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Wednesday Written update On Twist of Fate 12th August 2020

Wednesday Written update On Twist of Fate 12 August 2020: On Twist of Fate wednesday 12 August 2020 zee world, Tanu telling Aliya that she will not help her in her fool plans. Aaliya says her plans are always foolproof and she will definitely kill Bulbul wearing nurse’s attire.

Purab consoles Biji and Sarla and asks them to go home and rest. Biji asks him also to go and rest. He says until Bulbul wakes up, he will not go from there and goes to speak on phone. Sarla sees an ugly nurse, Aaliya, wearing masking trying to enter Bulbul’s room and asks why is she going in. She with changed ugly voice says doc asked to change Bulbul’s dressing. Sarla says she will come with her. Aaliya in her ugly voice says she will not tolerate seeing Bulbul’s wounds and there is a risk of infection, so she should wait outside.

She goes in and tells unconscious Bulbul that she will have to die. She tries to strangulate her, but thinks they will know it is a murder in postmortem report, so she should stop her blood supply. She stops blood supply. Purab comes back and asks why are they sitting out instead of going home. Sarla says nurse has gone in to change dressing, once she comes out, they will go. Purab suspects why nurse will check up at this time and goes in. He asks if everything is okay. Aaliya in her ugly voice says yes. He says Bulbul soon she will be fine, sees stopped blood supply and shows it to her. She starts it back and says there was an air bubble. Purab thinks he heard this voice somewhere.

Abhi asks Pragya to sit in car and takes her home. Pragya thinks soon Neil corporator will reveal who helped him. Abhi calls all his family members and asks if he ever troubled or did not take care of them well. Tauji says he is proud of him instead. Abhi asks then why he is being back stabbed each moment and says one of his family member helped Neil kidnap Pragya and once he knows who he/she is, he will not spare them. Sarla and Biji also come home. Purab asks why did they come instead of being with Bulbul. Sarla says Bulbul is unconscious, so there is no use being there. Abhi asks whoever is the culprit should come out now, else he will not spare them once Neil points them. He asks Robin to call police and Neil in.

Neil enters with police and says he realized his mistake after seeing Bulbul in hospital and realized how mad he was to get Bulbul and wants to apologize them and request to forgive him. Abhi says just one day in jail, he realize his mistake and asks him to stop drama and tell who helped him. Neil says he will correct his mistake by pointing who helped him. Tanu and Aaliya get afraid. Neil walks towards Mitali, Aaliya, Tanu, Purvi and is about to point Aaliya and Tanu when Aaliya drops her mobile and signals him. He picks mobile, stares at her and says Purvi helped him in kidnapping (such a nasty loafer). He says Purvi gave him all the info and her boyfriend told a dance troupe is coming in Bulbul’s engagement and Purvi told about the game in it and backdoor very near to store room, rest everyone knows. Pragya reminisces whole incident. Purvi says he is telling lie. Pragya drags her from there.

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Abhi asking police to take Purvi from there. Tanu and Aaliya relax thinking they are not caught. Purab on the other side shouts at nurse how can she leave Bulbul alone. Janaki comes and says she had gone out to bathroom with her permission and asks Purab to relax.

Purvi pleads Pragya that she did not do anything. Pragya asks how did Neil now everything then and says she loved her more than Bulbul and always fought with Sarla for her. She says if she needed money, she would have asked her or Sarla. Purvi says if they all accepted that she is culprit, then she is. She did it for money and has many boyfriends who give her money. She says she is jealous of Bulbul and wanted money, but Sarla always gave her only love and not money. She always made her believe that she loves he more than her own children and asks why will she love servant’s daughter. She further says Sarla wanted her to work whole life without money with her emotional blackmail. Pragya asks her not to badmouth about mom. Purvi says she always asks to tell truth, but what will she do with truth without money. She says Sarla kicked Bulbul out when she heard that Bulbul loves Purab, but then forgave her, even she should forgive her. She says Sarla is not she looks like. Pragya slaps her and asks her dare not to talk about Sarla. Purvi says she will come back one day with proof and show her Sarla’s true colors and leaves. Pragya starts crying and says why did Purvi tell all this, he one sister is in hospital and another sister will be in jail.

Aaliya goes back to her room with Tanu. Tanu asks why did Neil tell lie and trapped Purvi instead and asks if she knew all this. Aaliya says Neil said what she asked him to do. Tanu asks when did she do all this. She says she Neil is emotional fool and she used his weakness in her favor and says she went to police station yesterday. She goes into flashback where she provokes Neil that Bulbul instead of getting mehandi wanted him to get arrested and rammed his car until he is caught. She further says after Bulbul is out of hospital, she will happily marry Purab and he will go to jail. Neil says if he does not get Bulbul, he will kill her and asks her to kill Bulbul and he will do whatever she says in return. She says he should tell that Purvi helped him instead of Tanu, she, and Mitali. Tanu says she trapped Neil well and what if she will not fullfill Neil’s wish. She says he is caught in many criminal cases and by the time he comes out, she will be happily married to Purab. Mitali silently hears their conversation.

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Tanu asks Aaliya to call Purab and show fake concern by giving her shoulder to weep. She calls and asks him to come out of hospital and relax. He says he cannot come leaving Bulbul in this condition. She says Bulbul would not like seeing him like this. He says he wants to be happy for bulbul. she asks him to make himself, bulbul, abhi and her happy. He says he knows what to do and asks her not to bother him and cuts call. He reminisces Aaliya’s words and thinks Bulbul will be happy if he unites Pragya and Abhi and tells her that they proposed each other.

Pragya cries reminisces Purvi and then her recent confession. Abhi comes, sees her crying and thinks why he cannot see her crying and is feeling pain.

Pragya sadly serving breakfast to her family. Daasi says daadi that Pragya is very sad. Daadi says her 2 sisters are in trouble, so obviously she would be sad. She asks Abhi to make her bahu laugh, else she will not have breakfast. He thinks if he should sing or make a mimicry. He says if someone solves his puzzle, he will take them to timbaktu and asks if a person closes his one eye and sees an object at 3 km distance, with his eyes open, what will be the distance of object. Mitali says 6 km. Everyone laughs. He asks her to close 1 eye and check howmany Abhi’s she sees. She closes and says 1. He asks to open both and check. She says 1. He asks then how can it be 6 km. Pragya does not laugh and goes to her room.

Abhi thinks though Pragya is sad regarding her sisters, even this is her happy and she should not be sad in front of them. He thinks what to do and when Pragya comes in tries to frighten her. She does not and goes out. He nervously does his jokergiri and thinks how to tell her…

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Purab thinks how to stop Abhi from thinking about Tanu and looks at Bulbul and his pic. He hears door bell, opens it and sees Aaliya out who gets in and asks to get ready as they are going out. He says he will not. She says it is Bulbul’s wish. He asks how. She says Bulbul came in her dream and requested her to take Purab out. He says he has to fulfill Bulbul’s wish which she wanted him to fulfill before marriage. She asks what is it. He says she will not like it. She insists. He says Bulbul wants Abhi and Pragya to love each other and get Tanu out of their lives. Aaliya asks if he will be happy if she helps him. He says his happiness is in Bulbul’s happiness. She says her happiness is in his happiness, then says she mean he is her friend even before Tanu, so she also would like Abhi and Pragya unite. He hugs her and thanks her for her support.

Sarla tells Sarla and family that Bulbul will have to be in hospital for some more time. Sarla says she will take care of her at home as she is a mother and took care of her 2 children alone. He says nurse will take care of Bulbul well. She insists. Abhi says a mother can take care better. Doc agrees to discharge bulbul and asks her to take care of her well at home. Sarla gets happy and hugs Pragya. Biji hugs Abhi and says that is why he is rockstar. He wears goggles and says he did not sleep in Bulbul’s worry and his eyes are swollen. Biji laughs.

Sarla reminisces getting tensed seeing heavy bill and Abhi clearing bills and telling he is like her son and it is his right to take care of family and nobody can snatch it from him. Biji comes and asks Janaki where is Sarla. Janaki says she is engrasped in toughts. Biji says we are getting troubles one after another and wakes up Sarla. Sarla says she is lucky to have Abhi as Jamai who took care of all her problems, he is a son for her. Biji says she is right, Abhi is jamai beta. Sarla prays god to keep Abhi happy always.

Pragya reaches Purab’s house and asks why did he call her. He says producer wants promo shoot with her. She asks him to call Abhi as she cannot do it. He says Abhi will be benefited with it. She says she gets nervous even before a simple camera, how will she face promo shoot. He says Bulbul wanted him and Abhi have a love relationship than only marriage and says if she does not agree, producer may take Tanu. Pragya agrees.

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