Wednesday Update On Made For Each other 18th September 2019 Starlife

Wednesday Update On Made For Each other 18th September 2019 Starlife
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Wednesday Update On Made For Each other 18th September 2019 Starlife

This Particular Starlife Series Episode starts with puja going on in Sharma house. Veena prays. Rajesh comes and greets the idol. At Basu house, Anurag does the puja. Moloy comes and prays. Prerna’s brother Mahesh and Shekhar join the aarti. Mohini comes there. Shekhar’s wife Suman does the aarti with him. Prerna gets ready. Anurag’s sister Nivedita comes home and goes upstairs. She gets ready and join the family. Her husband Anupam sees money and smiles.

Tapur also comes. Aarti goes on in Sharma and Basu houses. Shivani comes to Veena and signs about Prerna coming. Prerna runs downstairs. She also does the aarti and smiles. Anurag completes aarti and smiles. Pandit praises Anurag for always being there on time. Veena says you are always late. Anurag says the person who doesn’t value time, time never values him. Prerna says I don’t run by time, but by following my heart. Mohini says I always get late, I wake up just because you wait for me.
Veena asks Prerna to be scared of Lord. Prerna says Lord is my friend, see Lord will bless me. She goes to get flower. Veena asks did flower not fall. Prerna gets flower and says flower fell down, I m getting late for college. She goes. Rajesh smiles. Veena says if this goes on, Prerna will be just left at home. Rajesh says she is our daughter, not a burden, who will pack the gifts if she goes away, she said she will help you in work. Veena asks did she stay awake all night. Rajesh says she doesn’t want to do a favor by saying, she wanted to relieve your burden. They smile. Mohini asks Moloy what is he seeing. Moloy jokes on her makeup. She asks him to keep his stupid jokes. Nivedita leaves for office. Mohini asks Anurag why didn’t he go in Shubo’s party. Anurag says I have to go college, I don’t like parties. She says you have dad’s business and office, his wealth. Anurag says yes, I should also have something of m own. Moloy signs them and then makes excuse. Anurag leaves for college. Prerna is at college. Her friend asks her to come and stare at Anurag, he will be seen in jersey, he is coming for football practice. Prerna says you are mad, he is my dad’s friend’s son. The girls stare at Anurag.

Prerna says its so embarrassing, I m going to library to return book. The girls praise Anurag and say why does he not show interest in girls, does he like guys. Anurag meets Prerna. The girls talk that their fathers are friends, Prerna’s father works for Anurag’s father. The guy says they just talk formally. Anurag gives weather updates to Prerna. He says sometimes storm comes without any reason and changes everything. The guy says now they will exchange a smile, their strange chemistry is old, there is no chance of their love story, they know each other since ten years but can’t even talk well. Anurag and Prerna smile and leave. The girl Saloni asks Prerna about Anurag. Prerna says I m dreamy, he is overpractical, I will love a person who will be mad and make me mad too. Anjali says find out if he is straight or not, he just talks to you. Prerna argues and says fine, I will try when I meet him at puja. Veena asks Suman to get water for Rajesh. He asks Veena not to worry. Veena says Moloy has big publication, he gifts everyone, you don’t take favors. He says let friend be friend, he helped me a lot, who gives loans in today’s times. She asks him to take some time. He says I m rich as I m self esteem, don’t make me poor. Prerna comes to them and asks how do I look. Rajesh says really good. Suman asks them to go, she will come with Shekhar. Mohini is on the way and says I will reach soon. She says CM is also coming tomorrow, its a very special day for me. Moloy smiles. Veena says people come in Durga maa pandal to have darshan. They travel in tempo.

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Prerna says I will pray for you. Mohini says the pandal is ours, its about prestige, many new relationships can start. She asks what do you think Moloy. She gets the earplug, and says you were listening to this. He says Mata aarti. She hears Sheela ki jawani song and asks him. He says Mata Aarti will come after that song. She stares at him. Veena says you helped us a lot, you have to get scolding, don’t smile. Basus arrive at the pandal. Prerna and Veena get the boxes from tempo. Mohini says we got late because of you. Moloy says yes, I need extra time for makeup. The ladies thank Mohini for inviting them. Moloy smiles. Prerna gives juice to Rajesh. She rushes to Veena. She sees Mohini. Mohini says you are Rajesh’s daughter, what’s your name. Prerna says I m Prerna. Mohini says you study in Anurag’s college. Prerna says he is two years senior to me. They share a talk. Veena looks on. Mohini goes. Prerna takes Veena with her. Veena gets angry on Mohini. Prerna asks her to forget it. Everyone dances. Mohini and family gets darshan. She gets chunri for Maa. She says the chunri has gold work, its special as its for Anurag. Nivedita says you don’t love your daughters. Mohini says I had complications in pregnancy, but when I saw Anurag, I was happy. Moloy says maybe a storm is coming. Anurag says I hope no storm comes in my life. Prerna asks Veena to hurry, puja is staring. Guard stops them from coming. Shekhar says they know us. Guard says you can’t come, just Basu family can go there. Prerna asks him to call Rajesh. Moloy sees them and asks Anurag to get Rajesh and family. Mohini thinks now these middle class people will do puja with us. Anurag goes to them. Pandit says everything will be good, a storm is going to come, Durga puja means Maa is coming to her Maayka with good winds carrying good message. Anurag gets Prerna and her family in. Mohini sees them. Moloy hugs Rajesh. Everyone prays. Moloy and Mohini do the puja. Moloy asks Prerna to do aarti.

Prerna thinks its first time I m doing aarti, when Maa gets storm, the story changes, Maa change my story too, get a storm in my life too. Anurag holds the aarti diya and does aarti with Prerna. The puja ends. Prerna hugs Anjali. Anjali says I have come as you have to do my work, just go. Prerna goes to Anurag. Prerna says there are many cute girls here. Anurag says yes, lots. She asks do you like girls, or boys, my college friends were asking this, I couldn’t refuse to Anjali, I wanted to ask, but I have already asked you. He says yes, I like boys. Anjali signs heartbreak. Prerna says I will go. Anurag says wait, I want to know which guy you like, else we can have a love triangle by liking the same guy, it will be a Kasauti of our life, there are many cute guys, look at him. He smiles. She shows a guy. The guy calls out Anurag and hugs him. Anurag says bad choice. The guy Sid greets Prerna and says I m Anurag’s best friend. Anurag says we know each other since 8 years. She says your relationship is strong, that’s so beautiful. Sid says we will meet Vicky. Anurag says even Vicky is very cute. He goes. Veena welcomes Mohini at her stall. Mohini says we will come later. She goes. Veena feels bad. Prerna says sorry to ask such a personal question, my friends wanted to know, thanks. The wind blows. Pandit tells about devil Mahishasur and now Durga Maa killed him. A man comes there and gets down the car. Pandit says if a man comes in Maa’s Darbar with wrong intentions, who spoils women’s respect, Maa kills such devils. Maa protects the one whom she wants to save. The curtain falls over Anurag and Prerna.

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Pandit says Maa protects her children, when Maa gets angry, she ruins everything, she brings a storm and burns everything to ashes. The fire gets lit there. Pandit asks them to run and alerts about the fire.

Anurag and Prerna making the red dupatta away. His friend asks Anurag about Sarika. He says Sarika is Anurag’s long time girlfriend. Anurag says I didn’t love her, it was something more than friendship. Prerna says you liked a girl, sorry. Anurag says its fine, you didn’t think what your friends thought, the problem is with society, I think there are always questions, person should just answer himself, you know that song, Kuch toh log kahenge, so relax. He goes. Anjali takes Prerna with her. Someone walks to the temple. Pandit tries to blow off the fire. Anjali asks did you find out. Prerna says he is not that, you are a big idiot. Anjali gets happy. People run knowing about fire. The place is vacated. Mohini asks Anurag to come with her. Moloy goes. Rajesh

asks where is everyone, Prerna….. Mohini says its my Anurag’s chunri, I need that, listen to me, I can’t leave it, it will burn. Anurag sees the chunri.
Moloy takes Mohini with him. Veena says Prerna is out. Rajesh says no, she is inside with Anjali. Dinesh asks how are you, everyone is out. Rajesh says everyone is here, Prerna… how did fire catch up. Dinesh says relax, where is Prerna. Prerna hears the sound and looks good. They go out and sees the fire spread. Anjali says we are caught, lets leave fast. They try to run to exit. The fire reaches close. Anurag says I can’t see mum crying, I have to get the chunri. Mohini cries. Anurag runs out and gets his jeep. He drives inside the fire and stops the jeep. He runs and jumps inside the blazing place. Prerna and Anjali look at him.

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He asks what are you doing here. Prerna says we got stuck. He says we will go, after I take for what I have come here. He runs to get chunri. She sees his kurta catching fire. She runs to save him. She asks him not to be mad and come. He moves her away. Anurag’s friend says Anurag took his jeep and went to pandan, I tried to stop it, he went to get chunri. Prerna thinks this man is mad to go there for chunri. Anurag takes the chunri. Prerna looks on. Anurag sees Prerna. They see the blazing structure.

She thinks this pole will fall on Maa idol and catch fire, no I can’t let this happen. They both run towards each other. Anurag sees her running towards idol. Pole falls over idol. Prerna holds the pole and pushes it. Anurag looks on. Her hand bleeds. Anurag comes to her rescue. He holds the hot structure and pushes it away. He holds Prerna. They have an eyelock. Mata chunri flies over them. The pandits ask Durga Maa to calm down. It starts raining. Pandit says this rain is Mata’s blessings, I think something true and pure is happening. Anurag and Prerna remove the dupatta. Everyone comes back. Pandit says Mata has sent this fire and rain, some new story is about to begin. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand and takes her. They all pray.

Mohini hugs Anurag. She asks are you fine, you are mad, why did you go. He says I m fine, your chunri is safe, see. She hugs him and cries. Veena asks why didn’t you call. Anjali says Anurag saved Prerna, we should thank him. Anurag goes to Moloy. Moloy says this was madness. Anurag says really sorry. He hugs Moloy. Moloy comes to Prerna and asks are you fine. He says Mata saved us from fire. Mohini scolds Rajesh. Moloy asks how can you hold him responsible, we sponsored this pandal, we have to ask event management company, we have to think about Dashami puja. Mohini says look at this place. Rajesh says don’t worry, I will fix it. Moloy says if Rajesh said this, he will do this. He leaves with his family. Prerna thinks dad promised, but how will Dashami preparations happen here in a day, its impossible.

The man gets a call and says who want to go in pandal and puja. He cracks joke and rests in drunken state. Anurag and Prerna talk to their friends. Anurag says nothing happened, no such romance. His friend says you are boring, I m sure, maybe she felt something. Prerna says nothing happened between us, Anurag is not my types, you keep Anurag. Anjali says we will decide if he is yours or mine. She tosses a coin. Prerna catches the coin and says love is a beautiful feeling, its decision is taken by heart, not coin, my heart has decided, Anurag and I can’t unite. Anjali hugs her.


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