Monday update on Zara’s Nikah 1st March 2021

Zara’s Nikah 1 March 2021 update: Kabir talks to Zara’s picture and says your criminal was so scared and I liked it, Zara looks at him and smiles seeing him talk to dead Zara’s photo. Kabir talks about his moments with Zara and prays for her, he says I am nothing without you. Zara runs from there and cries. She says that he loves her so much, what kind of man is he? He still loves her dead wife so much, how can I not love him? I know you love your Zara and I can never take her place but you have made a place in my heart, you can’t stop me from loving you, my happiness is with you. It’s my mission also to get Zara’s killers punished.

Shahbaz is trying to sleep but is scared. He thinks that I did hear Zara’s voice.
Kashan finds a person in a blanket in the house and beats her. Zeenat stops him and says it’s Ruksaar. Zeenat asks why she is in their room? Ruksaar says I was scared.

Zeenat sees Kashan missing and calls him but he doesn’t pick up. Imran has made Kashan fall from the balcony. He tries to call for help. Zeenat and Ruksaar come here. Zeenat asks Kashan to get up. Kabir and Zara hide. Kabir says they deserve this pain. Ruksaar sees the window moving and gets scared. Zeenat screams. Kabir comes there. Kashan says you are trying to scare us? Kabir says yes, you are with a person who killed my Zara so you have to learn your lesson. He leaves with Zara and Imran.

Scene 2
Kabir tells Zara that I will make realize about their crimes. I won’t be quite until Shahbaz accepts his crime. He cooks food and strikes with Zara. She blushes. Kabir asks Zara to not help in cooking. Zara gets angry and says I am a stranger for you. Kabir says it’s not like that, I just like Ayesha and my Zara’s food. Zara made such good food. Zara thinks that I will learn to cook from Salma and try to give you the best food.

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Zeenat tells Kashan that we shouldn’t involve in Kabir and Shahbaz’s fight. We should leave here. Ruksaar says I will go with you.
Zara and Kabir bring the food for Imran. Imran says this is all for me? Zara says we made it for you. Kabir says you have to eat this all. They make him eat a lot of food. Imran runs from there. Kabir laughs. Zara admires him and thinks I want to see him happy like this.
The doctor checks Ruksaar and says her BP is high. Shahbaz comes there and shouts at them. He asks the doctor who is he? I will kill you. You must have been sent by Kabir. Ruksaar says no, he came for us. Shahbaz takes a vase and is about to attack him. Kabir comes there and says what is going on? Zeenat says he just came to check Ruksaar. Kabir says this is just the start, let’s see what happens next.

Zara and Imrann are in the car. Zara says I hope everything goes as planned.
Shahbaz is planning to go out with Kashan for a meeting. Rukaar says can we go with you? Shahbaz says no, you stay here.
The kids come home with Zara and Imran. The kids tell Kabir that we missed you. Firdous tells Zara that we can’t sleep without you. Zara says I am here with you now. Kabir gifts them and makes them happy. They all hug him.

Scene 2
Ruksaar is in the kitchen. The doorbell rings, she takes the parcel and puts it in the fridge. It triggers the washroom steam and Shahbaz is there. His washroom fills with the steam.
Salma and Irfan watch their Zara’s video that they used to scare Shahbaz. Salma says I miss my daughter, she blesses Zara for helping them. Zeenat calls Kabir and says I know you are behind all this, you are irritating us. Kabir says I don’t know what you are saying and ends the call. He tells the family about tempering with Shahbaz’s washroom and says it will force them more. Zara says my rider gave the sweets to Ruksaar which started the fire in the kitchen and filled the steam in Shahbaz’s room.

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Shahbaz calls the sweets shop and asks who ordered from there? The seller says we don’t even sell sweets now, you must have ghosts in your house, they like sweets a lot. Ruksaar panics and says there were sweets in the fridge. Kashan says how can this happen? Ruksaar says we have ghosts here. Shahbaz says I will install a camera in the house. I am not scared of any ghost. Shahabz tries to sit on the chair but falls off. They see chair moving itself. All are scared. It’s Kabir who is moving the chair from outside with a string. Ruksaar runs away from the chair being scared. Ruksaar says I am sorry, please don’t hurt me.

Imran, Kabir and Zara laugh seeing their condition. Imran says tonight they are going to lose sanity.

Scene 1
Ruksaar is scared of the chair. Kabir is moving it by hiding in an another room. Kabir tells Zara that they are fools. Kabir tells Zara that I found a secret room in Shahbaz room when I was a child. Shahbaz doesn’t know about it, we are going to use that door tonight and Shahbaz won’t find out that we are behind this.

Salma is searching for the earrings. The kids tell her that we will find those. Salma says you people will break Zara’s stuff. Irfan says they are excited so let them search it. The kids start searching for Zara’s earring.

Kabir comes to his room and sees the new Zara wearing old Zara’s dress. He gets nostalgic. Zara can’t pin her dupatta. She asks Kabir if he can help her. Kabir pins her dupatta without touching her. Zara is mesmerized by him. Zara thinks that I can’t stop loving you. Kabir looks at her and imagines his Zara.

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The kids find Zara’s earring. Salma thanks them. Zara calls Irfan. They see Zara dressed as their Zara on the video call and get emotional.

Scene 2
Zeenat tells Ruksaar that I have sent Amaan away, there is a ghost here. Ruksaar says I am very scared. Zeenat says I am with you. The lights go off. They are scared and hear old Zara’s laugh. Shahbaz says they are trying to scare us. He turns out and is shocked. Shahbaz finds the dress that Zara was wearing when he killed her. He sees the silhouette wearing the same dress. He says Kabir is doing all this. He goes from there.

Shahbaz comes to his room and checks CCTV footage but he doesn’t find anyone. He is shocked. Shahbaz gets a call and hears old Zara asking him how he is. Shahbaz is shocked and ends the call. He runs from there and hides.

Kabir tells Zara that we have to scare him more.

Shahbaz says this can’t be happening, Kabir is playing a game with me. Was it Zara Siddiqui? He prays to God and says I am sorry, I am begging you.

Imran brings the bag. Kabir says a big man can’t enter in this. Imran shows him a bigger box and says we will use this. Zara says who will pick it up? Kabir says Imran will do it. We will enjoy Shahbaz’s fearful face tonight. Imran says let’s attack him.


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