vihaan and gunjan together where they are holding hands. Gunjan covers up while vihaan says that he has come to meet his sister. Before anything comes out shayl comes and vihaan leaves.

Mayank asks her why he was holding her hand she says he was just checking out the watch. Mayank wants gunjan to call vihaan jiju. Gunjan and rachna talking while gunjan gives the watch to rachna. Vihaan calls gunjan and tells her he will be surprising her soon. He tells her that he will be coming in her dreams. Gunra decide they have to tell vihaan the truth and gunjan says she will tell him tomorrow morning. Vihaan decides he will tell everyone who his fiancee is. Seema sangeeta plotting against gunjan as usual while shayl is praying. The bell rings and a bunch of boys and girls in shorts,skirts enter asking for gunjan. They hug seeing gunjan leaving the two witches with their mouth hanging open. Gunjan is very excited seeing her old friends and invite them. A boy teases gunjan about gaining weight mayank does not like it. Gunjan is all touchy feely with the guys irritating mayank. Rachna asks gunjan if she will introduce her. One guy is all praises about gunjan to mayank. He also asks her about her mba plans and sudden decision to get married

Her friends have come on a field trip and then make a plan to eat pani puri some day. When asked if mayank will join gunjan replies in the negative adding fuel to the fire. The friends leave after lot of small talk promising to come back later. Gunjan and Rachna leave for college . Mayank walks out and sangeeta is happy .

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Seema sangeeta comes in mayank s room start praising gunjan and show him some jewellery and a saree that is supposed to be gunjan s . for satya narayan katha which are old fashioned. Sangeeta talks about how daughter and daughter in law are different. mayank asks his mom not to worry and that gunjan will wear it. Mayank hopes that gunjan wont break his trust.

Gunjan calls vihaan but he does not let her talk and tells her to meet him tomorrow at 4. Gunjan comes home , Seema sangeeta give her some old jewellery and red saree stating its mayank s great grand mothers. Seema is happy gunjan will reject it. Mayank is seeing from the window and is very happy when gunjan agrees to take it.
Gunjan shows the saree and jewellery to rachna. Rachna apologizes for putting her in the situation. Gunjan says its not her fault.

Mayank questions gunjan about her mumbai friends. Gunjan teases mayank about being possessive, and drinking tequila shots. Mayank thanks gunjan that she agreed to wear the stuff seema gave her. They have a cute moment mayank touches her face , Kisses her hand and asks her to bunk college tomorrow. Gunjan thinks that she has to meet vihaan at 4 and rachna wants them to tell the truth. Gunjan refuses saying she has a test. Mayank asks her how many tests and questions if she is going to meet someone else. Mayank teases her if she is going on a date with someone else seema calls mayank and the conversation does not proceed. Gunjan feels sorry for lying.

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Next day morning shayl gives some silver utensils to sangeeta for cleaning. Seema tells shayl that gunjan is going to wear the traditional jewellery and saree (looks like seema will steal the stuff which she gifted gunjan). Vihaan calls gunjan and rachna. Shiv comes and asks mayank to take him at hotel5swan the same place where vihaan called gunjan. He wants to book rooms for some guests.

Rachna tells gunjan that benaras is a small town gunjan reassures her that no one they know will turn up there. Gunjan shows rachna the gold jewellery and tells she has a surprise (looks like gunjan will modify the necklace) Mayank wants to check the tariff before booking rooms and is enquiring at the reception. Gunjan and rachna walk in at the same time and a man asks them if they have come to meet vihaan and escorts them. Shiv spots gunjan and asks mayank if the girl is gunjan . Mayank turns


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