Twist of fate update Sunday 9th January 2022

Twist of fate 9 January 2022: Aaliya telling everyone that they shall have food. Vikram feels bad thinking about Abhi and asks Aaliya why she don’t behave nicely with Abhi, as he is her brother. He recalls Abhi telling that Aaliya is khadoos and Raj calling him mad. He asks why did you scare him with the stick and had beaten him. He asks her to behave well like Gayatri. Aaliya says he shall not interfere as they are going to be relative, says he comes in control like this only. She tells Rhea that she needs to talk to her. Raj asks Mitali to give the file. Mitali scolds the Servants. Pallavi asks Dadi, why is she smiling? Dadi says she is happy and knows that angel has come here, now Abhi is in safe hands. Everyone looks on. Vikram gets a client’s call and he tells that he is coming for the meeting. He tells that Abhi is not coming. He tells Ranbir and others that Abhi’s condition shall be a secret. He asks Ranbir to come with him. He gets emotional and goes to meet Gayatri with Dadi. Pallavi asks Ranbir if he felt bad for his words. Ranbir says I am sorry, if you don’t feel my words convincing. He excuses himself and says he needs to go to office with Dad. Pallavi thinks she can’t forgive Prachi for Ranbir’s behavior and thinks why did Vikram go to meet Gayatri.

Abhi feels pain and asks Pragya what is she searching? Pragya says she is searching the ointment. She finds it and tells that she will apply it carefully. He says idea, asks her to blow on his injury and apply it. He feels tickling and asks her to do it daily. Pragya smiles and thinks he is behaving and talking like before. She recalls their old moments. Abhi asks her to bring chocolate for him. Pragya asks how much? He says 2,5, 10. Pragya says ok and promise him. tere naam song plays…..


Dadi and Vikram come there. Abhi gets scared and takes the stick in his hand. Pragya asks him not to be scared and asks him to meet his friends. He says they are not bad and will not harm him. Abhi hides behind Pragya. Pragya asks him to shake hands with Vikram. Abhi hesitantly shakes hand with Vikram. Vikram gets emotional and cries. He goes out. Abhi talks to Dadi and says her hair are nice. Pragya says she is your Dadi and loves her very much. Abhi says he finds her familiar. He plays with Dadi.


Ranbir is in his office and thinks Chief was not creating scene when he was with Gayatri. He recalls seeing her bracelet and stresses his mind. He recalls Pragya serving them food in their house and feeding something to Shahana. He realizes Gayatri is Pragya, Chief’s life partner. He thinks they might have same bracelet and thinks to find out if Gayatri is Pragya, Prachi’s mother. Vikram comes there and asks what about bracelet? Ranbir thinks he shall not tell dad, else he will tell mom and she will tell Aaliya. He says he has ordered bracelet online like chief has. He apologizes to him for his behavior with Pallavi. Vikram asks him to calm his anger etc. Ranbir thinks Pragya would have been your bahu, if I had thought.


Shahana asks Prachi to tell Maasi, whatever happened? Shahana says if it is not the family matter, which you had done along with Ranbir. Pragya asks what? Shahana tells Pragya that she had betrayed Prachi. Just then Pragya’s call comes and she goes to attend it. Prachi asks Shahana not to tell that, else she will ask me to talk to Rhea. Pragya comes back. Shahana tells that she had stolen her earrings, but returned. Pragya says you shall forgive her. Prachi forgives her. Shahana says I love you Maasi and kisses on her cheeks. Prachi asks Pragya how is Papa? Pragya says he is fine and is sad.

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Abhi is in his room and talks to his fuggi toy. He says he will make her painting too and asks her not to sit. Dadi comes there. Abhi runs to bathroom and asks her to go. She says I am your Dadi and asks him to come out. Abhi looks at her.

Dadi coming to Abhi’s room. Abhi runs to the bathroom and asks her to go, else he will beat her with the stick. Dadi says I am your Dadi, whom Gayatri made you meet. Abhi looks at her and says I like white hair and says even I want it…and cries like a kid. Dadi says when you become of my age, then you will get white hair. He shows the drawings and says he made it. He tells that the doll looks like Gayatri, and says her name shall be Gay/cow. Dadi says we shall name this doll as fuggi. Abhi says she is my fuggi now. Pragya cries looking at Abhi’s pic and says if she could then she would have stayed with him. Abhi tells Dadi that Gayu went home. Dadi says she will come in the morning. Pragya sleeps. Abhi rests in Dadi’s lap and gets up shockingly, as Dadi touches his hair. He says I will not beat you as you have white hair, but don’t touch my hair again. He asks when the morning will come? Dadi says when the moon sleeps then sun will come. Abhi says then I will be happy as Gayu will come. He smiles.



He asks how much time is left? Dadi says I don’t know, when moon sleeps then sun will appear. She asks him to sleep and says when you wake up, then Gayatri will come. Abhi says if I sleep then I will see Gayu. Dadi says if you close your eyes then will see her. Abhi closes his eyes and says he couldn’t see her. Abhi rests on the bed. Dadi asks him to sleep. Pragya prays to make him fine so that they can live together. Abhi gets flashes of pragya and him and wakes up from sleep just then. Dadi asks what happened? Abhi runs to bathroom. Dadi says if you sleep then moon will go and morning will come, Gayu will come. She cries looking at his pic.


In the college, Ranbir beats up a guy for defaming Prachi. The guy says why are you bothered much. Ranbir says Prachi is mine, just mine. Rhea asks him to stop fighting. The guy tries to beat him, but Ranbir says in your dreams Rhea panics. Palak asks someone if she saw Prachi. The guy says I didn’t know that she is so hot. Prachi asks how dare you to speak with her like that. They go inside and see Ranbir beating the guy. The guy says what is his problem if he shares his private moments with Prachi. Ranbir warns him. Lecturer comes there and threatens to rusticate him. Ranbir says this guy is doing a big mistake. Lecturer goes to call Principal. Prachi comes infront of Ranbir and stops him. She asks him to stop his gundagiri. Ranbir says did you know what he did. Rhea recalls taking help of her friend to malign Prachi’s image and respect. He asks her to ask her dad to give him a chance in the rockconcert. Rhea thinks Dad is not a rockstar now. Fb ends. Ranbir tells that the guy has made a MMS and morphed your pic in that MMS. Prachi looks at the guy and Rhea and tells Ranbir that the MMS is not fake, but real. She says I have no objection. Ranbir is shocked and taken back.


Abhi comes out to the hall and stands on the table. He throws the papers in air. Mitali and Tanu come there. They see the house messed up and realized abhi has done this. Mitali asks him what is he doing under the table. Abhi says he made her drawing and shows it, calling her Mittu. Aaliya comes there and signs Mitali to get her stick. She asks Abhi to come out and promise that he will not beat her. Mitali gives stick in her hand. Abhi gets violent seeing the stick and says now see what I will do. Aaliya is about to beat him, when Pragya comes there and stops her. Abhi asks why did you cheat, you came now. He says I was told that when moon sleeps, you will come. Pragya says I didn’t cheat. He is about to throw the table on her, but stops. Pragya asks him to calm down and tells that they will do the painting together. Abhi runs to his room. Pragya says he has calmed down when I talked about what he likes.

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Ranbir asks what did you say that you have no objection. Prachi says I have no objection and that’s why you shall not have any objection. She says Parth and I are together and says nobody shall have any problem if we share our moments, it is our private thing. She goes. Rhea and Parth are shocked. Parth says she is supporting our act, why? Rhea says I really don’t know, but whatever happened is good, she has done half of our work, superb.

Ranbir going behind Prachi and asking her to listen. Prachi asks with which right, you are holding my hand. She says what I told you, didn’t you listen only Parth has the right on me and nobody else. Ranbir asks if Parth has right on her now. She says yes. Ranbir asks if she has no objection with people watching MMS. Prachi says no. Ranbir says this means Parth and you….Prachi says yes, Parth and me…asks him to say. She says Parth and I love each other and I see my future with him and wants to marry him. She says I have thought that I will marry him and….ranbir gets angry and hits his hand on the wall. Prachi asks if he is getting angry and says when two people love each other then they can share anything, asks if he understands and says if he no understands then he needs counseling. Ranbir says you are doing this intentionally. Prachi says I had told you that I need money, big house and cars. Ranbir says you are hiding a big thing from me, you loves me. Prachi says when I came to know that you have no money as your parents have the control on all the money. She says she took U turn and accepted Parth, as he has everything. Ranbir asks her to look at his eyes and says if he has love which I have. Prachi says who needs love. She asks if she is not looking happy. Ranbir says you are not looking happy, but just saying. Prachi says she don’t love him. Ranbir asks her not to lie and says you are doing this for Rhea’s sayings. Prachi says who told you, Shahana? And you have agreed. Rhea hears them. Prachi says Shahana likes you and don’t want to hurt you, and that’s why she lied. Ranbir says he knows that Rhea is behind all this. Prachi says she is getting what she wanted, Parth. And if Rhea is behind then thanks to her. She says I love Parth. Ranbir hits on the pillar and goes. Ranbir goes. Prachi cries and calls Rhea. She says you had asked Parth to do this, I know. She says you are my sister, god shall give 1000 enemies, but not give sister like you.



Aaliya, Mitali and Tanu are sitting in the hall. Aaliya says Gayatri handled bhai very calmly and says I am surprised that Bhai went from here calmly. Mitali says yes, even she was surprised. Tanu says it can happen and tells being a model, she knows that it happened because of the dress. She says why do we get nervous seeing Police officer uniform. She says we get that feeling due to the dress. Mitali thinks she will get mad if she stays here. Tanu asks her to go. Aaliya says if this happened due to dress, then why don’t you go to him wearing dress like Gayatri. Tanu says ok. Aaliya thinks I am handling Bhai and making yours and my future and hopes Rhea is handling Prachi there.

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Prachi says I didn’t know that you will do this. She says you made MMS and made it viral in college, I can’t look in anyone’s eyes. it is good that Ranbir came to know that I am a gold digger and everything happened infront of you, I committed suicide for your happiness and broke Ranbir’s heart. Rhea says I have thrown you out of Ranbir’s life. She says she wants Ranbir 100 percent. Prachi says she wants her mother’s happiness 100 times, today she has shattered Ranbir, tomorrow she will break and then he is yours and you are his for forever.


Pragya comes to room and sees Abhi having finger on his lips. He says everyone asks him to be silent. Pragya says if you calm down and don’t shout or scold anyone, then they will not get angry. Abhi says when did I scold them, they scold me. Pragya asks him to change his clothes. Abhi goes to change. Pragya looks at his drawings. Abhi comes back and asks how is it looking? Pragya says very nice. Abhi says drawing and asks her to say who is the drawing? Pragya says is it me? Abhi says Mittu/Mitali. He shows next drawing. Pragya says Tanu. Abhi says right. He shows next drawing. Pragya says it is your doll who looks like me. Abhi says this is my fuggi and asks can I call you fuggi. Pragya gets emotional and teary eyes. He asks why are you crying, did I scold you? Pragya says you called me fuggi so I got emotional. Tere naam plays…..Pragya asks him to promise and asks him not to call her fuggi infront of the family members. Abhi says game? Pragya says yes. Mitali comes there. Pragya covers her head with veil on her head. Mitali asks her to say why she locked the door. Aaliya comes there. Mitali says she has doubt on Gayatri. Pragya thinks what to do as the elaichi/cardamom is over.


Ranbir comes to see Parth in the hospital and sees Prachi sitting there. He gets surprise and says he didn’t expect her here and says you have taken a high jump. Prachi asks Parth to get Ranbir arrested for beating him badly. Parth says he didn’t know about our relation and tells that they shall give her a chance. Prachi tells Parth that Ranbir shall be arrested. She argues.


Mitali asks gayatri to say. Abhi throws the stick on them. Aaliya takes the stick and is about to hit Abhi, but Pragya holds it. Mitali says how dare you to stop Aaliya. Aaliya says I will talk to her and asks her to come out. Pragya asks Abhi not to get scared and says nothing will happen to you. Abhi asks her not to go and says he don’t feel when she is with him. Pragya says you shall not get scared.


Ranbir says you care for him so much. Prachi says Parth and I. Ranbir says do whatever you want, but if MMS like thing comes infront of me again then I will kill Parth. He gives bouquet to Prachi. Prachi asks him to go and her finger gets injured with thorn. Ranbir says I had asked the florist to keep many thorns. He says this injury is very less compared to my pain which you have given me. Parth says lets forget all this and be friends again. Ranbir says few things can’t be forgotten and asks him to file complaint against him. He asks him to take care and says I had forgotten that she is here to take good care of you.

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