Wordle Word Today 316 Answers For May 21st 2022

Wordle Word Today 316 Answers: If you’ve already worked out the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle, you can alter the date on your device, regardless of whether it’s PC or mobile in order to unlock the next day’s word puzzle. You’ll then need to begin brainstorming again in order to solve the next five-letter word that appears in Wordle. In the event that you’re stuck or you have already had five times, you may be unable to continue if you fail to provide the right answer.

Wordle Answer

Wordle Answer

This is the answer guide for today’s Wordle #316 on May 1, 2022. Learn the answer to the Wordle game for today!

Wordle Answers Today 316

The answer to the Wordle puzzle on May 1, 2022 is FORGO.

Note: If NYT decides to skip this work, then the answer will instead be “STORY.”

Today’s Answer Meaning

“FORGO” is a verb that means “go without (something desirable)” or to “refrain from.” (Definitions from Oxford Languages)

The main challenge of “FORGO” is the duplicate vowel of “O.” With most players’ starting guesses including many vowels, but not duplicate vowels, the second “O” is unlikely to be detected until a later stage of the game. What’s more, the “F” and “G” are uncommon consonants, meaning that it might take a few guesses to find them. Combined, the challenge is significant, even for those familiar with the word.

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What Is Wordle?

On every social media platform you can spot the mysterious colored cubes. Everyone from Twitter celebrities to everyone else appears to be gushing about their achievements playing an online game called Wordle. Wordle is a word puzzle game. Wordle is an amazing exciting, captivating and engaging game that was created by an New York scientist named Josh Wardle.

He developed the idea for the game for his friend. She enjoyed playing words games. You can read about them on The New York Times. On the 1st of November 1 2021, just 90 people played the game. At present over three million people play”the “Wordle of the Day”.


Wordle is a word-puzzle game in which you need to find a word with five letters. In order to do this, you must make six chances to guess. There aren’t any clues in the game. If you are able to get the correct word then you can share the score with social networks.

Let’s see how the game plays out.

How To Play Wordle and Win?

To play the game, go to the website for the game. Then, you must identify a word with five letters in a minimum of 6 attempts. After each guess , the tiles will change color. Green indicates it’s the correct letter and is at the correct spot. Yellow indicates that the letter is found in the word, but it is in the an incorrect location. Grey indicates that the letter isn’t all found in the word. It’s the same word each day for everyone. It is possible to play Wordle every day only once.

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Do I have to sign up or sign in to play Wordle?

You don’t need to sign up in order to participate. Additionally, there aren’t ads or other irritating things to keep you entertained.

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