Twist of Fate 18 March 2021 update: Abhi thinking if Pragya had come to the party then she must have come with Disha. He comes to Disha’s office and asks where is she? An employee gives her the address of Prachi’s house. Abhi says I know. Disha says you don’t want to tell me.

Prachi and Sarita behen come there. Prachi asks Pragya to have medicine. Sarita says daughter becomes mother if mother is unwell. Disha says Prachi is like you. Pragya looks on. Sarita behen says she is her carbon copy. Disha asks why are you hiding about Prachi that she is Abhi and your daughter. Pragya tells that their family is small and they are happily living. She says if Prachi comes to know about Abhi then she might go to him and says if Abhi comes to know about Prachi then he will try to take her from her. She says she don’t want neither of them to know about the truth. Shahana comes there. Disha lies that Pragya don’t want to give interview about saving CM. Shahana says Maasi is great. Pragya says if I lose Prachi then I will lose my life and don’t want anyone to see her. She says as you know then don’t tell anyone especially your jiju. She says she don’t have strength to fight anymore and says love is powerful, but made her weak. She says she lost from her love. She requests her not to tell anything to anyone. Disha says you don’t need to tell, I know how it feels leaving our family. She says everything was snatched from me, but I won’t let this happen with you. She feels bad to ask her and says I am also with you in your world.

Pallavi asks Vikram not to let Ranbir do work. Beeji says he went to play cricket and scolds Vikram. They ask Vikram to go and have food outside. Ranbir thanks them and leaves. Vikram feels pain. They get concerned for him. Vikram asks if you are acting now or then?


Abhi comes to Prachi’s house and thinks why did Disha come to meet Prachi’s mum. Shahana sees him. Abhi asks her to call Disha. Shahana says she is inside. Disha and Pragya are coming out. Pragya hides seeing him. Abhi asks Disha how is she? Disha says she is fine. Abhi asks her to come to his house. Disha says I can’t come, you know the reason. Abhi asks if a sister can’t stay with her brother. Disha asks him not to force her. Abhi says I went to office and got this address. He asks her if she saw Pragya. Disha says she saw her in the party. Abhi thanks God and tells that he wants to apologize to Pragya for the mistake which he did 20 years ago. He tells that he saw Pragya, but she didn’t talk to him. Pragya gets emotional hearing him. He asks her to tell Pragya that he is repenting Disha says you have realized your mistake, it is a good thing. She says Pragya di was not wrong, she was influenced with King and went to give money to the kidnapper. She says that matter was small.

Abhi gets angry and says how can she say that the matter was small and tells that he asked her not to give money to kidnapper, but she went against him. He says the matter is not small as he lost Kiara because of Pragya. He says she had kept him away from Kiara for 7 years and then took his elder daughter among the twins. He sats he wants to meet his daughter. He again starts blaming Pragya for Kiara’s death and tells Disha that the matter was never small. Disha says I agree that the matter was not small, I didn’t mean that. She says you are taking wrong meaning of my words. Abhi says even I cried for Kiara, she was my daughter too. Disha says sorry and asks him to calm down. He says forget about whatever I told, I will not apologize. If she meets me then she will talk the same and asks her to forget about the conversation. Pragya hears everything. Abhi comes out and thinks they were not wrong, but the time was wrong. He gets teary eyes. Allah wariyan plays….

Disha says sorry to Pragya. Pragya says he is still upset with me. She says he said right that Kiara died because of me and our twins separated. Disha says you didn’t do any mistake, whatever you did was to save her and asks why you are blaming herself. Disha gets emotional. Pragya asks why Purab married Aaliya, you both loved each other a lot. She says jiju and you used to love each other, but couldn’t stay together. She says jiju couldn’t trust you and I couldn’t trust Purab. She says she will leave now. She comes out. Prachi talks to her and says I never thought you are my Maasi. Disha kisses on her forehead and smiles.

Disha leaving after saying bye to Pragya and Prachi. Prachi says you didn’t tell that you have a sister. Pragya says she is your Mami also and tells that you have a family too. Prachi asks did you meet my Papa? Pragya says no and goes. Meera looks at the album and thinks of Abhi. She thinks of mitali’s words that aaliya also loves them. Pragya writes in her diary about Kiara and writes if you would have been alive then we wouldn’t have been separated. She hugs and kisses her pic and cries. She comes to the window and thinks even today she feels the same pain and loss which she felt then. She thinks even now he is still angry with her. Song plays….abhi comes to the window and thinks don’t know if I am waiting for my death or to meet her. He thinks he remembers the time when she left him. He says when he thinks of Kiara, he gets angry. He says he don’t know if he will feel love or anger and asks the moon to make him meet her, tell that he miss her. Pragya also asks moon to give her love to Abhi and that she misses him. Song plays…main bhi na soya….

Aaliya and Purab are in their room. He tells her that he never saw her doing his work and asks her not to act. He says we hardly talk and behave happily only on party occasions. He says there must be something today so that you are acting. Aaliya says I am happy. She thinks she needs him in the weekend as they had their anniversary.

Purab comes out. Vikram asks him to thanks her just like that. Pallavi says if he told you and says she has planned his surprise anniversary party. Vikram says he has won the 10000 Rs. He asks her to give money. Dadi says you ruin the surprise. Pallavi says everyone will attend it and it will be grand celebration next week. Dadi asks Purab to be happy seeing others happy. Purab says I am doing the same since many years. Abhi comes to Disha’s office and says sorry. Disha says mistake was of mine. He asks about her. Disha says she is fine and feeling important after many years. She says it was difficult to come here. Abhi says yes and says he took permission from Vikram. She says I know you were trapped in brother and sister’s relation. He says but I couldn’t do anything for you. He says you know how much you matter to me. Disha says I know that’s why you came to meet me. He hugs her again. She says when you and di separated, everything was finished. She cries. Abhi says I will be always with you. Someone calls Disha and asks her to come to CM’s office.

Pallavi calls Vikram and asks about the decorative stuff. Vikram says I don’t know and teases her. Prachi hears and smiles. She says I know where these stuff you will get. Pallavi asks her to come. Vikram asks her to go. Prachi leaves from office to go to meet Pallavi. Disha comes from her office and sees her. Prachi says she is going to boss house as his wife called. Disha offers to drop her and asks her to sit. Prachi sits in her car. She asks Disha when she met Pragya. Disha says she met her in her sasural. Prachi thinks if she is my Maasi then how she is my Chachi. Disha asks if she wants to know anything and can ask. Disha’s car stops. She calls mechanic. Prachi says I will take taxi. Purab is going from there and stops the car seeing her. Prachi says she is going to meet Pallavi. Purab says he will drop her. Prachi says someone else is also there with her. Disha and Purab see each other.


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  1. In two or three scenes Purab and Disha saw themselves but Abhi and Pragya are taking forever, Zeeworld you guys should be smarter than all these tantrums you’re pulling


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