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Young Dreams 12 February 2021 update: shayl breaks down mayank consoles her. Rachna is frustrated and shares it with gunjan. Gunjan says that her father will support her in the end. Shayl over hears and wipes her tears and explains in the end he is her father so he will understand. Gunjan goes to take water mayank asks her how is rachna gunjan does not talk nicely and come back to the room. Both the girls lying on bed and thinking about their respective loves . Mayank also lost in all the moments spent with gunjan and how seema likes charu.

Gunjan is getting ready to go to college but rachna does not want to go. Shayl enters and asks why she dint get ready yet rachna says what will dad say. Dayal enters and says she can go to college on only one condition that she cant play hockey. . He says if the college is not ready then go to another coll if that s not possible then sit at home for one year. Dayal tells gunjan that due to the riots she should think about changing her western clothes and leaves. Shayl tells rachna to get dressed.

Chaya gunjan rachna reach college. Gunjan is the only girl in western clothes. Gunjan and chaya get into a debate when chaya says she threw her jeans. Gunjan talks about constitutional rights about freedom. Rachna comes near hockey ground and has a flash back of her game when she wore a saree . She turnscme rajeev sir is standing behind

rachna thanks rajeev for saving her and says that he has asked for security so the goons wont trouble them. then he tells that he will see in the field after class. Rachna tells that she cant come on the field and play hockey from now. Gunjan and chaya over hear and are shocked. Gunjan tries to reassure everything will be all right. Gunjan says she is with her and she can go to any limits to fulfill rachna s dream. Rachna does not relent and says lets meet after class walks with chaya.

Rachana telling Gunjan she’ll meet her after class. Gunjan remembers the time Rachana was saying how she only wants to play hockey. Gunjan also recall what Dayal told her to be careful about what she wears. Gunjan says she has to fulfile Rachana’s dream and starts writing protest signs and sticking them up on the wall. Three other girls tell her they support her and she’s happy. But one girl says what will the four of us do. Gunjan says only courage is needed and numbers don’t matter. More girls come and tell her they support her. She tells them not to waste time and start putting up the posters. She then tells all the girls it doesn’t end here but begins and the past few days have been a shock to them and that if they don’t together raise their voice then it’ll be their loss. She then says without fear they have to answer back. Rachana comes and asks Gunjan has she put up the poster and Guunjan says yes and she wrote them too and tell her isn’t it right. Rachana says why is she making the issue big and tells her she knows how the thugs are. Chaya tells her not to do it and asks if she is not afraid. Gunjan says why should she be scared and what they’re doing is not wrong. Gunjan tells Rachana and Chaya should support this campaign. Gunjan tells Rachana to say that she doesn’t want to play hockey and Rachana is hesistant. Meanwhile the guards and the lecturer come there and the lecturer asks the guards to tear the posters down and tells everyone to return to their classes. Everyone does and then he turns to Gunjan, Rachana and Chaya telling them they should be in their class. Rachana says she knew this would happen and that all the girls ran away. Gunjan says no many how many obstacles come she won’t give up and says she has a plan. Chaya says she’s got work to do and Gunjan asks if she’s scared and not to be scared and trust her nothing will happen. Gunjan says the more girls in the campaign the better. Chaya says she’s right but she can’t,apologizes and walks off. Gunjan asks Rachana if she would follow her. Rachana looks worried

Part 2

Mayank is sitting on his bed and Seema enter and says wonder who cast an evil eye on him and he’s been just sitting there. She asks him if he’s sick and says that tonight she will ward away the evil from him. Mayank says nothing is wrong with him and he’s fine and to just leave him alone. Seema asks if he wants tea and he says no. Seema tells him about Charu and he shouts saying he doesn’t want to hear about Charu or her family. He says in fact he doesn’t want to hear about anybody and to eave him alone. Seema says he thinks of her like his enemy and she walks away. Rachana asks Gunjan what her plan is and Gunjan replies to just wait and watch what will happen. Gunjan starts texting and sends a message to everyone in the college. People are reading the message however the boys of the college are not supportive of the girls wanting their freedom. Gunjan and Rachana overhear some girls talking if they should support the rally or not and another girl says her father won’t allow. Gunjan tells Rchana not to worry about the outcome just participate in it and that its time for the next step. Seema starts grumbling to herself and Shail overhears and asks what wrong and Seema says don’t know why Mayank is sitting in his room quietly and chased her out of the room. Shail says this the age they’re like that and if he’s angry andwants to be alone she should let him. Dayal asks Seema for tea and she says she’ll get it. Shail tells Dayal she wants to tell him something and he says the decision has been made and nothing can change it.

Part 3

Gunjan and Rachana are at the staff room and Gunjan seeks permission to come in. They come in with their poster. The lecturers read it and asks what is this. Gunjan says the goons have made them resort to this. First it started with the acid attack and now the agitation with jeans. The lecturer asks what they want from them and Gunjan says their support. She says with the lecturers support there’s nothing the students can’t do and they are only asking for their rights. Rachana asks if they will support them and one lecturer says he already explained to them what they’re doing isn’t going to be easy and its dangerous and not allowed in the college. The lecturers agree and another lecturer says she won’t support them.

Part 4

Rajeev says he’ll support them. He says whatever is happening is wrong and against the law and that they should raise their voice and what’s the point of such education if they are unable to stand for it. Gunjan gets messages on her phone supporting the rally that will be held at the hall at 9 and she tells the lecturers that they are many messages showing the support towards the campaign and all she needs is everyone’s support. Seema is singing in the kitchen and Sangeetha laughs making Seema angry. Seema says something is wrong with her throat and Sangeetha says not throat but melody and says she used to take sangeet classes when small and loved it and they talk about Sa Re Ga Ma auditions. Gunjan tells Rachana it won’t be a problem if they get to leave the house at 9. Rachana says to talk to Shail first and Gunjan tells her ok to wait for her in the room. Mayank calls out to Gunjan but she goes onto her room and locks the door. Mayank is worried. Rachana goes to Shail and asks if she talked to Dayal and Shail said she didn’t get a chance to. Rachana asks if he is still angry and Shail says yes but not for long. She then tells her Shail she didn’t go for hockey practice today and if she doesn’t go for many days they’ll ask her the reason for her absentism and says they’ll cancel her admission. Shail says not to worry and she’ll find a way. She tells Shail she also has to go to get notes from Chaya and Shail says ok. Shail offers Dayal food but he refuses. Gunjan is hinting to Rachana that they have to leave. Gunjan then tells Rachana doesn’t she have some worl and Shail says she remembers she Rachana has to go to Chaya’s house to get notes and Rachana says yes and bua says so late at night and Gunjan says she’s there but bua is not agreeing. Shail says Mayank can follow them and Mayank agrees saying he had to go out to and will drop them. Dayal says not only drop but to bring them back as well. Mayank says ok.

Episode ends


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