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Woman of Steel

Woman of steel is a Telemundo super series that revolves around the life of Sara Aguilar after her Husband Vicente dies and leaves her to inherit his enemies!

This film is Set and filmed in Mexico, Seasons 1 and 2 tell the story of Sara Aguilar (Blanca Soto), a younger female housewife, who by self-indecision finally ends up turning into the most powerful drug trafficker in all of Mexico to be able to protect her son and her friends. Seasons three and four focus on the lifetime of Vicenta Rigores better known as “La Coyote” (Carolina Miranda), a beautiful younger woman who helps immigrants cross the borders of Mexico to go to the United States, after studying that she is the daughter of Vicente Acero and has the blood of Acero, finally ends up becoming a member of the world of drug traffickers alongside with her brother Salvador Acero (Michel Duval) so she can proceed to help immigrants and defend against injustices.

Woman of Steel

Woman of Steel Season 1 Full Story Summery:

The series follows the lifetime of Sara Aguilar Bermúdez (Blanca Soto), a woman who has everything anybody can need in life. She is so blissful, that nothing tells her what destiny has prepared for her. The day that she decides to marry for the church along with her husband Vicente Acero (Damián Alcázar), at the request of her son Salvador, a paramilitary command assassinates her husband. Sara changes her life forever as a result of she discovers that her husband was not who she believed. This is how the chance involves Sara to take revenge on all those that hurt her and tried to sink her as she struggled to get alongside with her son.

Woman of Steel Season 2 Full Story Summery:

In season two, after remaining in prison for five years, Sara hopes to be released for lack of evidence. However, the president of the Republic, at the request of his private secretary, Berta Aguilar (Luciana Silveyra), has sentenced Sara to 25 years in prison. The hatred of a resentful sister, the political ambitions of a corrupt president, and another bad move of destiny, plunge Señora Acero into a deep depression. Once again it is her turn to say goodbye to his son Salvador (Michel Duval) and her great love, Manuel Caicedo (Lincoln Palomeque).

Woman of Steel Season 3 Full Story Summery:

In season three, three years later, Vicenta (Carolina Miranda) is one of the most respected and feared coyotes on the border between Mexico and the United States. Immigrants seek her because she has a reputation for protecting them with her life when they pass the edge. Homeland Security officials are looking for her, especially Daniel Phillips (Luis Ernesto Franco). The other coyotes want her dead because she is taking away the business. La Coyote does not know that she is a bastard daughter of narco Vicente Acero and half sister of Salvador (Michel Duval), the sole heir of the Acero Dynasty so far. Chucho Casares (Sergio Goyri) will be Vicenta’s worst enemy not only because he is the murderer of her mother but because he will oppose her relationship with Abelardo, his son. For Vicenta to carry the surname Acero can be your salvation or your death sentence. What is clear is that that last name runs through her veins and that now she is the only “Señora Acero”.

Woman of Steel Season 4 Full Story Summery:

In season 4, Vicenta Acero (Carolina Miranda), who is one of the most respected and feared coyotes on the border between Mexico and the United States; she is sought by a large number of immigrants, thanks to her reputation to protect them with their lives when they pass to the other side of the border; but because of her fame, the other coyotes want her dead, since she is taking away their business. In addition to this, Vicenta Acero is wanted by the governments of Mexico and the United States since her family is the main suspect in the death of Governor Chucho Casáres (Sergio Goyri) and her brother Salvador (Michel Duval) is taken to jail; after leaving the hotel where he was hiding. Vicenta Acero and Daniel Phillips (Luis Ernesto Franco) are followed by the head of the Department of National Security, Indira Cárdenas (Gaby Espino), and the border patrol of the state of Texas; they both are trying to prevent these two from continuing to cross immigrants at the border. Added to this, the Colombian Drug Trafficker, Julián Romero (Diego Cadavid) arrives in Mexico to avenge the death of his relatives and her mom, Briceida Montero. Julián is obsessed in finding Vicenta to carry out his purposes against Salvador and El Gallo (Óscar Priego)

In season five, Vicenta Acero (Carolina Miranda), who she’s pregnant during eight months, the time comes when Vicenta decides to bury her husband Daniel Philips (Luis Ernesto Franco), who died after six months have been in a coma. During the funeral of her husband, Vicenta communicates anonymously with Alberto Fuentes (David Chocarro) FBI agent to inform him that the murderer of her husband is at the funeral, after following the track of the call, arrives at the funeral in where is Vicenta and he realizes that it was a false alarm and begins to argue with Vicenta. During the discussion Vicenta begins to give indications of giving birth and there is only time for her to give birth. Alberto of the nothing receives the son of Vicenta and between them a very strong bond is born that unites them immediately. On the other hand El Teca (William Miller), who supposedly died at the hands of Salvador Acero (Michel Duval) 5 years ago. El Teca returns after spending 6 years in prison in the United States just to get revenge on the Acero Family, who ended up with his entire family and his cartel. His only goal is to kill Vicenta’s son. Vicenta and Salvador both dedicated to the breeding of horses and Josefina and El Gallo dedicated to politics, have been completely isolated from all the problems for 6 years and away from any danger, but suddenly they will be forced to flee when they find out about the repair of El Teca. Who will use unimaginable methods to destroy them all. Meanwhile La Tuti (Ana Lucía Domínguez) has managed to keep her son out of Mexico thanks to the profits she has obtained in her business of exotic dancers, but she will be forced to be always protected by guaruras, to avoid that El Teca extorts her and wants to take away her son Álvaro. Despite all her efforts to keep her family together and safe, Vicenta will make a difficult decision; Get away from your family and your new love together with your child. Away from her family, Vicenta together with her son will face many dangers, but not everything is bad for her, on the way away from her family and the whole world she meets Lucas Iglesias (Guillermo Zulueta), a hippie who gives her an inn on the beach where he works. In this new refuge, she meets La Mecha (María Rojo), who suddenly becomes a new mother for Vicenta; and Nancy (Patricia Manterola) who becomes her best friend. In this new world in which everyone just wants to defend their children, Vicenta and La Tuti join forces to end El Teca, and thus be able to give their children a better future and to sleep in peace.

Casts and characters:


  • Blanca Soto as Sara Aguilar (seasons 1–2)
    Woman of Steel

    Blanca Soto as Sara Aguilar

  • Litzy as Aracely Paniagua (seasons 1–3)
    Woman of Steel

    Litzy as Aracely Paniagua

  • Damián Alcázar as Vicente Acero (season 1; stand-in season 3)
    woman of steel

    Damián Alcázar as Vicente Acero

  • Marco Pérez as Felipe Murillo (season 1)
    woman of steel

    Marco Pérez as Felipe Murillo

  • Jorge Zárate as El Indio Amaro (seasons 1–4)
  • Rossana San Juan as Mariana Huerdo (season 1)
  • Andrés Palacios as Eliodoro Flores Tarso (season 1)
  • Rebecca Jones as Enriqueta Sabido (season 1)
  • José Luis Reséndez as El Teca (seasons 1–2; guest season 4)
  • William Miller as El Teca (season 5)
  • Lincoln Palomeque as Manuel Caicedo (seasons 1–3)
  • Alejandro Calva as Miguel Quintanilla (season 1; recurring, season 2; main)
  • Carolina Miranda as Vicenta Acero (seasons 3–5)
  • Luis Ernesto Franco as Daniel Phillips (seasons 3–4)
  • Sergio Goyri as Chucho Casáres (season 3)
  • Laura Flores as Edelmira Rigores (season 3)
  • José María Torre as El Cheneque (season 3)
  • Ana Lucía Domínguez as La Tuti (season 2; recurring, seasons 3–5)
  • Gaby Espino as Indira Cárdenas (seasons 3-4)
  • Diego Cadavid as Julián Montero (seasons 4–5)
  • David Chocarro as Alberto Fuentes (season 5)
  • Paulina Gaitán as Leticia Moreno (season 5)
  • Mauricio Islas as Hector Ruiz (season 5)
  • Dagoberto Gama as Juan Ramon (season 5)
  • Maria Rojo as Mercedes Berríos / La Mecha (season 5)



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