Twist of Fate 21 April 2021 update: starts with Pragya calling Rishi and asks Constable to open the lock up. Constable opens the lock up. Pragya sees Rishi in bad state and asks him not to be scared. Rishi is injured and cries. Pragya gets worried. Inspector tells Abhi that Priyanka shall come here for identification.

Abhi says I have identified her and that’s enough. He says she is in trauma. Inspector says she shall come. Abhi calls Priyanka and asks her to come for identification. Priyanka acts as traumatized and tells that she can’t come there. Abhi says ok and ends the call. Inspector says they can’t do anything against Rishi until she gives her statement. Abhi says he will talk to Commissioner. Rishi tells Pragya that he was told that his boss is waiting for him, but when he went there, Priyanka was already there and tried to molest him, I am the victim. He says nobody believed me when I told them. Rishi says Priyanka is taking advantage of richness. Constable says who will believe him? Pragya says I believe him. She asks who did this with you. Rishi says Priyanka’s Chacha. Abhi asks Constable to take her there. Inspector asks Abhi to go as his Maasi went to meet Rishi. He suggests Abhi to go. Abhi asks why? He says I will ask him if she taught him to misbehave with girls. Pragya asks Constable if he didn’t stop Priyanka’s Chacha and says it is against the rules. Constable says yes and tells that they tried to stop, but the girl’s chacha was very angry. Abhi goes out to park his car at other side. Pragya also comes out from other side.

Abhi sees Doctor on the way and asks him to treat Rishi. Madhu is picking the food from the floor. Shahana calls Sarita behen and tells her about Madhu. Sarita behen asks her how the plate fell down. Madhu thinks to tell her, but then thinks of Pragya’s words. She makes an excuse. Sarita behen asks Madhu to pack her bags. Prachi asks her to forgive her and says I can see care and love in her eyes for us. Sarita behen says if she does any mistake again. Prachi asks her to slap her again. Madhu thanks Prachi and says she is like her mother. Prachi says it was her dream to become like her mum. She thanks her for the compliment. Madhu thanks her for saving her job. Shahana says sorry and says I am also not that bad. Madhu says Pragya didi is her favorite now. Pragya calls Abhi. He thinks if she is Pragya and thinks he shall not turn. Pragya asks how dare you to eat him. Lady constable stops Pragya. Abhi cries and hears her scoldings. She tells that she will tell everyone and will tell to his senior and media. She asks if Law is not for us and says if there is no law or order in this city. Abhi calls her…Pragya. Pragya turns and looks at him. Abhi wipes his tears and smiles. He comes to her and smiles. Allah wariyan plays….Pragya smiles and hugs him. He touches her specs and smiles, kissing her forehead. She hugs him again.

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Shahana and Prachi come to the room. Shahana says even this time, he took a big room. Prachi says he didn’t shift fully and we shall appreciate him. Shahana asks when will you realize that Ranbir is good. Prachi says there is no comparison, he don’t know how to respect girls. Shahana says he is Kohinoor. Prachi says Ranbir’s love made you mad fully.

Priyanka thinks if Rishi don’t unite with me then nobody will get their love. She says she is helpless as thinks Pragya wasn’t scared seeing her fake suicide attempt, but now she will be seeing Rishi in jail. She comes to Rhea and asks if wants to destroy someone she loves. Rhea tells that she wants to destroy the person she hates and says she wants to end him. Priyanka says love comes from hatred. Rhea says we can’t harm the person we love. Priyanka says my thinking is changed now and says what is not mine, it is not of anyone else. Rhea asks what is wrong?

Abhi asks how are you? Pragya says how are fine, I am fine. Abhi says very nice. She asks about her daughter? Abhi says she is fine and asks about their other daughter. Pragya says she is fine too. Doctor comes and says he is having excessive bleeding. He says he shall have a thorough check up in hospital. Abhi asks him to do that. Pragya gets shocked.

Pragya telling Abhi that Rishi is innocent and ask if he didn’t think before beating him. Abhi says I just slapped him twice or thrice and he fell down, it is not my fault. Pragya scolds him and the Police. Abhi says I saw Rishi going out from office and Priyanka was scared and her face was spoiled and clothes was torn. She says this is not happening with first time, I met Priyanka and knows what she can do. Abhi says Priyanka is innocent. Pragya says Rishi is guilty. She says this means Priyanka fooled you. Abhi says he was talking about justice to Priyanka. Pragya says Rishi shall get the justice and says it is because of the wrong perception, one gets separated from others. Abhi says enough and goes.

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Rhea asks Priyanka if she loves someone and that guy rejected her. Priyanka asks do you love anyone? Rhea says I don’t love anyone, but guys’ love me. Priyanka says I am not doing anything, but doing what others is making me do. She says love is good, but it is not certain that everything is good in love. She asks Rhea to keep her boyfriend away from middle class girls and says that guy, whom I loved loves a middle class girl and I just gave a strong reaction for his actions. Rhea thinks of her words and thinks Ranbir has a class and don’t like middle class girls. She thinks Ranbir gets irritated by Pragya and loves just me.

Ranbir thinks why Prachi don’t go off my mind? Aryan comes and asks him to fight boxing with him. Ranbir asks if I am thinking much about Prachi. Aryan says yes. Vikram comes there. He says you will lie? Ranbir says mummy says lie. Vikram says your mummy is a good boxer and takes Ranbir with him. Aryan goes through window.

Pragya asks Inspector to take Rishi to hospital and says she don’t want any stranger’s help. Abhi says I have seen with my hands and says Priyanka is innocent. Constable asks Abhi to move his car as Commissioner came. Abhi says I am talking and asks him to park his car to other place. Inspector requests him to go. Pragya thinks I have to fight with him again, now this is the fight of truth and lie. Abhi leaves from there and thinks of Pragya. Pragya cries and thinks of Abhi. Abhi talks to the moon and says who is Rishi, she shall not fight with me for him. He says we shall talk about ourselves and not him. He thinks even he was very angry, thinks to meet her and talk to her nicely. He hopes she is there itself. Disha calls Pragya and asks her not to hide anything. She says she talked to Sarita behen and she said that you went for dinner with Rishi. Pragya tells her about Priyanka accusing Rishi of molestation. She says Priyanka’s chacha is your jiju. Disha asks did you meet him? Pragya says we had a fight here, he fought with me because of Priyanka. Disha says I am reaching there and asks Driver to take her to Police station.

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Abhi sits in his car. The song plays……Chadariya song plays….He thinks of Pragya’s words. Pragya cries. Vikram asks Pallavi if Ranbir drank beer or not? Pallavi says yes. Vikram scolds Ranbir. Ranbir calls Beeeji. Beeji asks Pallavi why she told Vikram today. Pallavi says yes, but…Ranbir asks why did you tell him and says beat Papa and love me. He says I am a complete Punjabi. Pallavi says you will be beaten by me. Beeji asks pallavi to make kheer for Vikram and cheer him. Ranbir says this is not fair, you made them fight. Beeji says the more they fight, the more they love.

Rishi is taken to the hospital by the Police. Pragya comes out and sees Abhi standing. Abhi holds her hand.


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