Twist of Fate 16 December 2020 Zee world: Nikhil asking his man to go and dance with Pragya. He goes to Pragya and dances with her. Pragya is surprised as he holds her and gets closer to her while dancing.

Tanu thinks Pragya will be ruined today. Tai ji asks Tanu to tell about the inside story of the party. Tanu says I will not tell anything. She gets Nikhil’s call and she asks her to manipulate Abhi now. Abhi is standing alone and watching Pragya. Tanu asks why you are standing alone? Abhi says he is watching dance. Tanu asks if Pragya’s dance partner is your friend. Abhi says no. Tanu says he might be Pragya’s friend and seems to be very close. Pragya continues dancing with him (can’t figure out why she is dancing with a stranger for so long).

Tanu says Pragya never danced with you so closely. Abhi says there is a dirtyness in your eyes. Tanu gets irked, but Nikhil asks her to continue provoking Abhi and asks her to try again. Abhi appreciates Akash for bringing the bouquets. Akash says I didn’t get it. Abhi wonders then who brought it. He sees Pragya still dancing with him. ( she completely forgot Abhi and dancing with Champak). Abhi reads the notes written by Champak for Pragya revealing about their love. Abhi thinks Pragya knows him. Tanu takes a chit and reads Champak’s other chit and asks who is this lover boy. She says I told you already, but you said that dirty is filled in my mind and eyes. She says this guy loves Pragya. Abhi says who cares, anyone can love Pragya. I have full faith on Pragya. Tanu says when you can break her trust then why can’t she? She says Pragya is not leaving him and still stuck with him.



Abhi shows faith on Pragya and says if there was something then she would have told me. Tanu says you are going to marry me, and that’s why she might have thought to move on. Abhi gets angry and asks her not to come near him. Nikhil thinks we have to turn this jealously into hatredness. Pragya thinks the man is uninvited guest and excuses herself. A waiter throws something on champak’s suit. He asks Pragya to help her clean his suit. Pragya is surprised and asks him to go to washroom. He asks her to take him to washroom. Pragya goes with him. Tanu asks Abhi to ask Pragya who is he? Abhi says I don’t want to hurt her on her birthday. Tanu asks him to hurt himself then and says she had a doubt on Pragya since a week. She says she saw Pragya with him and when she asked Pragya about him, she refused to tell him anything. She says then I took your friend Nikhil’s help and got this info. She shows the fake, morph pics. Abhi is shocked.
Abhi says you are lying? Tanu says no and asks him to come with her, says she wants to show him something.

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Rachna brings something for Dadi and asks her to eat. She asks where is Pragya? Purab says Abhi and Pragya might be together. Dadi says Pragya was dancing till now, but Abhi was missing. Rachna says Abhi will propose Pragya today. Dadi says he shall propose today. Akash says you are saying right. Dadi says he was searching card in his room. I asked him to leave card and propose Pragya holding her hand. Rachna says dance went on for long. Dadi asks who was that guy? Rachna says he was not Pragya’s friend and says it seems he is uninvited. Dadi says he must have come for free food and dance. Rachna says she is beautiful. Dadi says Abhi and Pragya will be no. 1. Mitali hears them and tells Tai ji that Abhi kept the party for some reason. Tai ji asks what? Mitali tells that Abhi wants to propose Pragya today. Tai ji says what will happen to Tanu then? Mitali says Tanu is not helpless and says she is very cunning. Tai ji asks her to stay far from Tanu and hugs her.

Pragya takes him to washroom. Champak thanks him and asks her to help him clean his suit. He praises Pragya. Pragya says I came to just show you washroom. Champak being chipku says that she has so much love in her heart. Tanu asks Abhi to come and says she wants to show him real (actually fake) picture. She takes him to washroom. Pragya says you are very difficult to understand. Champak asks her to make him wear his suit. Abhi is shocked.

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Abhi getting angry seeing Pragya with Champak and goes. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya is secretly romancing with her boyfriend. Tanu thinks Abhi will doubt on Pragya now and is seeing what she shown him. She thinks she will be benefitted while Pragya will suffer. Abhi’s heart says that Pragya can’t do this and recalls their romantic proximity. Darmiyan song plays as he thinks about the romantic and emotional moments between them. Abhi thinks Pragya has moved on in life, just before I was about to make a first move towards her. Pragya comes to Abhi and smiles. Abhi goes upset. Pragya thinks Abhi wants her to come to him, and thinks she can cross even seven seas to go to her. She kisses on the bouquet thinking Abhi has given her. Abhi looks on shockingly. Agar Tum Saath ho plays…………Abhi mistaken her.

Tanu comes to Nikhil and tells that their plan is a success. Abhi has started hating Pragya now. She says she wants to hear everything about their fight. Nikhil asks have you gone mad? He says Abhi will do everything right infront of us. Tanu says what is left now? Nikhil says you think very small and says he will trap Pragya in a conspiracy from which she can’t come out. Pragya thinks where did he go? She thinks may be Tanu filled his ears against me and made him upset. Rachna comes to Pragya and asks if Abhi proposed her. Pragya says so this is the surprise.

Rachna says Dadi made the plan, and says if he haven’t propose yet then it means he wants to propose to you infront of everyone. She asks her to get ready for the proposal and goes to tell Dadi. Pragya is happy and thinks Abhi tried but then Sarla called. She thinks Abhi is shying infront of her. Abhi sees Champak going towards Pragya. Pragya thinks this man is sticky, and thinks to ban him from party. Tanu and Nikhil smirks. Champak stares Pragya. Mitali thinks why everyone is staring each other, if this is a game?

Dadi asks Rachna to bring the cake. Tanu thinks Abhi is very much angry. Nikhil says this is a silence before storm comes, it shows Abhi will take out his anger on Pragya. Dadi asks Pragya to cut cake. Dadi asks what are you thinking? Pragya blows on the candles. Tanu asks why she is cutting cake? Pragya looks surprised. She asks what do you mean? Tanu says you made Abhi ashamed infront of everyone, you would have thought about the guests if ot family, and asks how did you get shame from. Pragya asks what nonsense? Tanu asks Abhi to question Pragya being her legal husband. She asks why did you do this? She asks Abhi to ask. Abhi makes faces as betrayed. Pragya asks what did I do? Tanu says how can you have a boyfriend although you are married to Abhi. She says you are shameless woman, who called your boyfriend here. Pragya asks Tanu not to dare tell anything. Tanu says you have to hear everything, you are wrong and shameless. Pragya says you are shameless and is a second woman between us. Tanu says Abhi loves me and you are a second woman. She says you couldn’t bear that Abhi loves me and acted to prove yourself adarsh bahu and wife. Then you brought me here to make yourself great in everyone’s eyes and then snatched everything. She says you have such a cheap interest.

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Tanu says she is characterless. She says I gave baby to Abhi before marriage, but you didn’t give him even husband’s rights. She says you had affair with Suresh’s first and now Champak. She says I have always accepted my mistakes and asks why did you hide your boyfriend from Abhi, and calls her two timers. Pragya says you are taking revenge on me due to hatredness. Tanu says I will show the depth of your shamelessness and says you was going to become mum of Champak’s baby, but you had aborted the child. Pragya slaps her hard. All the guest leave. Tanu says you have slapped me. I will show the proofs to everyone then you will be slapped. She asks Champak to tell that Pragya is his girl friend and have invited him.


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