Wednesday Update On Mehek 9 October 2019 Zee World

Wednesday Update On Mehek 9 October 2019 Zee World

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Karuna says we have to do some many prepss. Lets make the list. She says we have to get Anjali’s dress. Mehek gives her sweets. Anjali shoves them and goes to her room. Karuna says what happened? She goes after Anjali. Mehek says we should talk to her once. Shaurya says we are talking about settling her down. Mehek says we should talk to her. Karuna says we will talk to her. This is very important for her. Karuna says in heart is Mehek doing all this for jealosuy?
Dolly says to Mehek why is Karuna not talking to you properly. Anjali comes to her room and breaks stuff in anger. Shaurya comes and says what happened. Anjali says I will leave this house. You all want me to leave and that’s why you chose this situation. I will leave anyway don’t worry. Shaurya says listen.. Karuna says meet the guy and if you don’t like him ask him to leave. Shaurya says yes we will do what you want. Karuna says she will meet her.

Anjali calls sooraj and says my life will be ruined. He says don’t worry I will make a plan. Mehek comes towards Anjali’s room. She says you look very pretty. Everyone is waiting for you downstairs. Mehek leaves.
They man and his parents are there. His father says I hope Anjalli’s is okay will all this. Shaurya says she is. Anjali comes. His father says my son can’t come atm. There are a few pictures. dolly says he is so handsome. Karuna says yes he is. Shaurya says we will meet him and know each other only after Anjali’s consent we will move forward.

Anjali is angry. Mehek comes and says what happened? She says can I go to happy homes? Mehek says its late. She says I will come back and leaves. Shaurya comes downstairs. He asks Mehek what happened? He says we should start planning. Mehek syas we should move slowly. Shaurya says Nikhil is coming. Mehek says Anjali isn’t happy. There is some problem. we should make her feel comfortable. She went to happy homes. We have to give her chance. Give me one day. Shaurya syas i think we should move ahead with wedding. Anjali comes to Sooraj. They make out. Sorraj says if an old man sees they will die. Anjali says you have to say yes to my plan. I will leave everyone dazed. Just do as I say. Mehek and SHaurya are asleep. Karuna says Anjali is not in her room. They look everywhere for her. Anjali is with Sooraj. A glass stabs in Mehek’s foot. Shaurya takes it out. Anjali says time for game. Shaurya and Mehek come downstairs. Anjali hugs Sooraj and says I can’t leave my family for you. I can’t run with you. Shauyr sees them. He is dazed. Mehek turns on lights.
Shaurya hits sooraj and says how dare you touch my sister. Anjali says its not his mistake we love each other. Shaurya says what.. You just met him twice. Are you crazy. He has fooled you. Shaurya hits him. Mehek says shauyra calm down. Karuna says stop. Shaurya says i will kill him.

Shaurya hits Sooraj. he says you can kill me but i love anjali. You wont let me because I am poor but my love is real. Shaurya shoves him out. Shaurya says two days later you are getting married. Anjali is crying. She says ma dont’ do this. Mehek says I will talk to him. Anjali says I can’t marry another man.
Mehek says how can you do this. she isn’t a child. We did love marriage too. Shaurya says she doesn’t deserve soorja. Mehek says we need her consent. shaurya says he fooled her for her money. Can’t you see that. Mehek says we can’t force her. He says try to understand. He says Anjali is vulnerable and that’s why sooraj fooled him. I have decided what to do.

Anjali says why is he not taking my consent. When Shaurya can marry his lover why can’t I. I am a girl that’s why I had been a problem. I thought I was home but no. I am not even allowed to marry the person I love. karuna says we are just trying to make your life easier. Anjali says whats the guarantee? Karuna says don’t cry I will talk to shaurya.
Mehek is worried at night. She looks downstairs. She says why it all feels so wrong. Mehek says I have to talk to shaurya. Karuna says Mehek was also middle class. We brought her here then why not Sooraj? Shaurya says he loved her for her money. He fooled her. Mehek says its about Anjali’s life.
Anjali comes and says ma.. I am ready for whatever you decide. I can’t be selfish. I dont’ wan any troubles in this house. She goes to her room. Mehek says I am really worried. He says don’t be. Everything will be fine. Kanta and Mehek’s whole family is leaving to live with Mohit. Kanta says we are not here any more. You have to handle everything more maturely than you do. You have to be strong.
Karuna packs lunch for Anjali. Kanta calls Karuna. She says we are leaving. Karuna says take care. Kanta says Mehek is your daughter too. Please take care of her. Karuna says don’t worry. Dolly says don’t worry she is our daughter. We will take care of her.
Mehek’s family leaves.

Everyone is busy in preps. Nikhil and his father come too. Karuna comes to Anjali’s room. Mehek says you look so pretty. Again if you still feel like you don’t wanna do this nothing would be against your will. Anjali says you want me to get married here right? But I love Sooraj. Please talk to Shaurya. Dont’ pressurize me with him. Karuna comes in. She says no one can force you. Anjali says I was coming downstairs.
Nikhil’s family gives presents and shagun.

Dolly says to Mehek bring Anjali. Mehek comes to her room and sees that she sin’t there. Shaurya comes. Mehek says she isn’t in her room. Karuna says I asked you both not to force her. Shaurya says I.. Anjali and Sooraj are sitting downstairs in the lawn.
Karuna and Sharuya are worried. Mehek wonders what to do now. Nikhil’s father says I think she isn’t ready for this wedding. We will come back later. They leave. Karuna says i told you not to force her. She begged she doesn’t wanna marry Nikhil but no one listened. Dolly says its not their fault. Karuna says don’t take their sides.

Anjali is out with sooraj. They drink and dance. A man takes their photos. Mehek comes to happy homes and says Anjali has ran where is sooraj? They say he isn’t here since morning. Shauyra says I will kill him. He breaks Sooraj’s room. Old people ask him to leave.
Mehek and SHaurya look for Anjali. Mehek says please calm down. Anjali calls Shaurya. He says I have to find her. Karuna calls Shauyra but he doesn’t pick. Anjali comes to and old house. She leaves her hand marks here and there. Sooraj says your brother must have gone to police.
Shaurya comes to police station and writes a report. They say they will inform them.

Shaurya gets a call. Its Anjali. She says brother please help me. I am near this cliff. Shaurya says whta.. She cuts the call. shaurya Mehek and police come to that place where anjali called from. Mehek sees her jewelry on the stairs. They come upstairs and see her on the floor. Mehek and Shaurya are dazed.

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