Twist of Fate Wednesday 26 August 2020 Written update: On Twist of Fate 26th August 2020, Sarla walking on the road thinking why Pragya is insulting Daadi. She thinks why did Pragya hide the truth that she got Akash and Rachna married, she must be up to something.

Daadi calls Abhi and asks where is he. He says he is busy. Daadi says producer had come and gave her 1 crore suitcase, so she gave it to Pragya. He asks her to tell Akash to deposit half the money in bank. Daadi agrees. She calls Pragya and asks her to bring the money back which she gave. Pragya asks when did she give he money. Daadi says she sent suitcase via Daasi. Pragya asks her to call daasi. Daasi comes and Pragya asks if she gave her suitcase. Daasi says she did not find Pragya, so she kept it in daadi’s cupboard. Daadi asks her to bring suitcase. Daasi goes to bring suitcase but does not find it.

Abhi while driving thinks why did Pragya seek his help, which she usually does not. He reminisces Tanu telling Pragya that she should allege Daasi as thief, then she will enter and allege her instead and prove it. Pragya says if that is the only way to get Tanu into daadi’s good books, she is ready.


Pragya alleges Daasi that she stole money. Daasi asks if she is in her senses. Pragya says she has gone greedy and stole it. Tanu enters and says Pragya stole it and she has been stealing since she married Abhi. Daadi asks her to mind her tongue as Pragya is very sanskaari/cultured. Tanu continues that Pragya married Abhi for his wealth and she even respects daadi for money. She stole money in lakhs earlier and now in crore. Daadi asks her shut up, else she will cut her tongue. She says she did not see innocent like Pragya and she wakes up seeing her face. Pragya sacrifices her life for other and cannot be so cunning and selfish. She was deterred seeing Akash and Rachna’s marriage, but she later knew the reason behind it and felt ashamed of herself. Pragya says Daadi’s belief is undeterred. Daadi continues praising Pragya and says she took her blame on herself and saved her instead. Tanu says she does not know Pragya well at all and she has a proof. Daadi asks what proof she has. Tanu says she caught Pragya read-handed stealing some days ago. She is worried about Abhi as he is Aaliya’s brother. She asks Pragya to tell if she steal or not. Daasi asks Pragya to speak. Rachana alsos insists. Pragya gets tensed thinking what to tell.

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Daadi asks Pragya to speak. Pragya says Tanu is lying and asks if she has any proof. Tanu says she has. Pragya asks her to show it then. Tanu asks Daadi to come along with her. Pragya asks her not to believe her. Tanu insists Daadi to come with her. Pragya says she should not go. Tanu asks everyone to come along. Daasi says Pragya let her show what proof she has. Tanu insists daaadi and daadi walks along with her to Pragya’s room.

Tanu taking Daadi and whole family to Pragya’s room and searching money suitcase. She finds it under sofa and gives it to Akash. She says she proved that Pragya is a thief. Everyone are shocked and walk down silently. Tanu follows Daadi and asks if she believes her. Daadi says she will never believe Pragya can steal.

Sarla goes for vegetable shopping with Biji and gets engrasped in thoughts. She thinks why did not Pragya inform her about Akash and Rachna’s marriage. Biji continues speaking, but Salra is still engraped in thoughts.

Tanu continues alleging Pragya, but Daadi does not believe her. Tanu says she has one more proof and calls her lawyer. Lawyer gives her fake property papers and leaves. Tanu shows daadi many property papers in Pragya’s name and tells even her mom may be involved in her theft and bought many properties. Pragya asks her not to involve her mom in this and she does not need all this. Tanu shows her tummy and continues her allegations. Abhi comes and sees all the drama hiding. Daadi calls Sarala and asks her to come home. Sarala asks if everyone are fine. She asks her to come home first. Pragya accepts that she stole money and brought properties and asks her not to inform mom about it as she does not know anything.

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Tanu continues shouting and allegations and says Daadi that she should kick Praga out right now. Taiji says Tanu is rigt and if any family member would have stole, daadi would have kicked her out. Mitali also backs and says when raj stole someone else’s money, he was sent to jail, so Pragya should also be sent to jail. Tanu continues shouting that she will call police and get Pragya arrested.

Abhi intervenes. Tanu gets tensed seeing him coming early and says he came on right time, she caught Pragya stealing money and to further stop her stealing, he should kick her out. He asks who is she to decide who will stay in this house, then changes his tone and says it is his family issue and he will handle it. She continues shouting that it may be his family issue, but she will not tolerate anyone stealing from Aaliya’s house and says either Pragya will stay or she will. Abhi asks her to go back to her room. She continues shouting. He drags her to her room.

Tanu asks why did not he kick Pragya out when they got the right opportunity. He says he cannot. she says he is ignoring her and she would have been her wife long ago. He says she did not want to marry and forced him to marry Pragya and is herself responsible for all this. She says she does not know all this, she just wants him to think about their child and themselves. He says she is taking wrong route and he cannot punish any innocent.

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