Twist of Fate Sunday 24 May 2020: Twist of Fate 24 May 2020 update, Pragya sitting on the road and recalls her happy moments with Abhi. She gets teary eyes and sad. She recalls Dadi and Abhi’s words.

She cries. She thinks why she is thinking about him as she knows that it would happen one day. She should be happy. She thinks to live her life with peace. Abhi looks at the bed and imagines Pragya. Do Pal Ka Tha Karvaan Plays……………He misses Pragya and gets restless. He reminiscing his engagement and romantic moments with her. Pragya too misses him.

Purab’s car stops. He says, seems like we have to call the mechanic and wait till morning. He sees a hut and says we shall see if anyone is here. Bulbul asks, is this your plan. Purab says, you have told your decision to me. They come to the hut and sees no one there. Purab likes the place and says it happens in film. Bulbul asks him not to be romantic as they are not hero and heroine.


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Purab says, lets see where we can sleep. He puts the grass and makes bed on it. Bulbul taunts him saying it is about one night only and she is worried about Pragya. She goes to her side and sit down. Purab gets a call from his chachi. Chachi asks, did you meet Bulbul? Purab says yes. She asks him to be with Bulbul always and trust on her love. She asks him to have strength. Purab says, she is angry on me. Chachi asks him to rekindle their love. Purab thinks Chachi is right.

Sarla is restless and says she is not picking my call. Beeji says, she might have slept by now. Sarla says, she will go and meet Pragya. Beeji says, we will go in the morning. Sarla says, she will go and asks the guard about Pragya. Beeji says, you wants to get Pragya insulted? Sarla pleads to let her go. Beeji agrees. Beeji says, I will complain about you to Pragya. Sarla waits for an auto. Suresh is in the auto and tells his sister that the doctor was good. Sarla is walking on the road and thinks Abhi and Aaliya accusing Pragya. She gets a heart attack and falls down. Suresh sees her and rushes to her. He asks his sister to inform Sarla’s family. Suresh says, he will take her to hospital.

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Aaliya asks Tanu, why you didn’t go to Abhi. Tanu says, what will Dadi think if I go to his room. I have decided to make a place in Dadi’s eyes. She doesn’t like me. What to do? I wants to impress her. Aaliya says, she will talk to Abhi. Dadi won’t tolerate if she sees Abhi sad and then you will take care of him. Dadi will realize that you are a good bahu for her. She says, I will make sure that you becomes her bahu. Tanu thanks her.

Bulbul looks at Purab. Purab recalls Chachi’s motivating words and thinks to lower Bulbul’s anger. Dil Ki Lagi song plays…………….Bulbul feels cold. Purab brings wood to light it. Bulbul says she is not feeling cold. Purab says he is doing it for himself. He hurts himself intentionally. Bulbul gets concerned and cares for his wound. Purab says, I know you loves me even now. Why you are controlling your emotions. Bulbul says, you will acting to get hurt. Purab asks, why you are showing fake anger when you loves me. Bulbul says, I really hates you. Purab is sad.

Pragya thinks to go home. She thinks who will take care of Maa, Dadi and Bulbul. She thinks to tell the truth to them slowly.

Beeji is still awake. Purvi is going to sleep. Rajjo comes and informs them about Sarla getting a heart attack. She says, Suresh took her to hospital. Beeji asks Purvi to get an auto for her. Rajjo calls on Pragya’s landline. Akash picks the call. Rajjo says she is Rachna. Akash gets emotional and asks is everything fine. She tells that she called to inform about Sarla getting a heart attack. Akash says, he will inform Abhi and Pragya.

Pragya comes home and sees Beeji and Purvi leaving in a hurry. She asks them. Beeji tells her that Sarla got a heart attack and Suresh took her to the hospital. Pragya gets shocked.

Suresh takes her to the hospital. He thinks how will Pragya react knowing about her. Beeji asks Pragya to come along with her. Pragya sits in an auto and looks sadly.

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Dadi thinking to talk to Pragya and thinks may be it is Abhi’s misunderstanding. She thinks I can’t be wrong, but if it is true then………Akash comes and tells her that Rachna called and told about Sarla getting a heart attack. Dadi gets shocked. Abhi hears it too. Akash tells her that she is in hospital. Dadi calls Pragya. Abhi thinks how to tell Dadi that Pragya left. Aaliya tells her that Pragya left. Abhi tells her that she went to meet her mum. Aaliya asks, why you aren’t informing Dadi. Dadi asks him to come with her.

Pragya comes to the hospital and recalls her moments with Sarla. She gets emotional. She kisses her mum on her forehead. Suresh looks on sadly. Pragya cries unable to see her state. Suresh thinks to console her but stops himself. Pragya asks him, how did it happen. Suresh tells her everything. Pragya cries. Beeji and Purvi comes inside. Doctor tells them that she needs to be operated soon. Everyone get shocked. Pragya asks, whether she will be fine. Doctor says, they have informed the senior doctor and have to wait until he comes.

Abhi and Dadi comes there. Abhi thinks I have to see Pragya again. I don’t want to see her. I have broken relation witn her. I came here for Dadi and not for anyone else. Pragya sees him and rushes to hug him. Abhi holds while consoling her. Pragya tells him that she is very worried about Sarla. Abhi assures that nothing will happen to her. Dadi and Beeji see them hugging. Abhi gets tears in his eyes.

Dadi asks Beeji about Sarla’s condition. Beeji tells her that Doctor said that she needs to be operated. Dadi tells Pragya that everything will be fine. Abhi thinks I don’t want to see her, but hugged her. Beeji tells Dadi that Sarla is worried about her daughters. She apologizes to Dadi. Dadi asks her not to apologize and says Sarla’s health is important now. Suresh tells her that he is going to bring medicines. Dadi blesses him. Suresh tells her that I can do anything for aunty ji.

Aaliya asks Tanu, what’s wrong with her. Tanu says, I am tensed. I thought Abhi won’t see her face but went to the hospital. Aaliya tells her that Abhi will stick to his decision. Tanu says, I trusts Abhi but not Pragya. Aaliya says, everything is going as per the plan and the credit goes to you. This time that behenji can’t think of doing anything else her maa will get death stroke this time.

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Pragya asks Beeji, how did it happen? Maa was worried. Beeji tells her that Sarla was worried about her. Sarla called her and Tanu picked the call. She blamed you for Aaliya and Purab’s broken alliance. Pragya is shocked. She tells Beeji that she will be back.

Purab looks at Bulbul and thinks to change her anger into love. He gets up and starts acting like talking to his girlfriend. Bulbul says, no one is here. Purab asks her to give him a hug. Bulbul looks on angrily. Purab tells about his dream house and kids name. Bulbul suggests some other names. Purab says, he will decide his kids name along with his girlfriend.

Tanu wonders why Abhi didn’t come till now. Aaliya asks her to relax. Door bell rings. Aaliya asks her to hide upstairs and goes to open the door. She sees Pragya standing outside the door.

Aaliya asks, you. How dare you come to this house. She stops her. Pragya tells her that she has right on the house. She goes inside. Aaliya tries to stop her. Tanu comes out seeing her. She asks, aren’t you done with your insult. Aaliya asks her to leave else they will throw her out. Tanu says, she will settle the scores with her. Pragya slaps her hard. Aaliya and Tanu get shocked. Pragya looks angrily at her.

Aaliya asks, how dare you? Pragya asks her not to come in between. She says I knows how to give a fitting reply to you. I don’t want to do that. She accuses her for playing with her mum’s life. She says, you can’t understand a person’s emotions. She reminds her that she don’t feel shame to come to her house and calls her shameless to live in someone else house. She reminds her that Abhi is her husband. She tells Tanu that your relation with Abhi is illegitimate.


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