Wedding Planners January Teasers 2022

Wedding Planners January Teasers 2022
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Wedding Planners January Teasers 2022: K.T. recalls his fond moments spent with Preeti before she departs for Delhi. Later, K.T. is taken aback to spot Preeti on T.V. K.T. finds the truth about Preeti’s illness and loses his cool. Later, he goes to the hospital to meet Preeti and both get emotional.

Wedding Planners January Teasers 2022

Wedding Planners January Teasers 2022

Starlife Wedding Planners January Teasers 2022

Saturday 1 January 2022

Episode 149

Preeti and K.T. take a swig and enjoy their time in solitude after tasting imported chocolates. Later, K.T. is slapped Neel for making a mistake.

Episode 150

Preeti is apathetic with K.T. when she confronts him. After he confronts her, Neel is begging Priyanka to win his family’s affection, K.T. discovers an unsettling fact about Preeti.

Sunday 2 January 2022

Episode 151

K.T. questions Preeti regarding her missing disappearance following the visit to Kusum’s house. Later, K.T. and Preeti are unable to sign the wedding contract.

Episode 152

The family members learn about K.T. and Preeti’s divorce. They try to convince her to split up. Later, K.T. attempts to prevent Preeti from going away.

Monday 3 January 2022

Episode 153

While K.T. is waiting for Preeti and Preeti, they are in an unforgiving situation. In another place, Neel holds Priyanka responsible for the tensions that have erupted in the family.

Episode 154

While K.T. discovers his feelings for Preeti and she decides to flee the city permanently. To stop her from leaving, he implements an ingenuous plan to confess his affection for Preeti.

Tuesday 4 January 2022

Episode 155

Preeti is stunned by K.T.’s admission of his affection for her. Later, K.T. surprises his father, making him crying.

Episode 156

Kusum leaves the Tibrewals and then meets Priyanka before departing. In the evening, Preeti and K.T. have fun with the rules of the bedroom.

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Episode 157

K.T. doubts the motives of the woman who took the child from him. Then, Preeti is bewildered when she calls K.T.

Episode 158

Preeti is shocked when the doctor divulges an unsettling truth regarding her condition. While K.T is longing for the family he has always wanted, Preeti aides an injured Foorti.

Thursday 6 January 2022

Episode 159

Unaware of the truth, Foorti misunderstands Preeti. While K.T. has some positive new information to the world, Preeti attempts to hide the reality of her illness.

Episode 160

Preeti is delighted after Foorti decides to aid her. Later, K.T. creates a surprise for Preeti and delivers a touching speech.

Friday 7 January 2022

Episode 161

Preeti says to Kushala that she is expecting, leaving K.T. stunned. When she confronts him, Preeti tries to explain to him what she did to get her.

Episode 162

Foorti takes a firm decision as Priyanka is adamant with Neel for his sexy behavior. Then, Foorti gets rattled when Preeti is unconscious.

Saturday 8 January 2022

Episode 163

After K.T. filed a police complaint against Foorti and sets off to find her. Afterward, he is struck with surprised to discover that Preeti has selected Foorti to be a surrogate.

Episode 164

Preeti speaks to K.T. about her past and convinces him to be the surrogate mom. In the following days, as K.T. is visiting Foorti, Preeti starts her cancer treatment.

Sunday 9 January 2022

Episode 165

If confronted, Preeti isn’t willing to inform K.T. about her condition. In the meantime, as Foorti’s process of surrogacy begins, Neel and Priyanka’s rift grows.

Episode 166

Preeti receives some delightful news. As Kushala decides to accompany Preeti along with K.T. for the London excursion, the bizarre performance leaves everyone confused.

Monday 10 January 2022

Episode 167

K.T. is trying to prevent Foorti from disclosing the truth about surrogacy to her family. While Preeti is facing shocking accusations, Kushala does the unimaginable.

Episode 168

K.T. knows about Preeti’s plan to cancel the London trip. While Foorti decides to play a prank, K.T. and Preeti get their shocking letters.

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Episode 169

When K.T as well as Preeti are enthusiastic regarding the scan, the former has to face a new challenge. Then, K.T and Foorti grow nervous while they are waiting for Preeti.

Episode 170

As K.T is undergoing his sonographic examination, Preeti is heartbroken upon discovering her condition is deteriorating. In the following days, Foorti vents out her anger at Preeti.

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Episode 171

Preeti and K.T. attempt to stop Kushala when her decision to throw Foorti outside the home. In the meantime, the family is confused when Preeti is involved in an accident.

Episode 172

Juhi is a bit depressed by Preeti’s plight. In the meantime, a concerned Priyanka put Foorti in a difficult spot by asking questions.

Thursday 13 January 2022

Episode 173

K.T. and Preeti are in a moment of emotional turmoil. As Preeti attempts to settle the issues with Priyanka and Neel and the family is celebrating Holi in a high-energy mood.

Episode 174

Preeti and K.T. create a plan of action to bring back Priyanka as well as Neel. Then, the lies of Preeti are revealed before everyone in the family.

Friday 14 January 2022

Episode 175

K.T. defends Preeti’s and his choice of surrogacy as a reason for their decision. On the other hand Preeti pleads for forgiveness from a furious Kushala.

Episode 176

Kushala’s continual dejection leaves K.T. heartbroken. As Kushala takes care of Foorti’s unborn baby, Preeti’s health is declining.

Saturday 15 January 2022

Episode 177

Preeti is unconscious just before the baby shower begins. The family then will celebrate the occasion in a grand manner.

Episode 178

K.T. believes Preeti of concealing information from him, while Kushala helps her. Later, K.T. and Preeti take a break dancing together.

Sunday 16 January 2022

Episode 179

K.T. remembers fond memories he shared with Preeti prior to her departure to Delhi. Later, K.T. is shocked to see Preeti watching T.V.

Episode 180

K.T. discovers the truth about the illness of Preeti and is unable to keep his cool. Then, he visits the hospital to see Preeti and the two of them get emotional.

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