Twist of Fate 16 March 2021 update: Pragya asking Prachi not to worry and says I will return and take you back. Prachi cries and asks her not to kill CM. Pallavi tells Beeji that she didn’t have juice since morning. Ranbir asks them if they saw Prachi.

Beeji asks why are you searching her. He thinks Prachi switched off the light and the blame will come on him. She asks why? He gives them kiss and go. Beeji asks Pallavi to keep an eye on Ranbir and says may be they are in love. Pallavi says they work together in office. Vikram talks about business. Abhi recalls hearing about someone wants to kill CM, save her and thinks who told this. Vikram and Purab talk about their brand and profit. Abhi says if CM is killed then who will be benefitted. Mitali is talking to a guests. Disha asks her team to ask positive questions from CM. Mitali sees her and says you are looking good. She says I am meeting you after many years and says she is feeling good. Disha hugs her and says she was in Mumbai and came to Delhi for work. Mitali asks did you know about Abhi’s event. Disha says yes and says she works for CM also as her PR manager. Mitali gets happy and asks did you meet Purab. She says I know that family will be here and says you are the first one whom I met. Mitali says I will ask Purab to meet you. Disha says no and asks did you meet Pragya? Mitali says she didn’t meet Pragya. Disha says I miss her so much and tells that she has work and goes with teary eyes. Mitali also gets tears in her eyes.

Pragya and CM are going together. Pragya asks her to go first. CM asks her to go and then says we will go together. She recalls the lady telling that they have to kill her today. Pragya coughs. CM asks the lady (Moha) to bring water for her. Moha goes. Pragya is about to tell her, but Rohit comes and gives them water. He calls Someone and asks to kill Prachi when he gives the miss calls. Aaliya sees Disha and calls security, says she will change the security. Disha asks her to change her nature. Aaliya says it is about standard and class which you wouldn’t understand and calls her lower middle class. She asks her to do a favor and asks her not to come where I am there. Disha smiles and asks why you don’t want to see me infront of you and asks if she is afraid or feeling guilty. Aaliya says Mrs. Aaliya Purab Khanna don’t feel guilty, but you are feeling regretful. Disha says someone snatched from me and says I don’t think how someone snatched others’ things. She says you haven’t changed, but I have changed and will not bear anything now. Aaliya says meet me some other time, then we will talk. Disha asks her to tell the time and place.


Pragya asks Rohit to leave her daughter. Rohit says we will kill her if you don’t kill CM. Pragya says if I kill you first. Rohit asks her to think about her daughter and asks who is CM for you, don’t become your daughter’s enemy. Pragya cries. Abhi hears someone crying and looks around. Rohit hides with Pragya. He asks her to do just as I said. He asks her to do the work without any argument. Ranbir thinks Prachi wants Abhi to scold him. He asks Dadi if she saw Prachi. Dadi says many times, but I don’t know where is she right now. Ranbir says joke was good, but timing was wrong.

He sees Sudhir and asks him about Prachi’s mum. Sudhir says I don’t know now. Ranbir says it is strange. Sudhir gets sweating and asks Commando to keep eye on him. Commando says I have seen him. Abhi is still thinking and says if CM dies then Rohit will become CM. He sees Rohit talking to Commandos and calls him. Rohit asks Commandos to handle him and go. Sudhir comes to Abhi. Abhi confronts Sudhir for trying to kill CM. Sudhir says I didn’t aim gun at her and signs Commandos. Commandos hold him while other commandos make him smell chloroform. Rohit thinks Abhi might be doubtful on him, so he thinks to hurt himself a bit. A guard tells something to him. He thinks Sudhir must be giving VIP treatment to Abhi. Sudhir and the commandos are taking Abhi with them. He sees Aaliya and asks guards to hide. Aaliya turns her face. Sudhir and the commandos are about to take Abhi, when Aaliya stops him and asks who is he? Sudhir says he is my brother and drunk much. Aaliya asks for his number. He feeds number in her mobile.

Prachi sees Sudhir bringing Abhi there. She asks them to leave Sir and asks him to open his eyes. She asks what did you do with them. They tie Abhi to chair. Abhi gains consciousness and asks them to leave his daughter? Sudhir says your daughter? Abhi says she is like my daughter. Sudhir says what is happening, and says you are ready to die for her and asks if there is any heart connection. He says Prachi’s mum was not ready to kill CM until we kidnap her daughter. Abhi asks what did you do with her mum. Sudhir says we asked her to kill CM. Rohit comes there and greets Abhi. Abhi asks why you want to kill her who regard you as your brother. He says when she was making you CM then why you want to kill her. Rohit says now I don’t have to feign fake smile. Abhi hits him with his head.

Rohit telling Abhi that he is very clever. Abhi hits his head on his head. Rohit says I am not Pahelwan, but Neta. He asks him to become Neta. Abhi says you did good acting and asks him to join nautanki. He says I know you can’t harm me else someone will come here. They are taking Prachi to other room. Prachi says sir, they have taken my Maa. Abhi says I will not let anything happen to you or your mum. Ranbir searches for Prachi and searches her. Prachi prays for her mum and Abhi. Ranbir calls her. Prachi thinks she has to leave from here and save Maa. Commando stops Ranbir and says this is restricted area. Ranbir says today he will play Prachi’s band and divert his attention and hides. Commando searches him. He calls Prachi. Prachi hears him and calls his name. Ranbir thinks she wants to fight with him and takes the vase in his hand. Other commando comes to Prachi and keeps hand on her mouth. Ranbir comes there and sees commando keeping her captive. He gets shocked and is about to hit commando with the vase, other commando comes there and hits him on his head. Prachi is shocked to see him unconscious. Commando asks other to tie him.

Rohit tells Pragya that she shall aim from here when CM is giving speech. She asks her to take out her gun and shoot and says this is your last chance. He says we will act as shooting and act to save CM. Pragya is tensed and looks at the notepad and pen. She goes there and makes the notepad and the pen fall. She sits on the chair and tells Rohit that she is feeling weakness and needs lemon water and says there is no food here. Rohit says you are throwing tantrums, you have to just shoot her. He calls waiter. Pragya says I have to hide the gun and throws the gun under the table. Rohit asks what did you do? Pragya says she will take it out and goes under the table. She writes the message to CM. Rohit calls the lady and asks her to keep eye on Pragya till he brings CM speech file. The lady looks down under the table. Pragya gets outside.


Rohit looks at the speech file and says I will tell People that Vasudha didn’t die, but is alive in our memories and made me CM of Delhi, taught me Politics. Sudhir comes there with commandos and tells Rohit that Vikram’s son comes to know about their plan. Rohit asks him to kill all the captive family. Waiter brings food for Pragya. Pragya says don’t know when CM will give speech and says you must be tired of working all day. Waiter says CM is good and got my sister married, I can give my life for her. Pragya thinks this waiter seems to be good and keeps the message paper. Moha takes Pragya with her. The party worker asks Moha to make them meet CM. Moha says after sometime. Pragya thinks she has to keep the letter herself in the file and takes back the paper. Rohit gives the file to CM and says this is her heart sound which she wants to convey. He requests her to let him say a few words before she gives her speech. He praises her and gives the credit to her for her work in delhi. He requests them to welcome Vasudha with claps. Pragya thinks he is acting and is a liar so that nobody doubts when anything happens to CM. CM says I want to ask you something before reading the speech. She says what is CM and says it is people love and party’s thinking. She says everyone shall be appreciated who helped me in making the party. She asks them to come. Moha asks Pragya to come with her. File falls down from CM’s hand. Pragya picks the papers and keeps the letter in the file. Rohit asks her to do the work.

Prachi asks Ranbir to open his eyes. He is also tied on to the other chair. He gains consciousness and asks her to open his hands. He asks why am I tied? Prachi says the goons have tied us both and asks how to free your hands. Ranbir says I am trapped because of you. Prachi says you came here with flower vase to save me. He says I came to hit you and blames her for compromising with the lights to get him insulted infront of Abhi. She says she didn’t do. He shouts. Prachi asks him to calm down and says you don’t have any idea and tells that CM is about to get killed. Ranbir is shocked. Prachi says CM’s own people, secretary and commandos want to kill her. She says they have blackmailed my mum to kill her else they will kill me. They have targeted my mum. She says they have kept Mr. Mehra captive in some room so that he don’t spoil their plan. She says you have no idea that we are badly trapped. She says if CM gets kidnapped then we will be caught. Ranbir says we will be killed and not caught. He says they will kill us, just as your mum killed CM. Prachi says they will not do this. Ranbir says they will not leave us as we know them and will complain in police. They have chosen your mum for assassination so that they want to be saved. Prachi says what to do now. Ranbir says they must be in the hall where CM is about to give speech and tells that they shall free each other and open the ropes somehow.

Abhi tries to break the chair on which he is tied, but couldn’t free himself. He sees the glass piece kept nearby. Pragya is standing infront of CM. Abhi manages to take the glass piece. Moha is standing behind Pragya. CM’s papers fall down again. Rohit picks it up. Pragya gets tensed.


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