Twist of Fate 22 July 2020: On Twist of Fate Wednesday 22 July 2020 Zee world update, The episode starts with goons provoking Abhi to come out and face them if he is really a man. He comes out and starts his baffoonery.

Twist of Fate Zee world update Tuesday 21st July 2020

Goon asks where is his wife. He says she is in his pocket. Goon laughs and asks him to face him if he is a man. He spills oil on them and they all slip. He sings naach meri bulbul tujhe paisa milega….song….He calls Fuggu/Pragya out. She comes and enjoy the drama.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she met corporator and tells what they spoke. She explains her plan that they will fight with corporator and make him a bad man in Abhi’s eyes, even if corporator tells Abhi that they are involved in Pragya’s kidnap with him, Abhi will not believe. She says she did not gain anything in Pragya’s kidnap and even now Bulbul is free. They wanted to kidnap Bulbul, but kidnapped Pragya by mistake. Bulbul is walking around thinking she should inform Aaliya about Tanu and then thinks if Aaliya will believe her than her friend, then thinks Aaliya has changed and should talk to her. She hears their end conversation. Tanu panics and says she spoke to Abhi and he told her about this. Bulbul thinks Abhi’s phone is not reachable, then how come she got a call, what if she is involved in murder, then thinks she may not. Aaliya sends her out and locks door.

Abhi is still in his jokergiri mood and argues with Pragya. He asks her to hide until he comes back. She asks him to stop acting like a hero. He says he is a hero and asks her again to go and hide. She hides behind drums and reminisces how he entered kidnapper’s den and fed her cake,wiped her tears, etc. Mai tenu samjhava ki…… plays in the background. She thinks Abhi came to rescue her and prays god to blossom their love. Corporator comes. Aaliya thinks it is Abhi and asks if she can come out. Corporator asks why did she come out, who rescued her, holds her and says he will teach her a lesson now. He sees Abhi standing in front of him and panics. He calls his men. Abhi says his men brought him here and says his men are like a dog, many but cannot handle a tiger. He asks what he needs, why did he kidnap Pragya, says he would have understood when he came home in lieu of helping, says he will not give him another chance and will teach him a lesson. He slaps corporator and corporator’s head hits pole. He falls down and continues telling that he did not want to kidnap Pragya. He asks Abhi to forget what happened. Abhi says that is a good offer and asks if he will forget bulbul. He drags his legs and asks him to leave the city. corporator says it is his city and his family stays here, so he cannot go. Abhi says offer is over and starts hitting him again.

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Bulbul walks on the road and reminisces Aaliya trying to harm her and Purab rescuing her and then reminisces Aaliya speaking to someone on phone and lying that she was speaking to Abhi.

Corporator requests Pragya to save him. Abhi continues hitting him and asks how dare he is to kidnap his wife. Abhi says he wanted to kidnap bulbul. Abhi says bulbul is like his sister and slaps him continuously. He says he will repent if he harms him and says he is giving a chance to run away with his wife. Abhi asks him to forget Bulbul and don’t think of her again. He says bulbul is his love and he will not forget her. Abhi says if he did not think when he harmed her and says he will get afraid even to touch his wife in future. Abhi brings rod and corporator pleads not to hit with rod. Corporator goon comes and holds Pragya on gun point. Corporator thanks him for saving his life.

Sarla calls Bulbul and gets worried for Abhi and Pragya. Bulbul asks her to calm down, nothing will happen to jiju. Sarla asks what happened to Abhi and asks to give phone to him. Purab takes phone and says Bubul is telling truth, Abhi is fine and has gone with police force. Bulbul thanks him for saving her on time and hopes Abhi and Pragya are find. He assures and hugs her.

Goons surround abhi. Corporator asks him if he is a rockstar, will he hit him like a drum. He starts hitting him. Abhi resists. Goon says if he resists, he will shoot his wife. Corporator starts slapping. Pragya pleads not to hit Abhi. Corproator says he forgot counting and starts slapping Abhi again counting each mistake he did. He says Bulbul is his dream and he will marry her in front of him and he won’t be able to do anything. Pragya asks Abhi to teach corporator a lesson and forget about her life. Corporator says he will show Abhi what punishment really is.

Bulbul thinks Mitali always roams with Aaliya and Tanu, so she should talk to her. She calls Mitali. Mitali gets afraid thinking she must have known about her involvement. Bulbul asks if she knows who kidnapped Pragya. Mitali says how can she do, she is asking as if she saw the kidnapping and kidnapper is her relative. Bulbul says someone from home is involved. Mitali asks whom she is doubting. Bulbul says she will confirm and inform her later. Mitali gets tensed and thinks she may send her to jail.

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Corporator takes road and hits Abhi on legs. Abhi falls down and gets up.
He continues hitting him while Pragya pleads not to hit him. Abhi says now he realized what namard is, he is using woman as shield, if he fights him directly, then he will teach him what mard is. Corporator asks to touch his feet and plead. Abhi says he will not. Corproator points gun on his head.

corporator pointing gun on Abhi’s head and asking him to apologize. Daadi gets bad dream about Abhi and wakes up worried. She goes and prays Vahe guru to protect her grandson. Corporator asks Abhi again to apologize. Abhi taks gun point on his forehead and asks him to shoot.

Mitali comes to Aaliya’s room and tells Aaliya and Tanu that she has important news for them. Aaliya says she has more important news than her and asks her to go out. Mitali says they can share it. Tanu says Aaliya wants her to go out. Mitali says they both will go to jail. Aaliya asks what does she mean. Mitali says one of family members knows that a family member in involved in Pragya’s murder.

Abhi takes gun from corporator and points on him. He then beats his goon and asks everyone to sit down, else he will kill corporator. He then tells Neil if he does not know to play with gun, he should not. He thanks Fuggi for getting him experience this moment. He asks corporator why is he sweating and says he will show what mard/man is and his courage is. Corporator says they can talk calmly and he will lose is career if he shoots him. Abhi says he is a rockstar and cleaning society is also his duty. Corporator says when he does not love Pragya, why he wants to save her. Abhi says she is his wife and it is his duty to protect her. He asks who helped him in this kidnapping.

Purab and Bulbul search commissioner’s number in his room. Purab finds it and is about to call him when Aaliya comes and asks where is Abhi. He says Abhi went to kidnapper’s den and after catching kidnapper wants to know who is behind it. Aaliya thinks if corporator reveals she is also involved, Abhi will not forgive her, so she should get him out from there before corporator speaks out. Bulbul asks if she is not worried about her brother. She says she is and Bulbul asks what about Pragya. She says she is worried about both and asks Purab to inform her if he gets Abhi’s call.

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Abhi asks corporator again to tell who is behind Pragya’s kidnapping. Corporator asks when he knows his family well then why is he asking him. Abhi says he knows someone from family helped him and asks to tell who it is before he counts 10.

Aaliya asks Mitali who knows about their kidnap involvement. Tanu says maybe Bulbul. Aaliya says she should call corporator and stop him from taking him name. She calls corporator. Abhi takes phone and before she could speak says whoever she is she can call corporator after some time as he is busy. Aaliya gets tensed hearing his voice and tells her puppets that Abhi has reached corporator and soon will know about them.

Bulbul tells Purab that Aaliya is behind Pragya’s kidnap. Purab says she cannot be as she knows Abhi will disown her. Bulbul says she knew Purab will not believe, so she will have to gather proof.

Purab meets commissioner who says a bullet sound was heard in a secluded factory and changes of kidnappers being there are more. Purab asks why did not he reach there then. Commissioner says they are professional criminals and he cannot risk Pragya’s life without preparing his team.

Abhi continues counting pointing gun on corporator’s head. Corporator says they can talk calmly. Abhi shoots bullet. Everyone get afraid thinking corporator is dead. Corporator wakes up. Abhi says if he kills him, he will not know who is behind Pragya’s kidnap. Corporator’s goon holds knife on Pragya’s neck and says gun had only 2 bullets and both are shot. Abhi asks him to stop bluffing. Goon asks him to shoot. Abhi shoots, but there is no bullets. goons then catch Abhi.

Sarla and Daadi are worried about Pragya. Purbi gives Sarla water. Suresh comes. Sarla asks why did he come. He says he wants to know about Pragya and everyone is misunderstanding him, so he did not go to Pragya’s house. Daadi says he did good by not going there and asks him to get out. Suresh says he just wants to know what Abhi is doing to save Pragya.

Corporator asks his men to tie Abhi and Pragya, fills bullets and asks who want to die first. He tosses and points gun at Abhi. His goon comes running and informs that police force is coming.


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