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twist of fate
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Twist of fate 17 August 2021 update: Abhi asking Pragya not to compare Meera with Tanu and tells that she is sweet and nice, takes good care of Rhea and respects me. He says she is not a gold digger like Tanu and asks her not to say all those things for her. Pragya asks then tell me the reason for your decision to marry her. She asks do you love her, or do you hold me responsible for your decision? She says you can never change. Abhi says yes, I am marrying Meera because of you. Pragya is about to leave. Abhi asks her to listen and tells that if she had showed some love to Rhea, then this thing wouldn’t have happened. Pragya says it is enough. Abhi says you have broken her heart, she used to love you and you have filed FIR against her. Pragya says I didn’t do anything.

She says I didn’t file the FIR, but you have the habit to accuse me. Abhi says I am not accusing you and telling you fact. Pragya says fact is that a mother has sent her daughter to lock up. Abhi says fact is that Inspector told me that you have filed the complaint and that Prachi was attacked two times, first on Dussera day and also with truck. He says only we both knew about this and asks how did the Inspector know? Pragya says I am seeing that you are doubtful on me. He says if you haven’t filed the complaint then you would have taken it back. He asks why you didn’t take Prachi to the PS. Pragya says I had gone home to take Prachi to the PS. Abhi says I had done whatever I want to and got my daughter freed from the PS. Pragya says your daughter? Abhi says yes, my daughter. Sarita behen lights the diya and asks God to clear all their misunderstandings. Shahana tells Sarita behen that Rhea hates Prachi and now Maasi, she will not let Mr. Mehra and Maasi unite. She asks did Mr. Mehra call Prachi once? She says Maasi is getting mad for Rhea, why he is not caring for Prachi? She says she never saw them unhappy in Hoshiarpur, but since they came here, they have faced many turmoils. Sarita behen hugs her and pacifies her. Shahana asks her to talk to God for their happiness.

Pragya asks him not to say that, else she will not forgive him. He says if Prachi is your daughter then then Rhea is my daughter. He says you would have taught Prachi how to talk to Rhea, she called her inauspicious etc. Pragya says I told Prachi not to say anything to Rhea and says she might have got angry as Rhea told me so much. Abhi says Aaliya is right that you just love Prachi and says it would have been good if you have given birth to just Prachi. He says you didn’t return for your ego and left Rhea twice. Pragya says if he is done, and says I don’t have time for anything now. Abhi says I have to invite you for my engagement. Pragya asks when? Abhi says day after tomorrow. She says I am happy to see you get rid of me. He says that’s why called her. He says Aaliya asked him to marry. Rhea asked him to get a mother for her, and says Meera has taken care of Rhea since 20 years. Pragya says I am happy for you and will celebrate more than the two of you. She is leaving from there and collides with the table, falls down. Abhi gets concerned, but stops. Pragya leaves from there and thinks of his words. He also leaves from there and thinks of Pragya. He imagines Pragya coming to him and hugging him. Halla Halla plays…….

Pragya also imagines Abhi coming to her running and hugging her. Halla Halla song plays….She gets shattered and cries sitting on the road.

Mitali comes to Aaliya and asks do you think that Abhi has gone to meet Pragya. Aaliya says ofcourse. She says he might refuse to marry Meera. Mitali says he can’t refuse for Rhea. Aaliya says Pragya knows to play emotional drama with him and tells that Meera doesn’t have the spark like Tanu, and is very straight. She says she can’t talk to her straight away. She says I think to jump down from the balcony. Mitali says no. Aaliya asks her to go, so that she can think of counter attack on Pragya.

Pallavi is getting discharged from the hospital and tells Beeji that Vikram is settling the bills. Ranbir comes to Pallavi. Pallavi kisses him and says I don’t need to take any permisision from anyone to kiss my son. He then thanks Doctor for treating his mom. Doctor says she will be fine, but you shall not give her any tension. Vikram says she gives me tension and not I. Doctor says joke was good, but you have to do as she says. Pallavi signs them to go. Ranbir says lets go home.

Shahana asks Prachi if she thinks that Mr. Mehra will go against Rhea for Maasi and you. Prachi says I am his daughter too and says he ran to get the first aid box. She says Maa has gone to meet him. Sarita behen gets a call and scolds the guy. She says I will come tomorrow and get chain and pendant tomorrow. She tells Shahana that they will go to the jeweller and take chain and pendant.

Pragya returns home. Sarita behen asks what happened? Pragya says nothing. Sarita behen asks again. Pragya shouts at her and says sorry.

Pallavi tells that she is very happy. Beeji says you said this four times. Pallavi says I am happy to unite with my family. Aryan comes there. Pallavi pulls his ears and asks why you didn’t come. Aryan says he had gone out on Diwali night. Vikram asks him to swear on Ranbir that he is not lying. Aryan says I was drunk and that’s why slept all day. Ranbir says mummy must be tired, so she shall sleep. Pallavi calls Ranbir to her and asks for a good night kiss. Ranbir kisses on her forehead and says good night. Aryan tells Beeji that Ranbir is very stressed about his Mom. Beeji says he is very stressed about many things.

Mitali comes to Aaliya and says Abhi returned home and has called all family members. Aaliya says Pragya might have done the magic and he will refuse to marry Meera now. Mitali asks her to do something. Aaliya says now there is nothing in our hands, as he didn’t announce his decision to marry Meera. Mitali asks why are you scared? Aaliya says my fear can be gone, if Pragya didn’t play her game.

Abhi thinks of Pragya, waiting for all his family members. Mitali calls everyone and tells Abhi. Abhi asks Meera, if she has decided and asks if she will give love to Rhea, which a mother haven’t given her. Meera says I agree. Dadi comes there and says I was waiting for you. She says they said that you agreed to marry Meera. Abhi asks Meera if she has any second thoughts. Meera says no. Abhi says ok. Dadi says really? Abhi says engagement will be day after tomorrow and marriage will be after a week. Tai ji says how everything will be managed in such a short time? Mitali asks her to be quiet. Dadi asks him to rethink. Abhi says I have decided and should have married long back. He asks Aaliya to get the cards printed and says I want to give the first card to Pragya. Dadi asks him to rethink again. Aaliya signs Raj.

Aryan asking Ranbir if it is Prachi’s matter and tells that the smile on your face when you take Prachi’s name is missing. He says you didn’t take Prachi’s name since half an hour and asks what is he hiding from him? He asks him to tell as he regards him as his brother. He looks at Ranbir’s engagement ring and says it is for your half engagement. Ranbir cries and says that they have promised for life, but mom asked him in ICU to stay away from Prachi and marry Rhea. He says I have promised her and tells that Doctor told that he has to agree to his mom’s sayings else she will get a heart attack. He says I told you that I will get Prachi at any cost, and I didn’t know that my mom is that cost. He says I will not be a good lover, but will be a good son now. I will marry Rhea or anyone for my mom’s happiness.

Shahana cries and says I never saw Maasi so much tensed. She says Maasi didn’t reply anything and tells that Mr. Mehra might have told her something. Prachi says Papa will not do anything and asks Sarita behen. Sarita behen says they might have met, but not as husband and wife, but as parents, they might have fought due to Rhea. She says Pragya might have thought that whatever you have done is your helplessness, as she knows that you can’t do mistake. She says Mr. Mehra might thought of Rhea’s mistakes as her childishness, so they might have argued about this. Shahana asks how did you know? Sarita behen says it is her assumption. Prachi asks when everything will be fine? Sarita behen says very soon.

Mitali asks Raj, if he will have food here or in room. He says in room. Mitali says she is happy as Pragya’s no entry board is set. Raj says nothing is happening on its own. Aaliya is doing this, she is brain washing Rhea and made Abhi agree for marriage. He says marriage will not stop as Abhi is not marrying Meera for Rhea, but due to….Mitali asks ego.

Abhi cries in his room. Dadi comes to him and asks why are you doing this? She asks did you have any argument between Pragya and you? Abhi says no. Dadi says you might have some helplessness to agree and asks him to say that he don’t want to marry Meera. She says when things go out of control, then you shall leave everything on God and keep your head on mother’s lap. Abhi keeps his head on Dadi’s lap. Pragya recalls Abhi and her moments and cries. Abhi cries too. He asks her to go and rest, says I will sleep. Dadi asks him to take care and goes. Pragya recalls Abhi talking about Meera and cries. She sleeps. Abhi also sleeps.

Beeji comes to Pallavi and says she wants her smile. She says Vikram said that you are tensed and asks why? Pallavi says yesterday she came to know that Prachi and Rhea are sisters. Vikram comes and says you shall not have any objection for Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage. Pallavi says she is still against Prachi and says she fears that Abhi might get Ranbir and Prachi married. She says she don’t want that girl to snatch Ranbir from her, as so many things happened because of her. She says she can’t bear to see Ranbir going away from her and says we will go to Abhi’s house for breakfast. Beeji asks Vikram to stop her. Vikram tells Pallavi that they shall eat food at this place as Doctor asked her not to have few things. Pallavi says she wants to go there and fix Ranbir and Rhea’s roka, before anyone thinks of Ranbir and Prachi. She goes.

Sarita behen and Shahana ask Pragya if she has to go somewhere? Pragya says no. Sarita behen asks her to come and says she will tell on the way. Pallavi comes to Abhi’s house and talks to Meera. Beeji asks Dadi what happened? Dadi is about to say, but Aaliya diverts the topic and asks Ranbir, how is he? Pallavi says everything will be fine as she came to talk about Ranbir and Rhea’s alliance. Meera asks surprisingly? Raj says Vikram’s head will be high. Aaliya says Bhai wants them to marry soon. Pallavi says we will do roka tomorrow. Aaliya says we have to ask Rhea’s mom and asks Meera, if she agrees for Rhea and Ranbir’s alliance. Meera says she has no objection. Aaliya tells that they have to postpone Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage and as tomorrow is Abhi and Meera’s engagement. Vikram asks what are you saying? Aaliya says Bhai and Pragya are separated since 20 years, now she is living in Sarita behen’s house. She says Bhai wants to move on with Meera. Pallavi thinks if this is the matter then Abhi will not agree for Prachi and Ranbir’s relation. She thinks she has to fix Rhea and Ranbir’s alliance today for sure.

Rhea comes to Abhi and brings coffee. She hugs him and says she came to surprise him. She hugs him and says I am lucky to see my mom and dad’s marriage. She says she is very excited and happy. Abhi asks if she is happy? Rhea says now she will tell Prachi that she has mom now. She gives him coffee and asks him to drink. She says I have to go on a shopping for my new mom. Abhi says ok. Rhea asks him to ask Meera to come with them. Abhi says bye. He looks at Pragya’s pic and gets sad.

Rhea looks at Ranbir and comes downstairs. She greets everyone. Aaliya says there is good news for you. Rhea asks did you tell them about Dad and Meera. Pallavi says it is a good thing that your dad’s bride is Meera. Abhi comes there. Pallavi greets him and teases him. She says I came to settle the scores with you and says our good news will get confirm when you give green signal. She says she came to ask for Rhea’s hand for her son Ranbir. Rhea gets happy. Abhi looks on emotional and recalls Rhea loving him. He smiles and asks her to take Rhea fully. He hugs Vikram and says you have become my relative now. Pallavi asks Rhea if she likes Ranbir. Rhea says yes and asks do he likes me? Ranbir thinks of Prachi sadly.


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  • No offense this film is really annoying like tf something bad must always happen I’m used to it in the sense that if they are happy i know it won’t last long

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