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Twist of Fate 2 March 2021 update: Tai ji telling Meera that Pragya used to make rangoli, seeing the rangoli made by Meera. She says Pragya had named the colors with the family members name. Aaliya comes and asks Meera if she does this also.

Meera says she learned on net and used to do in childhood. Aaliya asks her to do in what she is best at and shall select Rhea’s clothes and shouldn’t waste time on this. Meera feels bad. Tai ji asks Meera not to feel bad and says Aaliya said all this as she don’t want how to make rangoli. She asks her to make rangoli fast and get ready. Meera says just 5 mins. Pragya steps inside Mehra Mansion. Meera is surprised and says you are here? Pragya says she came with Sarita ji for catering. She looks at the rangoli and says it is good, like a family. Meera asks Servant to show her kitchen. Sarita behen comes and asks Pragya where to make food. Pragya says he will take us to kitchen. Meera thinks such a nice soul and thinks Dadi might be happy to meet her. Abhi and Dadi come to the temple.

Abhi thinks Dadi came to pray for Vikram and Pallavi, even though she has so much pain. Dadi prays to God and says today she has to lied because of him, and says bless Vikram and Pallavi, but listen to me also. She says Pragya is in this city and asks why did she go without meeting us. Abhi is outside and sees Prachi coming there. Prachi says she came to thank God on Sarita behen’s behalf and says she is happy and even she is happy as if she got a big job. Abhi asks her to go inside and pray.

Dadi asks God to unite Abhi and Pragya, she asks her to unite her with her grand daughter. Prachi sees her. Dadi calls her. Prachi touches her feet. Dadi blesses her and finds Pragya’s resemblance in her. Prachi says I will go. She comes to abhi and says I will meet you at the house. He asks her to come with him. Prachi says she has some work. Abhi asks her to be careful while going and says he says the same to Rhea. Prachi thinks all parents are same, caring. Sarita behen calls some men for help and tells Pragya that professional helpers were costly. Pragya asks Sarita behen, how they will do the work. Shahana comes and asks how they will do waiter’s work being vegetable guys. Pragya takes Sarita behen out and says if they do any mistake then you will have loss and not profit. Shahana says she will train them on how to Serve. Pragya asks her to cut from her payment, but not on quality. Sarita behen asks her not to less more else she will cut her pay.

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Pragya comes to her and says I know you have realized your mistake, but not accept. She says Shahana and Prachi will handle. Shahana assigns the work to the new waiters. Rhea comes and asks what are you doing here? Shahana says your dad hired us for this party. Rhea says waitress. Shahana says caterer. Rhea asks if she spread rumours that she apologized to Pragya at her house. Shahana says she said truth. Rhea threatens her and says your face is very irritating. Shahana says your threats are every entertaining. Rhea asks her to get lost. Shahana says going. Pallavi gets ready for the party and gets Vikram’s chit. She finds the necklace and wears it. Vikram comes and says I wish I would have been a necklace. He gets romantic and says I stay in your heart. Pallavi says I didn’t bring anything for you. Vikram says you have already given me two precious sons and daughter. He asks for a kiss. Ranbir comes and says I didn’t see anything. He goes. Vikram says he knows and says if Mishti sees, then its good. She asks him to go out. Vikram says happy marriage anniversary and says you are looking very beautiful today. He goes.

Ranbir is running and collides with Prachi. Prachi asks him to move back and says you made the plate fall. Ranbir says you are after me…They argue. Ranbir says you die to talk to me, but don’t tell. She asks him to keep a pet. He asks why did she come to give him football. Prachi says I came to give football. He says you wanted to come near me. She says she is a caterer. Ranbir asks her to keep away from him, when he is with girls. They argue and taunt each other.

Sarita behen feels dizzy in kitchen. Pragya asks what happened? She gives her water. Prachi comes and tells that she brought Prasad. She tells that she met Sir and his Dadi. She says you shall meet him once. Pragya says you praised him a lot, I will meet after the work. Sarita says I am not that bad, you can take coffee for him. She says if he drinks coffee then he will fall in love with you. She says it is said that love it..She asks them to do work. Prachi says you talk much. Pragya says we are working. Prachi thinks Rhea‘s father and her mother are both sweet.

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Pragya asking Servant about Mr. Mehra. She asks him to give coffee and tell that Sarita behen sent it. Servant asks her to give herself and says he has some work. Abhi is on call and ends it. He looks at his clothes and thinks what to wear. Pragya is coming to his room. Abhi sings inki pinky ponki and goes to washroom. Pragya enters his room holding the coffee cup, flask and tray. She keeps the tray and selects his suit and keeps on front. She sees ROCK written and thinks even he likes Rock. Abhi comes to room and thinks who has chosen his clothes. He sees flask and coffee cup. He opens the flask and smells coffee. He thinks Sarita ji’s coffee, what a timing? He drinks tea and says Sarita ji’s coffee. Vikram comes there. Abhi says he is drinking Sarita ji’s coffee. Vikram drinks it from Abhi’s cup and says it is good. Abhi asks him to get coffee from Sarita ji personally.

Pragya meets pallavi and says she came with Sarita ji. They have a talk. Aaliya comes down the stairs and is about to come near Pallavi to see with whom she is talking to. Just then she looks in her phone. Sarita behen calls Pragya to give something. Aaliya asks about Vikram and wishes her happy anniversary. Pragya tells her that she met a wonderful woman from caterer. Aaliya says she has important work. Pallavi asks her to meet her.
Ranbir tells Aryan that he is going to propose a girl. Aryan asks if he is proposing Prachi. Ranbir says no and tells that from this day he will be just one woman man. He says I am going to propose Rhea. His sister Mishti hears him and says so you are going to propose her, and says I will tell everyone. Ranbir says if you don’t tell anyone then I will teach you how to drive my bike. She asks him to give his bike keys as security. Ranbir tells Aryan that he is fine as he has no sister. He stops Mishti and gives her bike keys. Mishti takes the keys.

Mitali comes to Pallavi and talks about her jhumkas. She tells that Abhi gifted everyone on Rhea’s birthday. Pallavi says it is beautiful. Mitali calls Abhi and asks him to come. She asks how is it? Abhi and Vikram says beautiful. Abhi says bhabhi was talking about her jhumkas. Vikram says he can see only pallavi. Mitali says she was talking about jhumkas only. Dadi and beeji talk about their bahus. Dadi tells that her bahu used to take care of everyone and made Abhi responsible and a changed man. Abhi asks what are you doing and says today is Vikram and Pallavi’s anniversary. Mitali talks about Abhi’s love for his wife. Abhi says we will talk later. Aaliya comes and asks Vikram and Pallavi to come. Pallavi asks about Abhi’s wife and asks her to tell something about her. Abhi excuses himself and goes to get water. Aaliya asks who asked about Rhea’s mom, specially not infront of Bhai. Beeji says Dadi talked about her. Purab asks Abhi where is he going? Abhi says going to talk on phone. Purab asks him to tell him atleast. Abhi says do you know, and says this parties don’t suit me, I feel lonely and feel like something is missing. Purab says you know you are missing whom? Abhi says don’t know where is she? Purab asks if you come to know about her then what you will do. Abhi says what will I do and says I have bear everything in all these years, and says my pain will increase.

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Sarita behen looks at Pragya supervising the waiters about the do’s, and sending starters with them. She asks Prachi and Shahana to make the tables ready. She asks Prachi to get flower petals from the tempo. Prachi goes. Sarita behen says you know so much about the big house party and asks if she was big house bahu. Just then Sarita behen gets a call from someone and the guy tells that he can’t come there. Sarita behen tells Pragya that 10 kgs tomatoes are needed. Pragya asks her to send someone. Sarita behen says Prachi and Shahana have to be out. Pragya asks her to go and says she will cook, as she has arranged such parties before.

Sarita behen looks surprisingly. Pragya says I was a big house bahu and such big parties used to happen there, which she used to organize, and asks her to go fast else she will cut her pay. Sarita behen says she will come soon. Pragya makes food and climbs on the chair to get something. Allah wariyan plays….Abhi comes to the kitchen and sees her on the chair, but don’t see her face. Pragya tries to get the box.

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