Twist of Fate update Tuesday 7th April 2020


Twist of Fate Tuesday 7 April 2020: On Twist of Fate 7 April 2020, Pragya telling that Abhi is lying. Abhi asks who said that. Fan points at Pragya and says she told it. Abhi asks her what problem she has.

Twist of Fate Tuesday 7 April 2020: On Twist of Fate 7 April 2020, Pragya says she has problem with lie and says everyone’s heart break in love, and people get fooled because of people like Abhi. She asks Abhi why does he play with peopele’s emotion just to sell his album. Abhi’s manager asks security to take Pragya out of there. Security people drag Pragya out. Pragya then thinks what happened to her that she did this in front of everyeone.

Purab asks Abhi if he had problem in his promotion event. Abhi says a girl interrupted his event, he remembers meeting her someone, she was talking about money, etc. He will hire for safeguarding his money if she finds her again. He says he liked her. Pragya thinks what kind of a person Abhi is to misguide his fans.

Bulbul sees Abhi on TV and gets excited. Newss reporter informs about Abhi attending his cousin’s marriage and his cousin being married to a business tycoon daughter. Racha gets sad seeing the news.

Rachna sees Bulbul and Purbi speaking that Abhi’s cousin must be having a love marriage. Rachna angrily goes out and calls Abhi’s cousin. She calls him lier and says he lied him that he is marrying because of his mom’s wish, she saw news channels about his marriage, he used her. Bulbul hears Rachna’s conversation.

Abhi’s aunt asks her son if Rachna had called him again and tried emotional blackmail. He says she is a simple girl. His mom then asks to upload their pics on net if she calls him again.

Sarla says Pragya that she will give some jewellery to Rachna as Pragya is getting married to Suresh because of Rachna. Pragya says she is afraid if her marriage will break even this time. Sarla asks her not to think like that and says she got a good partner like Suresh now. Pragya asks if she feels her as burden now. Sarla says she kept her in her womb for 9 months and says a mother gets 2 happy days in her life, one when doctor gives her daughter to her and second when she gives her daughter’s hand in someone’s hand. She says Pragya that Suresh will keep her happy. They both hug emotionaly and cry. Dadi calls Sarla and she goes out.

Bulbul says Pragya about Rachna talking to somone and telling he betrayed him. Bulbul says it is not like that. Bulbul asks Pragya to speak to Suresh. Pragya says she will speak to Rachna and goes to Rachna’s room. She feels Rachna what Bulbul told. Rachna then gets dizzy and nauseous. Pragya goes out to bring water.

Pragya brings salt/sugar water and asks Rachna to drink. She says she must be nervous regarding her marriage and asks her to rest.

Madhavi asks Suresh to get ready soon. Servant comes and informs Madhavi that Sarla is calling her. Madhavi asks Suresh again to get ready soon and leaves.

Bulbul sees Pragya cyring and asks her to stop crying as she is going to the next door. She emotionally hugs and says as Suresh says her goodnight everyday, she will say her goodnight everyday.

Rachna’s mehandi ritual starts. Sarla and everyone start dancing on song mehandi ni mehandi…. Madhavi calls Rachna and informs that groom’s people are coming for the mehandi ritual. Rachna says she will apply bindi and come back. Groom’s mother and her relatives come and asks about Rachna. She says her son and Rachna are made for each other. Sarla says it is like Suresh and Pragya who are made for each other. Rachna thinks why is she getting vomiting repeatedly. She takes pregnancy test and gets tensed finding she is pregnant. Pragya comes to her and asks her if she is really pregnant.

Pragya checks pregnancy kit in bathroom and scolds Rachna for what she did. She asks Rachna to tell who he is. Rachna says his name is Akash and they met in college. They met each other and fell in love. She says she informed him about Madhavi wanting her to get married and then Akash marrying him in temple. He promised her to take her home, but he betrayed her. After one month, she saw a news about his marriage to a wealthy girl. Pragya hugs her and thinks how to inform it to her family.

Pragya getting tensed seeing Rachna’s baaraat coming. Bulbul says Purbi that groom was looking handsome and she will inform it to Rachna. She sees Rachna’s door closed and knocks it. Rachna remembers Akash’s mom’s warning not to come near her son and pushing her from her house. Rachna takes knife to kill herself. Bulbul and Purbi keep knocking her door. Bulbul goes to call Suresh. Suresh is busy serving guests. Bulbul says Suresh that Rachna is not opening the door and she is crying. They both leave towards Rachna’s room. Pragya sees them going and follows them. Suresh and Pragya ask Rachna to open the door. Suresh breaks the door and sees Rachna trying to cut her nerves. Pragya stops her on time. Suresh scolds Rachna and asks why is she doing that. Pragya says Rachna is pregnant. Suresh is shocked to hear that.

Suresh asks Rachna when did she meet Rahul. Pragya says it is not Rahul and somebody else. Suresh tries to beat Rachna. Pragya rescues Rachna and asks her not to come near Rachna. Suresh says guests have come for marriage and Rachna is trying to suicide. He asks Rachna who kid it is and who betrayed her. Madhavi and Sarla come there. Madhavi starts crying and asks Rachna what did she do. Rachna cuts her wrist and falls on the floor. Pragya asks to bring bandage. Panditji asks bring bride. Servant comes to call Rachna and sees her unconscious. Sarla thinks what shal we say to groom’s parents. Rachna wakes up. Madhavi also says what will we reply to groom’s parents. Suresh says we will tell them the truth. Pragya asks Suresh to think about Rachna as she tried to kill herself just now. She says he must be angry on the guy and asks him to let her handle the situation here as her married broke many times. Suresh says it was groom’s mistake in her marriage, but it is Rachna’s mistake here. Pragya says it is a mistake of Akash, not Rachna. She says Akash married Rachna and then betrayed her. Rachna was in love and people are misunderstood in love, even he had misunderstanding about Bulbul and she had about him. She asks him not to take wrong decision. Suresh says he cannot hide the truth and will face the defamation today itself.

Suresh meets groom’s mother and says he wants to tell her something. Pragya comes there. Groom’s mom sees blood in her hand and asks her how did she get injured. Pragya says Rachna got injured by falling bathroom. Groom’s mom goes and checks Rachna and asks her how did she fall. Pragya says she fell on wet floor and says she knows both families spent a lot money on marriage, but Rachna’s health is more important. Groom’s mom says they can keep marriage some other day once Rachna gets well and goes to inform about marriage cancellation to her relatives.

Suresh says he will meet Akash and goes from there. Rachna says today is Akash’s engagement and Suresh will find it somehow.

Akash is very happy looking at his engagement ring and thinks he is lucky to get married to a rich girl. He thinks the ring must be of 1.5 lakhs. Abhi comes there and says it is of 18 lakhs. Akask gets happy and praises him. Abhi looks from the window and his fans shout for him. Akash says Abhi that his girlfriend has come. Abhi says he likes her as she is money minded like him. He goes to meet her.

Abhi’s aunt and her daughter are checking the jewellery gifts from bride’s family. She says her husband she is happy that her son agreed for the marriage. Her husband says they have a lot of money, then why is she so greedy. She says it is Abhi’s money and he gives them pocket money. He says he gives them surplus money. She scolds him that he does not earn and they all are dependent on Abhi.

Suresh reaches engagement venue. He tries to enter the venue, but security gaurd does not let him in. Security guard says he cannot meet Akash as he is getting engaged. Suresh says how can Akash get engaged when he is already married to his sister. Abhi’s fan there think he is cooking up story to extract money from Akash.

Abhi meets his girlfriend and says she is looking beautiful. She says even he is looking handsome. He says let us go out. She says it is his brother’s engagement and cannot go out. Kid informs Abhi that daadi is calling her. Abhi meets daadi who asks him to selected a girl among the girls here. Abhi says a girl has to agree for marriage. Daadi says any girl will agree. Suresh breaches security and gets into the house.

Pragya says Rachna Suresh cares for her a lot and cannot see her in pain. He is angry by thinking how can anybody betray his sister. He will get her rights somehow.


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