Uzalo Season 6 February Teasers 2020

Uzalo February Teasers 2020


Uzalo Monday 3 February 2020
(Episode 1)
Season 6 starts today!

Nkunzi uses emotional blackmail to try and neutralise the enemy, Khehla shocks Gabisile with his declaration, and Sbu realises Fikile blames him.

Uzalo Tuesday 4 February 2020
(Episode 2)

Sibonelo learns Zekhethelo lied to him, Qhabanga is shocked by Khehla’s threat, and Sbu worries he is losing Fikile.

Uzalo Wednesday 5 February 2020
(Episode 3)

Nkunzi resorts to drastic measures to get a message across, Gabisile gets an unpleasant surprise, and Lilly’s first day at work is off to a bad start.

Uzalo Thursday 6 February 2020
(Episode 4)

MaNgcobo receives a threat from an unlikely source, Khehla’s new address shocks Gabisile and Qhabanga, and Lilly proves to be better than Nyawo and Mondli.

Uzalo Friday 7 February 2020
(Episode 5)

Nkunzi teaches Sibonelo a harsh lesson, Gabisile realises Khehla is a bigger problem than she thought, and Lilly’s instincts get her a promotion.

Uzalo Monday 10 February 2020
(Episode 6)

MaNgcobo’s frustration grows when Nkunzi declines her request, Khehla goes too far, and Nyawo is  threatened by Lilly.

Uzalo Tuesday 11 February 2020
(Episode 7)

Nkunzi shares his plans with the enemy, Gabisile finds help from an unlikely source, and Fikile gets the job, against Sbu’s wishes.

Uzalo Wednesday 12 February 2020
(Episode 8)

MaNgcobo gets the details she needs, Gabisile doesn’t get the desired reaction from Qhabanga, and Sbu fails to change Fikile’s mind.

Uzalo Thursday 13 February 2020
(Episode 9)

MaNgcobo is forced to tell the truth, Khehla manipulates Mrs Madlala, and Lilly solves yet another problem with considerable ease.

Uzalo Friday 14 February 2020
(Episode 10)

Nkunzi starts an investigation, Khehla pushes Gabisile too far, and Fikile makes a vow to Sbu.

Uzalo Monday 17 February 2020
(Episode 11)

Nkunzi manages to get into someone’s phone and discovers the numbers of a familiar contact. Gabisile has a life altering predicament to deal with. Nonka and Sibonelo find themselves confused by their feelings once again.

Uzalo Tuesday 18 February 2020
(Episode 12)

Nkunzi is determined to find out what MaNgcobo is up to. Sibonelo gets an unexpected ultimatum. Sbu attracts a new friendship.

Uzalo Wednesday 19 February 2020
(Episode 13)

Nkunzi hatches another devious plan to force a resistant MaNgcobo into submission. Nonka struggles to look past Sibonelo’s mistakes. Sbu has a new admirer.

Uzalo Thursday 20 February 2020
(Episode 14)

Mazaza turns the tide around and completely upsets the balance of Sibonelo’s world. A worried Qhabanga vows to make peace with his beloved son. Sbu betrays Fikile not knowing what he is getting himself into.

Uzalo Friday 21 February 2020
(Episode 15)

Lilly’s concerns about someone’s disappearance are heightened. The battle lines are drawn between Nonka and Mazaza over a young man’s heart. Sbu is apparently too straight for his secret admirer.

Uzalo Monday 24 February 2020
(Episode 16)

Mazaza makes new demands on her relationship with Sibonelo. Lilly’s snooping around irks Gabisile. Nomcebo’s arrival makes Gabisile fear for the worst.

Uzalo Tuesday 25 February 2020
(Episode 17)

MaNgcobo falls into Nkunzi’s latest trap. Sibonelo struggles to tell Nonka what Mazaza has over his head. Mpume takes things to an uncomfortable level with Sbu.

Uzalo Wednesday 26 February 2020
(Episode 18)

MaNgcobo’s cloud of love begins to darken. Sbu refuses to listen to the ramblings of a jealous lover. Gabisile is in for a nasty surprise. Nonka unwittingly unearths a sleeping beast.

Uzalo Thursday 27 February 2020
(Episode 19)

MaNgcobo does the unthinkable, Gabisile goes away and Mpume challenges Fikile and Sbu’s relationship.

Uzalo Friday 28 February 2020
(Episode 20)

Lilly is like a dog with a bone trying to solve the case of Khehla’s disappearance Mpume makes his intentions clear to Sbu.

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