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Twist of Fate 10 March 2021 update: Pragya brings tiffin for Prachi and Shahana. Prachi was upset. Pragya takes her aside and apologizes Prachi. Prachi says there is obviously another person important to Pragya, he must be the one she gave her blood for. Pragya was badly crying in the hospital.

Pragya was angry and says no one would discuss about that person. She locks herself in the room. Prachi thinks she is also stubborn. In the auto, Shahana tries to cheer Prachi. She asks Prachi if they are going to hospital to inquire about the same man. Prachi says yes.

Abhi drives the car, and thinks how Pragya could leave hospital without meeting him.

Mira brings juice for Abhi as he had to take medicines. A servant informs them that Abhi is in office. Pahlavi tells Mira that she just spoke to Vikram, Abhi left office for some work.

Abhi reaches the hospital. He thinks he might find Pragya’s address through the file. The nurse asks Abhi’s autograph. The files had been shifted to another room. Abhi goes to meet the doctor who looked after him. Prachi and Shahana had reached the hospital and goes to meet the nurse. Abhi spots the nurse; she tries to avoid Abhi but Abhi stops her. The nurse says he seems fine, only the bandage shows he had an accident. Abhi request her help and says she was with him when he left OT. He asks the nurse about the woman he was following, the one who brought him to hospital. The nurse says she didn’t see the face and might not be able to help.

Prachi asks the nurse about the famous man her mother got admitted. The nurse couldn’t recall the name as she wasn’t from India, she had only heard people discuss that a famous rock star had been admitted. But the staff who knew him had also been shifted to another branch due to medical emergency there.

The nurse convince Abhi that no one saw her here. A number of members from here were shifted to another branch of the hospital yesterday, as there was a medical emergency there. The nurse recalls how Pragya had forbidden her to tell Abhi. She had told her they were husband wife, but are away from each other for past 20 years. The nurse felt bad for them.
Abhi cried as he walks out of the hospital. There, Prachi also cries being helpless. They meet each other. Abhi asks what she is doing here. Both tell each other they were looking for someone. A male nurse hits Prachi. Abhi was angry at Prachi for not looking on, she isn’t considerate. Prachi cries. Abhi apologizes, as he was tensed watching her worried. He request her not to cry, he won’t do it again. He scolds Shahana to take care of her. Prachi hugs Abhi. Shahana says he called her beta, and she would continue to cry. Prachi says she liked it that he scolded her, it was like a father’s anger. Abhi says Prachi must accept him as a father. Shahana says Prachi can’t do this, else Riya would send her to jail otherwise. Abhi thinks about Riya and Aaliya’s annoyance with Prachi. Prachi takes a leave. Both pray they find the one they are looking for. The girls turn to leave. Abhi stops Prachi, he gives her a handkerchief of his and wipes her tears. Prachi says if he was her fate, she wouldn’t have cried; her right to call him Papa was also snatched.

In the market, Mira comes to help Pragya pick up her grocery. She scolds the taxi driver. Pragya thanks Mira for all the help, but he is a taxi driver and it’s not his job. She thanks Mira for coming home to speak to Prachi, Sarita had told her. She says it’s good that Prachi stays away from their family, the problem is solved and Principal apologized. There is always a problem whenever she is close to Mehra family. She sends thanks to Abhi, his catering order brought them business. Mira thinks if Prachi did the mistake, or someone tried to ruin her repute that day.

Prachi and Shahana sat alone. Shahana asks Prachi if she is still upset. Prachi says there is a possibility that her real papa is like Riya’s father. She cries. Shahana tells her to stop crying, and goes to get Taxi. Abhi was in a meeting in office, but lost in Prachi’s thoughts.

Abhi was in a meeting, but lost in deep thoughts about Prachi’s work. He wasn’t attentive to the client, and leaves for something extremely important.
Abhi makes a call to someone to meet at home.
Pahlavi brings tea for Mitali and Dadi. Mitali goes to get some more sweet. Mira brings saree for Pahlavi and asks which friend of hers is getting married. Mitali comes there. Later, Mitali and Pahlavi discuss that Mira can live as the true mother of respect. Mira loves Abhi while Abhi respects her and both of these are important to make a marriage successful. Mira overhears this.
Abhi sat in the CCTV control room. He asks for the videos of kitchen after fire. He finds a clip in which Riya was mixing something in the food.
Prachi and Shahana return home. Pragya was waiting and asks about the day. The girls say college was good. Shahana thinks Prachi had forbidden her to tell Pragya about hospital. Pragya follows Shahana inside and asks about the matter. Shahana tries to avoid, then says they met Mr. Mehra. He spoke to them and the matters went so intense that she called him Papa. She was crying and Mr. Mehra caressed Prachi. Pragya says Prachi must miss her father; though she thought she gave all the love to Prachi. Prachi comes inside and says Pragya has been a great and loving mother. Pragya promises she will take Prachi to her father. The differences are between Prachi’s parents, but she shouldn’t suffer. She can live without Prachi, but can’t see her crying. Prachi hugs her mother and says she doesn’t want to live with her father, she only wish to live with Pragya. Shahana goes to check what’s in the food. The girl cheers watching kheer. Pragya gives bite in their mouths.
Abhi comes to the hall and calls Riya downstairs. Everyone was worried why Abhi was so furious. Riya was busy hearing loud music. Aaliya stops Mira from going to get Riya and goes by herself. She opens the door and pulls the headphones off Riya’s ear. Aaliya asks Riya why Abhi is shouting at the top of his voice, what has Riya done. She only saw Abhi so angry only 20 years ago with her mom, and it had worst consequences.
Downstairs, Abhi questions Riya where she learnt to blame others for someone else’s act. She blamed Prachi and ruined her image in front of everyone. He takes Riya to the center of the hall. Aaliya was defensive of Aaliya and says she can’t see anyone blame Riya. Abhi replies Aaliya would also be angry if she knows what Riya did. He asks Riya why she got Prachi suspended from the college. Aaliya comes in the middle of father-daughter duo. She says she knew about it. Abhi asks Aaliya if she is on Riya’s side, because she didn’t stop her. Aaliya is a bad influence and he doesn’t want her to be around his daughter, thus Aaliya must stay away from Riya for a week. Aaliya argues then Daasi and Bua must also stay away from Riya, they made her cry. Abhi says the elders always think well for their children. Mira defends Riya as she is a child and was being immature. Abhi asks Riya if she got Prachi suspended because she spoilt the party. Riya says Prachi had ruined their food as well. Abhi claims Riya is lying, she ruined the food herself only to defeat Prachi. Riya denies having done so, and claims it was Prachi who tried to kill them all. She shouts “Prachi is a blo*dy damn murderer”. Abhi slaps Riya

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