Twist of Fate Update Thursday 20th May 2021

Twist of Fate 20 May 2021 zee world: starts with Pragya coming out of house calling Mr. Mehra. Abhi sees her in the car’s mirror and stops the car. Pragya goes inside seeing his car going. Abhi gets down from the car. Some other car comes behind his car. Abhi sits again. Sanju asks Rhea how she will stop Ranbir who is getting dragged towards Prachi and tells that he is getting lost in Prachi’s love. Rhea asks him to shut up. Sanju tells that Ranbir haven’t realized it till now, but I have felt that. Rhea asks him to shut up. Sanju says you can control your life, but can’t control others lives. He says I accept that you loves Ranbir, but accept that he don’t love you. Rhea says he just loves me and hates Prachi, because she is so annoying and irritating. She says whatever you have seen is his drama and says whatever you saw was just an acting as I asked him to win and then break Prachi’s heart. She asks him to just leave and pushes him. Sanju says I will give you proof that Ranbir loves Prachi. He says this is your fear and that’s why you pushed me and trying to make me stop from saying anything. Rhea asks him to just leave. Sanju says this is truth. Rhea asks him to shut up and says Ranbir can’t love Prachi, he loves only me. She shouts asking him to go.

Prachi bandages Ranbir’s hand and asks him to keep his mouth shut. Her hairs come on her face. Ranbir moves her hairs, but it comes on her face again. Song plays…kaise hua itna zaroori plays….. He looks at her and smiles. Prachi signs that it is done and signs him to smile. She takes the first aid box. Rhea says he just loves me. Sanju says Ranbir risked his life for Prachi. He says what proof you want, I thought only I loves her, but I understood now that Ranbir loves her more than me. He asks her to do something and make her Ranbir go away from his Prachi. Someone knocks on the door. Rhea asks him to hide behind the door and opens the door. Bahadur kaka tells that the criminal who tried to marry Prachi came to this area and tells that Police came. Inspector asks Rhea if she saw some stranger. She says no. Inspector asks can I search in the room. Rhea says ok. Sanju hides behind the table. He then goes out of window. Inspector is about to check in the window, when Rhea throws something and tells that it fell from her hand. Inspector asks her to get the window closed today.

Sarita behen asks Shahana that the matter is something else, says Prachi is upset and don’t want to meet you as you locked me in the room. Shahana says you are making the sisters fight. Sarita behen says she loves me so much. Shahana says you are teasing me. I will tell how you jumped off from the window and says I will get you scolded. Sarita behen says I am not scared of her. Pragya comes and tells that Mr. Mehra left. Sarita behen asks her to call him. Pragya says he might be having some important work. Shahana tells that Prachi don’t want to meet her. Pragya says I asked you not to disturb her as she is bandaging Ranbir’s hand. She coughs. Sarita behen gives her water, They hear Ranbir and Prachi fighting. Ranbir tells that he can bear antiseptic, but not her. Pragya comes and asks what happened? Prachi tells that he is blaming me telling that I gave him pain and touches his hand. Ranbir says it is painful to talk to him. He says she called me babua (small kid) dabbu (darpok) and then said I am not a man. Sarita behen is shocked. Ranbir says she said that I am not man enough. Sarita behen asks if he is not a man. Ranbir says he is a man and tells that he was getting antiseptic applied to his hand, but she laughed at me and teased me. He says I saved her from goons and not teased her. He says she didn’t bandage me properly. Pragya says it needs to be tied. Prachi asks her to scold him. Ranbir says they all have mind except you and asks Shahana to tell that she is a gudiya who scares them and is afat ki pudiya. Prachi says nobody loves me and didn’t scolded him. Ranbir says you deserves this. He says I will go and leaves. Sarita behen says your daughter got upset. Pragya smiles.

Rhea is angry and waits for Ranbir. Ranbir comes home and asks what happened? Rhea asks him to check his phone. Ranbir checks his phone and says sorry. Rhea says I was worried, why did you go to drop her. She says you should have dropped me and not them. Ranbir says Prachi don’t have car so I went to drop her. Rhea asks him to gift the car and says then you will become her driver. Ranbir says I will give her car and then hire a driver too. She asks if he was acting or developed some feelings for her. Ranbir says he needs to change his clothes and wearing Rishi’s clothes. He goes to his room.

Pragya makes Kheer for Prachi and tells that she will make her eat it and try to know about her feelings for him. Sarita behen says you have decided to know her heart. Pragya says she has to ask her. She says if I am sure then I will talk to Ranbir. Sarita behen asks her to go and talk to Prachi. Sarita behen says she is your daughter, so you shall ask directly without any worries. Rhea follows him to his room and asks him to tell him now. Ranbir tells that he is feeling tired and sleepy. He says he will meet her tomorrow. Rhea says how can you sacrifice your whole night for Prachi and asks him why don’t he tell clearly that he loves Prachi. Ranbir looks at her.

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Pragya brings Kheer for Prachi. Prachi tells that you knows what I want. Ranbir says I love you Rhea and want to tell everyone, but you don’t me to tell anyone. He says what is the problem if I rescue her. He says she was in the big problem. He says I am doing this so that I can break her heart and then everyone that I love you. He says I can’t be in your plan and can’t break Prachi’s heart, don’t want to do anything.

Pragya making Prachi have kheer. Prachi says this kheer is mindblowing, you made it good and says it lifted her mood. Pragya asks shall we invite Ranbir to have kheer. Prachi says no. Pragya says we will make him eat the extra kheer. Prachi agrees. Pragya says Ranbir is a good guy. Prachi says he don’t have manners and fights with her much. Pragya says he is good looking, caring etc. She says he has saved you. Prachi says he has no mind and don’t care for me, he came to me as he was feeling guilty. Pragya asks if she don’t like him. Prachi says no. Pragya asks her to tell how much she likes him and how much she doesn’t like him. Prachi says 50 percent love and 50 percent hate. Pragya says love. Prachi says like…whatever. Pragya asks her to have kheer and goes. Prachi thinks don’t know what magic he did on Maa.

Ranbir tells Rhea that he can’t break Prachi’s heart. Rhea says instead of answering me, you said that you can’t break Prachi’s heart. He says you want to listen whatever you want, even if I tell you then also you will not listen. Rhea asks why did you talk to her nicely. Ranbir asks when? Prachi calls him and tells about his meeting. Ranbir asks her not to call him again and ends the call. He tells Rhea that if she needs any proofs. Prachi thinks to block his number. Pragya comes to Sarita behen and tells that Prachi told that she likes and hates Ranbir, 50:50. Sarita behen says why she will lie to you. Pragya thinks. Sarita behen says I don’t understand. Pragya says she has to experience all the feelings herself and that’s why she don’t realizes that she loves Ranbir. Shahana hears them and says Prachi haven’t told me.

Ranbir tells that whatever feelings he has for her, is not having for Prachi. He tells that all his feelings are for her. he says whatever I feel for you, you don’t feel for me. Rhea says sorry and says I don’t want you to risk your life and says you would have done the same thing for any other girl. She says you are doing this for me, so I shall not have any problem. She says I shouldn’t have talked to you like that and you shouldn’t have talked to Prachi like that and asks him to say sorry tomorrow. Ranbir says ok. Rhea asks him to rest and goes. Ranbir questions himself and asks why did he do this for Prachi, when did she become special to him.

Sarita behen holds Shahana’s mouth and says if she tells Prachi. Pragya says she will not tell anything. Sarita behen leaves her. Pragya asks Shahana to try to enquire about her feelings. Sarita behen says I will go and talk to his parents. She says I will check the house and asks Pragya to make the arrangement for marriage. She says I will refuse for dowry. Pragya says let the kids understand the love and realize it. She says let them enjoy the feeling of love. Sarita behen says I don’t have any patience and tells that she will ask them to have understanding and take care of Prachi. Shahana asks them if Ranbir said that he loves Prachi. Sarita behen asks her to talk to Ranbir. Pragya tells that we have to support Prachi like mother, friend and sister. Sarita behen says we will get her love. Pragya says first love. She comes to Mehra Mansion. Abhi also comes in his car. He gets Inspector’s call and asks him to tell who had kidnapped Prachi. Pragya pays the money to the taxi driver.

Abhi comes inside the house and talks to Dasi. Dasi asks him to come to his room for having Prasad. Pragya asks the Servant about Ranbir’s room. Abhi is climbing up the stairs with Dasi and some puja flower petals fall down on Pragya. Pragya sits and picks the petals. She keeps the puja petals on the table. The servant takes her to Pallavi. Pragya tells Pallavi that Doctor has given some medicines for Ranbir. Pallavi says even we have medicines. Ranbir looks at himself in the mirror and says I am not a kid anymore and had beaten the goons. Pragya comes to his room with Pallavi and shows the medicines. Ranbir asks Pallavi to bring masala tea for her. Pragya gives medicine to him. Ranbir asks you came long way to give the medicine. Pragya says I brought your shirt also and washed it too. Ranbir asks for what she came. Pragya says I talked to Doctor so that I can come here.

Ranbir tells that even Prachi is like her. he tells that all children are like their mothers more and love fathers less. Pragya asks if he has any girlfriend. Ranbir says yes and no. Pragya says I can sense seeing your nervousness. She asks him to tell about her. Ranbir says I am myself confused, what shall I tell you. Pragya says may be I can help you to get away with the confusion and have a trick of confusing erasing dream. She says you have to close your eyes for this. Ranbir says ok and closes his eyes. Pragya asks him to imagine himself with his girlfriend and there is a fog around you. She asks him to go near her and see who is she? Ranbir imagines both Rhea and Prachi standing and tells Pragya that he couldn’t see anyone. He says sorry and excuses himself. Pragya asks how, he couldn’t see anything.

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Vikram coming home humming the music. Abhi says you will not die, and calls him old man, will live for 100 years and will drink my blood. Vikram asks am I looking old…and sings kale baal….Abhi asks who composed this song. Vikram says he composed it just now. Abhi says very funny. Vikram says office workers are laugh feeling my sense of humour. He tells a joke. Abhi asks if this is funny. Vikram asks him to go and see, tells that watchman is laughing till now. A guy comes there. Abhi asks vikram to make him laugh, but the guy doesn’t laugh. Vikram gets upset and goes. Abhi sees Puja flowers on table, thinks it fell there….

Pragya asks Ranbir to tell if he really didn’t see anything. Ranbir says he got more confused. Pragya asks him to tell in percentage about his liking for the girl he saw. Ranbir says 50 percent. Pragya says I got my answer and says she will leave. Ranbir asks her to drink masala tea. Pragya says she will drink it with his mum. Abhi says sorry to Vikram. Pragya turns to look back at them, but she doesn’t see him.

Rhea tells Dimpy and Shaina that when she asked Ranbir about his liking for Prachi, he said whoever said this is an idiot, then he proposed me. Shaina asks what did he say then? Rhea says I refused. He says if we get together then we will be the delhi’s hottest couple. She goes to call popcorn. Dimpy tells Shaina that Rhea is lying to them. Shaina says she was not here, else would have known that Ranbir was with Prachi. Dimpy hopes Rhea realizes the truth soon. Rhea hears them and asks them to get out, says popcorn is over and party finished.

Pragya meets Pallavi and tells that next time she will come. Pallavi asks her to come again. Pragya says happiness are going to come. Pallavi thinks both Prachi and Pragya care for Ranbir. Ranbir gets Prachi’s anklet and keeps it. He thinks why Prachi came in his imagination, thinks to ask her. He thinks when he loves Rhea then why is he seeing Prachi in dreams. He asks himself if Prachi came in his heart.

Rhea thinks she is making Ranbir far from her. She says she has to give him security that she loves him and thinks he might go far from her if she ignores him. He is sweet.

Prachi says he is not sweet, but arrogant. She says he fights with me. She says he is mischievous. Shahana gives example of Shri Krishna. Prachi asks her not to compare him with Shri Krishna. She says she don’t like him like any other girls would do. She tells that she called him for office work and he talked arrogantly. She asks her to stay far from him. Rhea thinks when Ranbir and she meet then it will be best. Prachi thinks he is Baklu and she don’t want to talk about him. Rhea thinks to make him close to her. Prachi says he is an unwanted chapter of her life. Shahana thinks Prachi is getting mad without love.

Pragya comes back home. Sarita behen asks if Ranbir said that he loves Prachi. Pragya says they love each other, but don’t know about their feelings. She says I will not tell them and let them enjoy the feeling. She says when I asked him to tell how strong is his feeling. He couldn’t answer. She says she is happy that Prachi loves Ranbir and he is the good guy, will take care of her, more than me. She then gets thinking about her other daughter and tells that she hopes that good guy is only Ranbir. Pragya asks what do you mean, want Ranbir for both girls. Sarita behen says idea is not bad, marriage expenses will be saved. She then says idea is bad.

Ranbir is in his office and thinks to check his heart, if laddo breaks in his heart. He pretends to talk to her. Prachi comes there and says I was coming here. He comes near her and asks what is in your hand? Prachi says file. He comes near her again and looks at her. Prachi asks him to move else she will break his teeth. He calls her chicchiki and tells that he was taking pen. He tells that he wants to confess something and tells that he was thinking that if he feels something for her, but it didn’t happen. He says he might feel for her if she doesn’t make such irritating face. Rhea comes there and sees them closer. Ranbir gets shocked seeing Rhea and runs behind her. Prachi thinks Rhea loves Ranbir and that’s why got upset.

Ranbir goes behind her and asks her to have coffee with him. Rhea says no, I have work. He takes her to her cabin. Prachi then asks the peon about Ranbir. Ranbir asks Rhea where is she going? Rhea says she has important work. Ranbir says it was my blame and I deserve it. Prachi is coming there. Ranbir tells Rhea that she has all rights to blame him. Rhea thinks she will not make him angry now and tells that she will leave. Ranbir tells that his blood is O positive and he will change it to Rhea positive. Prachi is coming there. He asks why is he not feeling the butterflies in his stomach when he is with her and loves her. Rhea says your mind is in so many places and preoccupied. She asks him not to stress his mind. Ranbir gets thinking.

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Rhea asking Ranbir not to spoil her mood. Ranbir says she has become mature. Rhea says she needs to be mature when she has a boyfriend. Ranbir says I want to take you on date and want to go on an outing with you. he says people will tell that we are the hottest couple and will change the temperature. Rhea smiles. Prachi comes there. Ranbir scolds her for not knocking on the door and tells that he is busy right now. Prachi tells that she came to remind him for the meeting. Rhea tells that she can’t talk to her boss like that. Prachi says Ranbir is my friend too. Ranbir says you can’t talk to Rhea like that. Prachi says I won’t talk to you both next time. Rhea thinks there is nothing between them. Ranbir thinks if Rhea has scolded her then I wouldn’t have bear. Prachi comes out upset. The receptionist asks Prachi what is going on between Rhea and her. Prachi says no and asks her to concentrate on work. Other employee tells that Ranbir listens to Prachi much.

Rhea and Ranbir are in the car. He drives slow. Rhea asks about it. He talks to her about Prachi, and tells that his car doesn’t want to run on a high speed. Rhea thinks if she shall drop the plan of hurting Prachi’s heart. She thinks she doesn’t think that Ranbir likes her and thinks she shall be with him all the time. Ranbir asks what is she thinking about him. Rhea smiles and tells that she can’t tell anyone. Juhi gives the file to Prachi and tells that Ranbir forgot it. Prachi says she will give the file to him. Ranbir and Rhea come there. At the bank, manager tells that the papers are ready. Two goons are eyeing a man who is withdrawing the money. Rhea looks at the men. Ranbir sees them and holds her hand. The goons outside kidnap the watchman, while the inside goons plan to loot the bank. Prachi comes inside the bank and sees the watchman unconsciously lying. She thinks something is wrong and gets inside the bank. Rhea talks to Dimpy and asks what she thinks of Ranbir. She says he asked her to come with him to Bank. She says she is very disappointed with Shaina and her. Dimpy says let me explain and asks her to hear. Rhea says if you are my friend then would have trusted me. Prachi comes inside and holds Rhea’s hand asking her to come out. Rhea says you are a big trouble. Prachi tells that the security guard is unconscious outside. Rhea asks her to get the job. Prachi tells that she came to give file to Ranbir, but now came to know that bank is going to be robbed. Rhea refuses to listen to her. Prachi warns her to come and says big trouble is going to come. Rhea tells that trouble is going to go. Dimpy says she is saying truth and tells that she is saying this as she wants to spend time with each other. She says Ranbir and Prachi are dating each other.

The Inspector talks to the constable. Prachi calls Inspector and tells that KBK bank is getting robbed. Constable informs Inspector. Inspector then asks the constable who is in the bank. He takes the call and tells Prachi that she will be jail for lying to them. Prachi asks why don’t you listen to me and ends the call. She calls Ranbir, but Ranbir is in Manager’s cabin. The robbers wear the mask and come out. Prachi thinks he is not picking her call.

Ranbir sees Prachi’s call and tells that he is busy. Prachi asks where is he? He says he is in Germany. He then tells that he is in Manager’s cabin. Manager asks if it was wife’s call. Ranbir says no. he says she was neither his girlfriend nor his wife, but afat ki pudiya. Prachi comes to Ranbir and asks him to come with her. Manager asks what happened? Prachi asks him to call emergency number and says your bank is under attack. Manager is about to call, but the robbers come there and take Manager out at gun point. Prachi and Ranbir hide from their sight. Rhea is caught by them with others. Ranbir asks Prachi to come with him. Prachi asks where is he taking her. Prachi says we will go to park and sing romantic songs. He says he is taking her to safety where they can hide.

Prachi and Ranbir come to a room in the bank. He asks her to be inside, tells that he will go and rescue Rhea. Prachi says she tried to take her out, but she didn’t listen. Ranbir asks what is your problem with her. Prachi says Rhea doesn’t like her since day 1. Ranbir asks her to be inside and not to come out. Prachi tells that he can’t search Rhea alone, if I am with you then can help me. Ranbir asks if she thinks this.



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