Uzalo March Teasers 2020

Uzalo March Teasers 2020, Lilly sees right through Njeza, things don’t go as planned for Gabisile and Sibonelo, and Fikile is livid when she learns who she has to report to. Read Full Uzalo Teasers March 2020 Below:

Uzalo Monday 2 March 2020
(Episode 21 )

Khathaza continues to haunt a nemesis from the grave and Nonka is shocked by what she hears from Mazaza.

Uzalo Tuesday 3 March 2020
(Episode 22)

MaNgcobo puts a new spin on “taking the bull by its horns”.

Uzalo Wednesday 4 March 2020
(Episode 23)

Mazaza stoops to an all-time low to secure Sibonelo, Qhabanga realises he’s going to have to work harder, and Mpume finally finds Sbu’s weak spot.

Thursday 5 March 2020
(Episode 24 )

Zekhethelo realises just how much MaNgcobo hates Nkunzi, Lilly stumbles upon a useful bit of information, and Sbu relapses.

Uzalo Friday 6 March 2020
(Episode 25)

Sibonelo makes a crucial decision after seeing Nkunzi, Gabisile gets into trouble, and Sbu gets an uncomfortable surprise from Mpume when he tries to follow Fikile’s orders.

Uzalo Monday 9 March 2020
(Episode 26)
Nkunzi gives Sibonelo a daunting task, Gabisile makes a life changing decision, and Sbu gets advice regarding Mpume.

Uzalo Tuesday 10 March 2020
(Episode 27)

Sibonelo is forced into an uncomfortable position when Khomo makes a tall order, Gabisile makes a scary promise to Qhabanga, and Sbu’s plan goes completely wrong.

Uzalo Wednesday 11 March 2020
(Episode 28)

Thulani reveals who he is, Qhabanga turns to the police for help, and Sbu gets more desperate to turn Mpume.

Thursday 12 March 2020
(Episode 29)

MaNgcobo makes a decision she is likely to regret, Qhabanga hurts Gabisile in an attempt to get rid of her, Fikile makes things worse when she tries to help Sbu.

Uzalo Friday 13 March  2020
(Episode 30)

MaMlambo realises how much trouble she is in, Lilly is shocked when Gabisile comes clean with her, and Sbu catches a lucky break

Uzalo Monday 16 March 2020
(Episode 31)

Nkunzi makes a big decision, Qhabanga puts a new plan into action, and Sbu gets what he wants but not in the way he wanted it.

Uzalo Tuesday 17 March 2020
(Episode 32)

MaNgcobo inadvertently digs her own grave, Gabisile stumbles upon a piece of bad news, and Sbu struggles to cope with his loss.

Uzalo Wednesday 18 March 2020
(Episode 33)

Nkunzi gets the ball rolling, putting pressure on MaNgcobo, Nomcebo and Qhabanga get an unpleasant surprise, and Sbu finally gets closure.

Thursday 19 March 2020
(Episode 34)

Thulani learns the real truth about MaNgcobo, Qhabanga makes a shocking revelation to Gabisile, and Sbu stoops to an alltime low to prove a point to Fikile.

Uzalo Friday 20 March 2020
(Episode 35)

Nkunzi crosses a dangerous line, Nomcebo’s good intentions are met with great hostility, and Sbu resorts to drastic measures.

Uzalo Monday 23 March 2020
(Episode 36)

MaNgcobo puts the wrong person in charge of the operation, Gabisile receives an irresistible offer, and Fikile’s world comes crashing down.

Uzalo Tuesday 24 March 2020
(Episode 37)

MaNgcobo threatens the wrong person, Gabisile puts her plan in motion, and Sbu keeps his lie going.

Uzalo Wednesday 25 March 2020
(Episode 38)

Thulani decides to take matters into his own hands, Mazaza gives Gabisile a very tough ultimatum, and Fikile decides to use Nonka to attract customers.

Thursday 26 March 2020
(Episode 39)

MaNgcobo refuses to budge from her stance in front of Mondli, Sibonelo finally agrees to do the unthinkable, and Fikile reaps the rewards of transforming Nonka.

Uzalo Friday 27 March 2020
(Episode 40)

Thulani has an interesting suggestion for the Lilly problem, Gabisile takes matters into
her own hands, and Sbu deals Fikile a heavy blow.

Uzalo Monday 30 March 2020
(Episode 41) 

Lilly sees right through Njeza, things don’t go as planned for Gabisile and Sibonelo, and Fikile is livid when she learns who she has to report to.

Uzalo Tuesday 31 March 2020
(Episode 42)

Zekhethelo makes a startling discovery, Njeza shows Thulani he means business, and Sbu’s position threatens to end his relationship with Fikile.

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