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Twist of Fate 16 February 2021 update: Disha telling Abhi and Pragya that they shall separate for the kids betterment. Pragya says she will go with both daughters. Abhi says I will not let them.

Disha asks them to decide if they want to stay lovingly or separate. Purab asks if this is written in their destiny that they have to live separately. Disha says they will meet when grown up, but now there is no solution. Pragya sits and cries looking at her daughters. Judaai song plays….She takes one of the baby and hugs her. Abhi takes another baby. Pragya says sorry to the baby which Abhi is holding. Chadariya song plays…Abhi kisses baby which Pragya is holding. Chadariya song plays….Abhi asks Pragya not to return again, and says there is nobody of your own. Pragya says I will not come and will remember that you have separated the twin sisters, and says neither me nor my daughter will come in this city or house. Sad song plays…..Pragya hugs her daughter and walks out of house. Abhi goes to room. Judaai song plays…..

Pragya walks on the road hugging her daughter and says I wanted to take your sister with you, but. Baby starts crying. Pragya says I am with you and will not let you separate from me, nobody will make me separate from you. She is about to get hit by the bike and gets saved by the nurse. Nurse asks where is she going with the small baby. Pragya says she is going. Abhi talks to his daughter and says he will not let Pragya’s reflection fall on her again. Pragya tells the same thing to her daughter.

After 20 years:

Dadi, Mitali and Tai ji are doing puja. Dadi says she was woken up and asks if she wake up early. She says we does puja to calm down her mind. Rhea is seen breaking the glasses. Abhi asks someone to handle her. Aaliya asks Meera to handle her. Mitali says Rhea is angry. Meera says she listens to me, as I hear her. Servant says Rhea has locked herself in the cupboard. Meera asks her to come out. Rhea says she is upset. Dadi says she is stubborn like Abhi.


Pragya calls Pragya after coming home. Nurse who helped her deliver the babies is with her, whom Pragya calls her Beeji. Beeji says she will ask me later after searching the house and says she didn’t come yet from college. Pragya says why she didn’t come and says she brought halwa puri for her. Beeji says you goes to college to teach, and says she might be stuck with someone’s matters and asks from where she got these values. Prachi is seen taking out the coin from the drain which belongs to a beggar. Everyone looks at her as she washes the coin and gives to the beggar. love you zindagi plays….beggar woman blesses her. Prachi holds her friend’s hand and starts walking. She helps a woman in pulling the stuck cart. Woman bleses her and says this cart gets stuck here daily. Prachi says you should have come by other place. Woman says if I come by other place then will not see you. Friend asks how many blessings you will collect. Prachi says she wants more. Meera knocks inside the dressing room and find Rhea sitting in the cupboard. Rhea says my life is over as I don’t have sandals. Mitali says nobody have as many sandals as you. Rhea says she needs peach sandals. Mitali says this is peach. Rhea says this is baby peach. Meera says I will get matching sandals for you. Mitali takes out the thread from the glass. Rhea shouts. Meera says what you have done and tells that she will message driver and asks her to listen to music till then.

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Prachi repairs the sandal which has broken just now. Her friend asks her to buy, but she says she has another one at home. Friend says it is more older than this. A goon tells the other that bhabhi came. The goon teases Prachi and scolds her friend. He offers to drop her home. Prachi goes from there. Friend asks why is he scared of him. Prachi says Maa taught me not to talk to such people. Friend Saana says I will reply to him. Prachi says you will not do anything and asks her not to tell Maa. Friend says God shall not give such sister. Prachi says we are cousins. They come home. Prachi comes home and hugs Pragya. Pragya asks what happened? Prachi says nothing. Saana says she got emotional seeing halwa puri. Pragya asks why she came late? Saana says actually when we were coming home…Saana says she made me eat something. She tells that Prachi teaches me and become topper. Beeji asks her to teach someone. Saana says she has no younger sisters. Pragya recalls Prachi’s younger’s sister.

Shahana telling Pragya and Beeji that Prachi teaches her and others all day and becomes topper. Beeji asks Shahana to teach someone and become topper herself. Shahana says no and says she don’t have a younger sister. She says Prachi is enough. She takes her to side and asks her not to give promise again else she will break. Prachi asks how she will break their relation. Beeji plays chess alone and says she has won. Pragya says you are playing alone. Prachi asks Pragya to have haldi/turmeric milk and says you were coughing last night. Pragya says nothing happened to me, and asks why to drink. Prachi says she will count till 5. Beeji asks her to drink haldi milk or get scolded by Prachi. Prachi asks if she was not coughing last night. Beeji says yes and tells Pragya even you might have made your mum drink turmeric milk. Pragya reminisces Sarla and recalls making her have turmeric milk. Fb ends. Pragya drinks turmeric milk. She hugs Prachi and Shahana. Beeji also hugs them. Pragya opens the window to have some fresh air.

Abhi is sitting at Rhea’s bed side and thinks who has opened the window. He closes the window saying mosquitoes will come. Pragya looks out of the window and then looks at Prachi who is sleeping. Abhi opens the window and looks out, then looks at Rhea. He hopes his elder daughter is fine and hopes to see her. Pragya also wishes to see her younger daughter and wishes to hug her. Beeji and Pragya talk about their past. Pragya says who knows that our small meeting will make our relation and says my daughter calls you Dadi and your grand daughter calls me Maasi. She goes. Prachi wakes up. Beeji asks if she didn’t sleep. Prachi says she pretend to sleep so that Maa goes to sleep. She says how can I see a dream when my Maa is thinking about her past. She says I know a little about Papa, whatever you had told me, Maa never told me anything. Beeji says she will come when the right time comes.

Shahana comes and tells that they got scholarship to study in Delhi’s top most college and tells that only they got it. Prachi gets excited and tells Pragya. Pragya is shocked hearing Delhi. She scolds Prachi for applying for scholarship without asking her. Shahana says she has applied for both. Pragya says nobody will go to Delhi and gets teary eyes. Later she thinks of Abhi asking her not to return to Delhi and Pragya telling that they will not come to Delhi again. Prachi comes to Pragya and says I will not go leaving you and promises her. She says I will stay with you even after marriage, and asks her not to cry.

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In the morning, Prachi asks Pragya if she is not going to NGO. Pragya says I go there to teach students. Prachi gives her tiffin. Just then Rohit gill comes there and says he is MLA’s Gajraj gill’s son. Pragya says elections…? Rohit says I didn’t come to ask vote or charity and says I came here to ask your daughter’s hand. Pragya looks on. Rohit says he is educated, handsome etc and says you will not get such a guy for your daughter. Pragya asks Prachi, if she knows him. Prachi nods no. Pragya tells Rohit, you would have brought your family. Rohit’s friends say that they are family. They say Pandit is ready. Prachi tells Pragya that he is teasing her since three days. Pragya says it is good that you came here, else your father’s image must be tarnished. She tells Prachi that she taught her not to throw stone on the muddy water. She asks her to face the situation and answer him. Rohit says I brought bangles. Prachi slaps him. Rohit asks what is it? Pragya says this is the answer and tells that she will complain to his Chachi in the NGO etc. Gill gets angry and is about to raise his hand on Pragya, but Beeji twists his hand and asks him to apologize to Pragya. Shahana asks him to go. Rohit says this answer will prove costly to you. Prachi hugs Pragya. Pragya says you have to face the problem and says you are brave girl. Shahana says I am also brave. Beeji says you brought mirchi powder, if it had gone in your eyes then, calls her foolish. Beeji asks Pragya why she don’t want to send them to Delhi. Shahana asks what Maasi will do now. Pragya goes to kitchen. Beeji comes to her. Pragya says I know why you are looking at me and says she has past related to Delhi. Beeji says as Abhi stays in Delhi. She asks her to forget everything and asks why you are halting Prachi’s future. She asks her to let Prachi go to Delhi.

Beeji asking Pragya to let Prachi go to Delhi and asks her not to bind her due to her past. Pragya goes to room and takes out Prachi’s clothes. Prachi asks what are you doing? Pragya tells that Beeji is right and tells that her past will not affect her future and says you will go to Delhi. Shahana says she will call Chachi and tell her that she is returning. Pragya asks Prachi to study well. Beeji asks her to tell Delhi people that they are from hosiarpur and asks them not to do any cleverness. Aaliya shows a singer’s pic to Abhi. Abhi says his voice is not touching heart and says a singer’s voice shall touch hearts. Dadi says he stopped singing and doesn’t like others singing. She says he has opened a music company with Vikram for the new talent. A lady tells that the folk sister who was introduced three years back is a superstar now. Abhi says your son Ranbir is a superstar. Aaliya tells Abhi that he is getting an award. Vikram comes and shows the award function details. His beeji comes and tells Abhi that he should have made Vikram as lawyer’s assistant and prays that he gets all the award. Abhi thanks Vikram and gives half credit to him for investing money. Vikram says Abhi chooses the talent. Vikram’s wife tells that this company is of both. Aaliya asks abhi not to refuse the award. Vikram’s wife says you truly deserve. Rhea comes and says nobody is asking me, and tells that Dad’s company runs because of her lucky charm. He asks what do you want? She says you are my award. Abhi says if your mum had taken you from me that day and gets emotional. Aaliya tries to comfort him. Rhea hugs Abhi. Abhi says Rhea is my life.

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Prachi and Shahana get on the bus for Delhi. Shahana asks her to start studying after reaching there. Prachi says my day used to start with maa and gets teary eyes. Shahana says you both are strange. A fb is shown, Pragya searches for the medicine pouch before they leave, and thinks where is it? Beeji asks her not to get upset. Pragya says who will take care of her. Prachi kisses on her forehead. Pragya kisses on her forehead. Prachi says medicine pouch is in Shahana’s bag. She says she will miss her. Prachi says wherever I go, I will be incomplete. Pragya is waiting for Prachi’s call and tells Beeji that she shall call and tell that she reached safely. Beeji says you are saying as if Abhi is sitting there and kidnap her. She then says Abhi and the destiny must have forgotten Prachi by now.

Prachi and Shahana land in Delhi. Prachi thinks she can’t forget the past and thinks because of her father, her mum cried all life and thinks her father left her mum. Prachi and Shahana are on the road, when the address paper fall down. They run after the paper. Abhi is talking to Rhea on call and asks her to come when he receives the award. Rhea says she will come surely. Paper falls infront of Abhi’s car. Prachi tries to pick it. Abhi is about to hit Prachi, but handles his car. He stops his car. Pragya senses something and calls Prachi. Beeji asks what happened? Pragya says Prachi is in some problem. Beeji says you are worried as you have sent kids alone for the first time. Pragya says she can sense that Prachi was in trouble, but now save. She calls her, but the phone is unreachable. Abhi stops his car. Shahana asks Prachi if she is fine. Abhi comes to Prachi and asks what I would have replied to your parents if something had happened to you. Shahana turns to Abhi. Abhi turns and goes towards his car. He gets something and tells stupid girl. Rhea asks if he is telling her. Abhi says no, you are my daughter. Prachi looks at him. Abhi also looks at her. kyunki tum dhadkan main dil plays……

Abhi says I am talking to my daughter and asks her to wait. He takes out ear phones and asks if she was trying to commit suicide. Prachi nods no. Abhi asks her to be careful next time and be save. Prachi smiles and says thank you sir. Someone asks Abhi to move the car. Abhi asks Prachi to hold on and then asks her to go. He comes to his car and sits. He looks at Prachi in the mirror. Prachi thinks you said right and feels thankful to him for saving her. Shahana says he was scolding as if you are his daughter. Prachi says he can’t be my father and says he left me when I was born. Shahana says lets go and search the paper. Abhi talks to Rhea and tells that he has saved a girl. Rhea says she is reaching college. Prachi and Shahana come back to the bus stand and find a man taking their stuff. Abhi thinks they must have come from small city and don’t know big city. He thinks what she was searching but.

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