Wednesday update On Can you see me 11th May 2022

Can you see me update Wednesday 11th May 2022,  On Can you see me 11 May 2022: Anandita searches Pihu/Shona and pleads her to come out. Pihu also searches Pihu. Mohini (with typical junior actor’s loud overacting style) stops Anandita and says Pihu does not want her to marry Vikram, but she is busy in her wedding, she should not bother about Pihu and just go and get her makeup, servant will search pihu, don’t know if she will be found or not. Anandita says she will find her Pihu at any cost. Mohini thinks Pihu will not be found and Anandita will refuse to marry Vikram, then Vikram will marry her. Shona is busy stuffing herself with food in store room. Mohini calls her. Shona as usual arrogantly yells who is it. Mohini speaks. Shona asks what to do next. Mohini asks her to continue stuffing food and be there for 1-2 hours max. Daadi gets Vikram ready. Mohini signals Daadi hiding that plan is going well.

Anandita reminisces Mohini taunting that she has 6-year-old daughter, even then she is not bother and wants to marry another man, Pihu/Shona’s warning not to marry Vikram, else she will leave house. She walks to Vikram and says she does not want to marry him. Vikram calls Mohini and asks her to get Anandita ready. Anandita says she cannot betray Subodh, she will not marry Vikram. Vikram shouts she waited till all the arrangements are done and just before 2 hours of marriage, she does not want to marry him, is it a joke. Anandita says he should marry Mohini instead as she is unmarried and loves him. Daadi acts as stumbling and says she will get her Vikram married today at any cost. Vikram shouts he will marry Mohini as she cares for him more than Anandita.

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Pihu searches Gopal. Mohini calls her aide and orders to kill Shona as she knows a lot about her. Pihu finds Gopal and pleads to find out where Shona is. Gopal says since he is her friend, he can give her hearing power. He keeps his flute on her ears. She hears all disciples praying Gopal for their life, family’s life, work, etc. Gopal says she can hear only for 30 minutes an dhas to find out Shoa within that time. Pihu tries to hear Shona’s voice carefully.

Shona sees goons and ass who are they. Goons spread smoke around and tie her down. Shona tries to free herself and collapses. Pihu thinks why she cannot hear Shona, if something happened to her.

Pihu continues searching Shona and tells Gopal she cannot hear Shona’s voice. Gopal reminds she does not have much time left. Mohini gets ready as bride. Anandita walks in. Mohini taunts that after marriage, she will use Anandita’s room as a gym, Anandita can stay in store room. Anandita says she will leave this house once Pihu is back. Mohini says Pihu will once marriage is complete. Anandita takes Mohini down to mantap. Vikram looks at Anandita. Pihu reaches place where goons discuss that Shona must have died by now. She rushes in and frees Shona. Shona asks where is mamma and collapses. Pihu worriedly holds her. Vikram and Mohini’s pheras start. Bobby smirks at Mohini and then calls goons who inform that Shona is dead. He orders goons to throw dead body on road. Pihu rushes unconscious Shona on cart.

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Vikram and Mohini’s 7th phera start. Pihu rushes Shona on cart. Shona walks into mantap and stops pheras shouting this marriage cannot happen. Anandita gets emotional seeing her and pampers her. Daadi and Mohini get tensed. Vikram scolds Shona/Pihu what is she doing. Shona says this marriage cannot happen. Anandita tells Shona/Pihu that she will not marry Vikram and apologizes. Shona says she is her god and says Anandita did not want to marry Vikram to save me, Mohini fooled me and branwashed me to stop mamma from marrying Vikram. Daadi acts and asks Mohini if it is not true. Vikram says he knew from before it was Mohini’s plan and warns Mohini to run away from here before he kicks her out. Daad pushes Mohini away. Vikram says Anandita proved that she can sacrifice her life for this family. Shona says she will get mamma ready. Vikram and Anandita’s marriage completes.

After marriage, Pihu asks Shona to help her decorate flowers for mamma. Shona shouts she fulfilled her promise and should not pester her now, walks away shouting from there. Pihu thinks she was just seeking her help.

Anandita waits for Vikram in her well decorated room. Daadi walks in and says she decorated this room for Mohini and did not know her son is marrying a widow, now Anandita has to follow rituals before consummating with Vikram. Vikram says he does not believe in superstitionn. Daadi starts emotional blackmail. Anandita says she will follow all rituals and let her do it for Daadi and this house. Daadi asks her to sleep in her room today and thinks she will torture Anandita with fake rituals.

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