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Twist of fate 29 June 2021 update: Mrs. Chaubey getting worried for Maya seeing the blood stains and tells Dushyant. Dushyant asks them to say straight where is Maya? Mrs. Chaubey finds Maya unconscious behind the sofa. Dushyant says I know Ranbir has killed her, if he don’t come infront of me then I will not leave your family, I will kill them one by one. Ranbir says I am here and comes infront of him. Dushyant tries to attack Ranbir, but Aryan holds him. Dushyant says Maya wanted to marry you and you have killed her. He says we have recording in our mobile when you said Maya that you will kill her. He says Politics is in our blood and we know how to use the recording. He says we will get sympathy and my brother will win in the elections. Pragya says so you will take advantage of her death also. Dushyant says Maya told him that Ranbir is not marrying her because of Prachi and then I made the plan of fake murder to trap Prachi, we had decided to send Maya to our village and then will bring her back after the case ends. She would have given statement that she left the city due to Ranbir’s rejection. Maya says you are from Political family, but you didn’t know that court doesn’t accept recordings. Pragya says that is not needed as Dushyant has told it all. She says Ranbir is already accused of her murder and that’s why he can’t be arrested again. Vikram says you wanted to trap Prachi and Ranbir. Dushyant says he will prove that the body was of someone else and not of Maya, whom we had brought from the morgue. He says this dead body here is of Maya, and we have voice recording of Ranbir’s confession, I will take breathe after he is hanged. Maya gets up alive shocking Bade Papa.

Mrs. Chaubey gets happy and says she is happy. Maya says you might be shock that you can’t make your brother win in the elections. Dushyant says Ranbir had killed you. Maya says he didn’t kill me. Pragya says even we can do little planning and Ranbir and Maya had acted well. Meera says Ranbir ran after Maya. Vikram says you can’t figure out real acting. Beeji says this is sauce and not blood. Aryan says we have made fake murder plan in reply to your plan. Prachi says we have done this to save someone and you have done it to trap someone. Meera says we have done this for someone, Ranbir’s loves. Ranbir says he has done this for Chief who is in lock up. Dushyant tells that they can’t lock them in lock up for even a night, as they can’t prove that dead body is not you. Ranbir says you have confessed with your mouth. Police comes there and have heard everything. Maya says she did this for Ranbir. Mrs. Chaubey slaps her for risking their relations. Maya says I love Ranbir and have responsibility towards him. Mrs. Chaubey asks if she can’t see how much Dushyant loves her and says he will go to jail because of her now. Police arrests Dushyant.

Dushyant says they are lying? Police says but you said all the truth. Vikram comes to the police station. Abhi tells him that Aaliya was crying. Vikram says Constable will come and free you. Abhi says he gave me water just now. Aaliya says he said that Maya is alive and Dushyant is arrested by the Police. Vikram asks Constable to leave Abhi. Constable leaves Abhi. Vikram, Abhi and Aaliya are in the car. Vikram tells Abhi that Prachi and her mom have exposed Dushyant. Abhi says they have saved me. Meera talks to Rhea and thinks to give her good news soon. Abhi says we are outside because of Prachi’s mom and tells that he wants to thank her personally. Meera gets happy to talking to him. Pragya says she will leave now. Ranbir asks her to meet Chief and then leave. Pallavi asks them to stay back for sometime. Sarita behen says she has to go to give thepla order to a vendor. She says he insists to marry a girl of my village, will return if we are not at home. Shahana says Mehra Sir will come soon. Pragya says we will leave.

Meera says Mr. Mehra called and said that he wants to thank you personally. Pragya says it is not needed, I will come some other time. Beeji says he will not flirt with you seeing you. Pragya reminisces Abhi and gets emotional. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..Everyone smiles when Beeji tells that Mr. Mehra flirts with her. Meera says nobody can take his wife’s place in his life. Pragya says very few people are such who don’t let time and distance affect their relation. They all ask Pragya to stop for sometime. Shahana also asks Pragya to stay back for sometime. Pragya says ok. Aryan hugs Ranbir. Ranbir asks him to keep his red gloves. Aryan gets happy and hugs him. He then gives him gloves. Aryan asks what is the reason? Ranbir says when I was in hotel, I realized you are my brother and I need you the most. Aryan says your sacrificing love was not there before. He says when Prachi arrested her, she also said that she has murdered and didn’t think about herself. She took the murder blame on herself. Ranbir says even I did the same. Aryan says that sacrificing nature is even there. Ranbir recalls her words that she will support him becoming a boat and will never let him fall. Song plays……tere bin ab na lenge dum…tujhe kitna chahne lage hum….Aryan says how Prachi has developed this feeling? Shahana teases Prachi taking Ranbir’s name. Prachi says tea will be boiled. Shahana says many more things will be boiled now. Prachi looks on.


Shahana asking Prachi to close her mouth and says her tea will boil. Shahana teases her and says many more things will be boiled. Ranbir tells Aryan that he is feeling good. Aryan says now I understand how you feel when she comes infront of you, as you get happy hearing your name. He says she has developed feelings for you. Ranbir asks really? Prachi tells that Ranbir has done this for his friendship. Shahana says it is love. Prachi says it was filmy. She says there is a difference between reel life love and real life love. She tells her idea of love and says it rains when love happens, wind increases, everything seems to be good. Shahana says I know you don’t want to tell me, that you love Ranbir very much. Prachi asks her to shut her mouth and leave from her kitchen. Shahana says your kitchen, I think you have decided the marriage date. She says you never made us drink so much good aroma tea and says Ranbir will like it. Aryan asks Ranbir to wait for tomorrow and tell that she will confess love to him. Ranbir gets happy and says he will be called baazigar. Abhi asks about Dushyant. Vikram tells that Prachi’s mum came and made everything fine. Abhi says whenever you talk about Prachi’s mum, there is positively everywhere. He says you didn’t meet Pragya, she is also like Prachi’s mum. Aaliya thinks don’t know who is she, I hope she is not like Pragya. She thinks she hates her even without seeing.

Prachi and Shahana bring the tea. Sarita behen teases Shahana. She gets a call from the customer who tells about the big order. Sarita behen says theplas will become famous. The customer asks about the village girl. Sarita behen pretends not to hear and ends the call. She tells everyone that she has to leave and asks Pragya to tell Mr. Mehra that she will meet him later. Pallavi says I will give tea to Ranbir. Beeji sends Prachi to his house. Shahana goes with Prachi. Beeji asks Pallavi to show Ranbir’s childhood pic. Pragya tells that Mr. Mehra’s gesture has touched her heart, the way he made Ranbir eloped from the police’s custody. Meer says he does such childish things. Pallavi brings the photo album and says Ranbir has more pics with his chief than with Vikram. Pragya gets emotional seeing Rhea’s pic. She turns the page, but doesn’t see Abhi’s pic with Ranbir. Prachi brings the tea for Ranbir. Aryan says you are perfect bahu…and then changes his words. Prachi asks Shahana to bring the biscuits. Ranbir thinks if she is taking care of her dewar so well then how well she will take care of me. Aryan comes to Ranbir and says now Prachi will know that you want to make her your wife, looking in your eyes. Prachi turns to Ranbir and looks at him. Tujhme khoya rahun main plays……She gives him tea. Aryan and Shahana look at them. Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. Ranbir tells prachi that he got the trophy when he won the football match. Prachi tells him that she liked the song when he sung in college. Ranbir asks if she wants to say something else. Aryan sings the song do dil mil rahe hai…chupke chupke. Shahana also sings. Prachi asks them why they both are laughing. Aryan says Shahana joked and asks them to continue talking. Prachi says we want to hear the joke also. Aryan cracks the joke and laughs. He says Shahana told this joke. Shahana says I will tell good joke next time and runs out. Ranbir tells Aryan that Shahana is his sister in law and asks him not to flirt with her.

Meera tells that Rhea was cute in her childhood. Pragya says her daughter was like Rhea in her childhood. Pallavi says who, Prachi? Pragya says my elder daughter, who is not with me, but she is with me always. Abhi and Vikram come home. Abhi rings the bell and says it seems the bell didn’t ring. Vikram taps on the switch and asks him to ring again. Abhi rings the bell. Meera gets up to open the door. Beeji asks her to sit. Vikram asks Abhi to thank Prachi’s mum. Beeji asks Pragya to open the door as Abhi wants to thank her, and says let’s see if he identifies you.

Dushyant gets bail with the help of lawyer and tells that he will take revenge from everyone, Pragya and Mehra. He says I will need you. He gets Mr. Chaubey’s call and tells that he will reach home in sometime. Dushyant says we will meet in house. Aaliya comes and asks Abhi to go and close the car door. Abhi says I have to meet Prachi’s mum and asks Vikram to go and check. Vikram says I will not go. Abhi sends Aaliya to close the door.

Mr. Chaubey apologizes to Dushyant on Maya’s behalf. Dushyant scolds Maya and says she would have thought about your political career. Maya says I care for bade papa very much, but I wanted to help Ranbir whom I loved a lot. She says you said bad thing about Ranbir and I have to do this. Mrs. Chaubey says what to do with the alliance. Mr. Chaubey says marriage will not happen now, let it break. Dushyant says when we tried to send her to village, she helped Ranbir ignoring us. He says I have understood that Maya loves him truly and says she will marry Ranbir only. Maya gets happy and comes to Dushyant. Dushyant says I have to meet Aaliya who asked you to commit suicide and secondly, Prachi’s mum because of whom, I was in the lock up for the first time. Pragya is coming towards the door to open it. Allah Wariyan plays…..Abhi waits for someone to open the door. She opens the door and looks on.

Pragya walking towards the door to open it. Allah wariyan plays…Abhi is waiting outside for the door to open. Pragya opens the door and looks on. Aaliya tries to close the car door and thinks why it is not opening. Sarita behen thinks the order shall be liked by the 5 star hotel management. She feels dizzy and thinks where is her medicines? Pragya sees Vikram. Vikram asks her to come inside. Beeji asks where is your friend? Vikram says he is coming. Meera says Prachi’s mum wants to meet him. Pragya says she is waiting to meet him. Vikram says he went to check the car door. Aaliya thinks the door is jammed. Abhi comes there and asks what happened? Aaliya says door is not closing. Abhi says this car listens to me only and closes the door, but the car decky opens. He tries to close it. Pragya opens the album, but just then she gets Sarita behen’s call asking her about her medicines. Pragya asks her not to worry and says I will be coming there. She tells Beeji that she has to leave and tell Mr. Mehra that she will meet him later. She comes outside, but doesn’t see Abhi and Aaliya. They also don’t see her. Abhi senses her presence and looks at her, as she leaves in taxi. Sarita behen calls Pallavi. Pallavi says Pragya left and didn’t meet Mr. Mehra also. Sarita behen says she would have met Mr. Mehra atleast. Abhi comes inside and asks where is Prachi’s mother. Pallavi says she left and gives call to Sarita behen. Sarita behen talks to Abhi and tells that she called her for medicines, but Prachi’s mother felt she is unwell and that’s why rushed out from there. Abhi asks her to be fine for him and they will go on a date. Sarita behen asks him to fix date and tells that she will send Prachi’s mum on a date with him. She asks about his favorite color? Abhi says red. Sarita behen says love color is red and blesses him. Prachi tells that my mother gets worried if something happens to Sarita behen. Abhi says Sarita behen is fine and planning to send your mum and me on date.

Just then Maya comes there with Dushyant, Mr. Chaubey and his wife. Dushyant asks them not to punish Maya for their misdeeds. Mr. Chaubey says my brother is apologizing to you. Dushyant asks them not to separate Maya and Ranbir. Mrs. Chaubey says our Maya loves Ranbir, if this marriage doesn’t happen then her heart will break. Dushyant says whatever she did was on our sayings. She didn’t care for us and stood by Ranbir. Pallavi says this marriage can’t happen. Mrs. Chaubey says Maya will take care of Ranbir and you all. Pallavi says this marriage can’t happen. Mrs. Chaubey tells that they have no choice as Dushyant’s men is staying outside with fire torches and will set their house on fire. She says Police will think their death as an accident and will close the case. She threatens Pallavi and asks her not to tell anyone. Vikram asks them to go. Pallavi tells that this marriage will happen. Vikram says marriage will not happen. Pallavi argues with him and tells that she is his mother and will decide. Ranbir asks what is she saying? Maya thanks Pallavi. Mr. Chaubey says Maya’s shopping is over, but Ranbir’s shopping is left. They ask her to come to shopping mall with them. Mrs. Chaubey asks Pallavi to come with her. Pallavi asks Beeji, Prachi and Ranbir to come with them. They come to the shopping mall.

Mrs. Chaubey asks her to buy whatever she likes. She goes to check Dushyant and Mr. Chaubey. Ranbir asks what did you do? I don’t want to marry. Beeji asks her to say. Prachi says you don’t want this marriage to happen, then why did you do this? Pallavi says I did this to save you all. She says Maya loves Ranbir so much and that’s why she has convinced her family for marriage, they came to apologize to her for her. Prachi asks what they would have done to us? Pallavi says Mrs. Chaubey told her that Dushyant’s men was standing outside with fire torches and was about to burn our house. Beeji blames Ranbir for her looks. Prachi says she doesn’t love Ranbir truly and says she was having (an affair)…Ranbir says Maya’s family will not be quiet until she herself calls it quits. Pallavi asks Beeji to shop whatever she wants, until they return.

Prachi tells Ranbir that Maya loves Rahul, says they will act to love each other until Maya gets jealous and leaves from his life. Ranbir says I thought we will continue our love even after Maya leaves. Mr. Chaubey says Maya did this drama as she thought Prachi loves Ranbir. Maya says she don’t want to hear this and goes to talk to Ranbir. Mr. Chaubey spots the salesgirl in the mall and thinks this is the same salesgirl who had fought with Maya. He asks his guards to kill the girl. They go behind the salesgirl to kill her.

Dushyant comes to meet Aaliya and says he forgot to talk to her yesterday. He says matter is something urgent. Aaliya says there is nobody at home. Dushyant says it is good then. He gets inside and asks her to close the door. Aaliya asks him to get out and asks him to talk to her infront of all family members. She says I am not Pallavi or Kohli family member. She asks him to leave, else she will give such a reaction then he can’t react. Ranbir asks Prachi to see that Maya is coming. Prachi tells Ranbir that Maya is mad to think that they don’t love each other, but we love each other. Ranbir says yes we do. Maya comes there and asks Ranbir to come with her.


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