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Monday, August 15, 2022

Wednesday Update On Made For Each other 25th September 2019 Starlife

Made For Each Other Full story Star Life

Wednesday Update On Made For Each other 25th September 2019 Starlife

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Prerna saying I’m doing this marriage for love. Anurag says great, I’m happy for you. She thinks this love is for my family. Anurag thinks why do I feel strange if she loves Navin. He says i’m thinking about you, its fail attempt to understand you, you are thinking about Rohan and Kirti when you are here. She says yes, Veena will free me from here but scold me. Komolika and her friends see the news. Komolika says this tycoon’s son should have not got involved in this. Veena and Shekhar come to police station. Veena begs inspector to leave Prerna. She cries.

Inspector asks her to go and meet her daughter. Veena says help Anurag also, he is a nice guy, thanks. Veena scolds Prerna. She asks Anurag how are you. Anurag says i’m fine. Veena says don’t worry, we spoke to inspector, you can’t do wrong, everything will be fine. Mohini comes there and worries for Anurag. She cries. Anurag calms her. She asks Veena not to talk to her. She says you are here because of Prerna. She scolds Prerna. Moloy and Rajesh come. Mohini says I will free Anurag and make Prerna stay here. She says Moloy, I will not get quiet, I know this happened because of Prerna. Veena says Prerna is innocent. Mohini argues with her. Veena says I request you not to say such things. Moloy defends Prerna. Mohini says i’m a woman and understand what’s going on in Prerna’s mind, she was acting to help Veena to roam around in pandal.
Veena says a daughter was helping a mum. Prerna looks on. Moloy asks Mohini to calm down. Mohini says I promise I will get you out, I won’t spare Prerna. Rajesh says Mohini is sensitive about Anurag, don’t worry, Moloy will explain her. Anurag apologizes. Veena asks him not to apologize and goes. Prerna asks Rajesh to be with Veena. Rajesh asks what are you doing, did you think, your mum is a heart patient. Prerna gets sad. Inspector says sorry, we can’t release them, its kidnapping case. Mohini says release Anurag. Inspector says we have to get Kirti and that guy. Moloy says our children aren’t criminals. Inspector says try to understand, we know this, if I leave them, we will come in problem, the girl’s family has political connection, don’t waste time here, hire a good lawyer. Mohini says Anurag can’t be in lockup all night. Moloy takes her.

Mohini says Anurag is here because of Prerna. Rajesh says Prerna and Anurag didn’t do anything. Inspector asks them to go out and stay. Anupam says Anurag and Prerna got arrested. Navin asks what, you are telling this to me now. Anupam jokes on him and asks him to chill. Navin rushes. Mohini and Moloy come home. She asks him to get Anurag out. He says I also care for him. She says you care for Rajesh and Prerna, that girl is bad news for me and our family. He says if you have so much problem with Prerna, why are you getting her married to Navin, break this marriage, do it, don’t make excuse about Navin, he obeys you, don’t worry, he will like someone else. She says I will prove it to you that Prerna is bad luck for me and family, I will break this marriage. She goes. Navin comes to meet Prerna. He asks Anurag is he fine. Anurag says yes. Navin says look at you, your lips look dry, I think you didn’t drink anything, I will get juice, I will get top lawyer, you have a place in my heart. He gets lawyer’s call. He says I will get you out from here. He goes. Anurag thinks strange, Prerna feels discomfort when she is with Navin, why is she marrying.

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He asks Prerna what’s the matter, is someone forcing her for marriage. She says not again, why are you forcing me, why do you want to know. He holds her hand. He says you never get hand off when I hold, you get uncomfortable with Navin, tell me, what’s the matter. Chahat ke safar me…plays… She thinks of her family. He says there is something wrong. Anupam sees Mohini and asks Nivedita why is everyone so silent. Navin comes home. He says we have to go to police station. Mohini says i’m going to break your and Prerna’s relation, i’m sure you won’t go against my decision. Navin asks did Moloy say anything. She says i’m breaking this relation because of Prerna. Nivedita asks why suddenly. Mohini says Anurag is in lockup because of Prerna. Navin says Anurag did this by his wish, he is supporting his friends. Mohini says Anurag can never be wrong, everything was fine when she didn’t come here, now everything just went wrong, I can’t tolerate this, my son’s name got this stain because of Prerna. Navin says Anurag did this by his wish. She says you will break this relation if you respect me and my family, i’m not saying you, choose me or Prerna.

Navin goes. Moloy asks what happened, he didn’t answer. Mohini says he can never go against my decision. Anupam checks the sherwani and like it. Mohini says throw it, there won’t be any rasam. Anupam says fine, I will wear this in Diwali. Anurag says trust me, share it with me, everyone will support. Prerna asks why do you want to interfere in my personal life. Anurag says I repent why I asked this question, what’s stopping you, tell me once, I want to help you. She says what help, i’m marrying Navin by my wish. He says great. She thinks I feel bad talking this way with you, don’t ask this again, I can’t break this marriage, Anurag can’t understand this, I can’t see my parents on road, just this marriage can save my family. She sees Anurag and turns away.

Moloy feeling sorry for Anurag. He smiles and thinks Prerna’s marriage with Navin broke, I should celebrate. He dances. Servant comes. Moloy asks him to clean the coat. He thinks Mohini broke Navin’s marriage, I m super happy. Navin comes to his room. He says I had set this marriage with difficulty, I won’t let this happen. He calls a lady. He says I m in a big problem, you always helped me, I know you will have an idea, Mohini is blaming Prerna and wants to break this marriage, do something. She says take it easy. He says this marriage shouldn’t break, Mohini asked me to choose her or Prerna, I will choose Prerna any day, I paid money to Rajesh, but Mohini will do anything to stop this marriage. She says you will get solution tomorrow morning. He says I want answer now. She disconnects.
Its morning, Veena is outside the police station. She asks inspector to let her meet Prerna. He asks her to go home. Anurag wakes up and sees Prerna resting over his side. She wakes up and says sorry. He says its okay. She asks what’s the time. He says my watch stopped. She says time has stopped for you. He says yes. Veena comes to them. She asks are you two fine. Prerna says sorry. Veena says don’t say sorry, you both will be out today, Rajesh has gone to lawyer. Anurag says relax aunty, don’t worry. Veena goes. Lawyer says its kidnapping case of a minor, its tough to get Anurag out. Mohini asks is it possible or not. Lawyer says its impossible. She throws a glass in anger. Moloy says we will meet in court. She says I will call Debina and beg her for Anurag, she isn’t answering. Moloy says its okay. She cries and says I want my Anurag. He says I promise you, I will get him, relax.

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Navin gets minister to police station. Chobey asks inspector to leave Anurag and Prerna, and their friends. Inspector says but all proof. Chobey threatens him. He handles the matter and asks inspector to release them. Inspector agrees. Navin thanks Chobey. Prerna says maybe mum got the bail. Lady says no, your would be husband for Siddhant Chobey for your bail. Navin introduces Prerna and asks her to thank Chobey. Anurag and Prerna thank him. Chobey says I met them before, wrong is wrong, they came to my rally and spoke about marriage, I thought its about their marriage, this girl looks good with this guy/Anurag, than with you Navin. He advices them not to get into others’ matter, don’t interfere in anyone’s love story. Anurag agrees with him. Chobey says one who agrees so soon this way gets trapped first. Navin invites Chobey to home. Chobey says maybe next time, take them home.

Mohini says I want Anurag released. Navin gets Anurag and Prerna home. Mohini smiles seeing Anurag and runs to hug. Everyone hugs Anurag. Moloy signs to ask Prerna is she fine. She nods. Navin says I knew you are worried for Anurag and came here first. Mohini thanks him and says sorry for scolding you. She asks what do you want, ask me. Navin says you are embarrassing me, you get me married to Prerna in one week. Mohini says done, there will be big party tomorrow. Prerna and Anurag see each other. Anupam says congrats, enjoy. Navin asks are you happy, all problems will get solved, happiness will come. Prerna nods. Anurag says I want to freshen up. Mohini says no, I will make breakfast for you. Navin asks Prerna to have breakfast.

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Moloy asks are you fine Anurag. Anurag says yes how are you, did you take medicines. Moloy says yes, you would be talking to Prerna, didn’t she tell anything about Navin. Anurag says you know her well, you are expert about women, you have three daughters, you would know. Moloy says your mum can’t be understood, Prerna is sensible. Anurag says I asked her, she asked me to stay away. Moloy asks did you ask. Anurag says yes, I asked her, she said I shouldn’t interfere. Moloy says nice, you said something else than regular topics of family and weather, I m happy about that. Anurag says I realized she talks a lot. Moloy says I realized she taught you talking a lot. He hugs his sister and asks did you miss me, don’t get sad. He goes to his room.

Navin and Prerna are on the way. He says I have paid 15 lakhs loan, Rajesh is a free man now, happy? I noted that you were desperate to tell Moloy, matter would have got worse, I m not bad, I m doing this to get your love, I took Chobey’s favor and have to pay for it, I spoke about Mahesh and Shekhar also, I have invested a lot in you, don’t think to.. Prerna says enough, I have committed and know to keep this marriage, last time, if you talk like this, I will break marriage, marriage happens between two families, favors aren’t counted, let me be very clear, I will work and return your money after marriage. He says we reached home, won’t you invite me home. Rajesh and Veena get happy seeing Prerna. Veena hugs her. Prerna says you can scold me later, I was safe in jail. Rajesh asks are you fine. Prerna says yes, sorry. He says its fine, be careful next time. Suman says we were in tension. She asks Navin to come in.

Navin calls Veena as mummy ji and greets her. He addresses Rajesh as daddy ji. Rajesh says we are of same age. Navin says who said this, I m younger than you. Veena asks Suman to get tea for Navin. Navin says you also make me your son, I know you are worried for my age, I will prove this, I will dance on some song, so that the matter ends. Navin sings Tere ghar aaya…. and dances. Everyone controls laughter. Navin asks did age confusion get clear, Prerna liked it. Rajesh says thanks for getting Prerna home. Navin says its fine, we will have breakfast later, its our engagement tomorrow, I will leave. Suman asks him to have tea. Navin says tomorrow, come for rasam. He goes.

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