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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Twist of fate update Sunday 15th August 2021

twist of fate

Twist of fate 15 August 2021 update: Pragya crying thinking of Rhea’s words and says how you have said that I am not your mother? Prachi knocks on the door and finds it open. She shows the doll and says I have taken for you too…She cries and shows the crayons which she brought for her, when she brought for Prachi. She says I used to write these letters for you, but it used to return as the address was changed. Sarita behen, Shahana and Prachi see her crying much. Sarita behen says let her cry and take out her pain. Rhea walks on the road and thinks of Aaliya’s provocative words, and also Pragya’s words favoring Prachi, Prachi’s words that she is very unlucky and nobody will call her daughter. She stands on the middle of the road and is about to meet with an accident. Aaliya and Abhi come on the road. Rhea runs towards the car and is about to get hit, when Abhi comes and saves her. Aaliya hugs her and asks if she is fine? Rhea pushes her and hugs Abhi. Abhi brings her home and asks Rhea to sleep. He asks Meera to make Rhea sleep and then she can also sleep. He then asks Aaliya to come out. Doctor comes out and asks Vikram to keep Pallavi away from any tension, as her heart is very weak. Vikram asks can we meet? Doctor asks Ranbir to meet first. Beeji asks him not to say anything wrong to Pallavi now. Abhi asks Aaliya what does she want? He says I told you many times, not to insult Pragya and says I feel bad. He says you are insulting her since years, now you have a family and shall not do this. Aaliya says it is not like this. Abhi asks why did you do such a thing that hurts me, Pragya and my daughters. He asks why don’t she think good about his family. Aaliya asks what did I do now? Abhi says you must have said something to Rhea, you know that she is short tempered, angry etc and when you kept your hand on her shoulder, she brushed off your hand from her shoulder.

Aaliya says thank you bhai, you are sure that Rhea’s condition is because of me. She says Rhea is upset because of Pragya, whom she had started liking a lot. She says Rhea is the daughter like the daughters are used to be, but Pragya is not the same mother. She asks if any mother sends her daughter to jail. Abhi says Pragya didn’t do that, I know her more than myself. Aaliya says you don’t know her. She says we all were present when that murder attempt happened, but Pragya complained about it. She says she don’t want to enter here as bahu, don’t want to be Rhea’s mother and don’t want Prachi to get your love. She says you might say that there are many enemies who did this. She provokes him and says there was Pragya’s name in the FIR. She says they had come here and insulted Rhea. She says Prachi humiliated Rhea very much. Abhi asks when did they come? Aaliya says they had come, when you was sleeping with headache. Abhi says Prachi can’t humiliate Rhea. Aaliya says Prachi told Rhea that it is good that Pragya has chosen her over Rhea, as she is a bad girl and God don’t want to give her a mother, her destiny is such. She says she said that she doesn’t deserve a mother. He says Prachi can’t say this. Aaliya says Prachi said that Rhea is a curse and they couldn’t bear to see her out of lock up.

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She says I didn’t tell you as you was unwell. She says Pragya came to PS, but she came to see her in pain. Abhi says Pragya must have come to free her. Aaliya says even the child knows that only that person can take back the FIR on whose name case is filed. She says Rhea did many mistakes, that time she didn’t know about the truth, but Prachi knew about her sister and acted with her. She says they were planning case against her and accuses Abhi for Rhea’s condition. Mitali hears everything.

Rhea recalls Prachi’s taunting words and then Sarita behen’s words. She thinks of Pragya’s warning and wipes her tears. Pallavi is in the ICU. Ranbir comes to meet her and says I was very scared to see you like this. Pallavi says my son got scared. Ranbir says you was unconscious. Pallavi says sorry for making him scared. She asks him not to leave her.

She says I was about to lose you. Ranbir says you will never lose me and tells that they will do what she wants. Pallavi emotionally blackmails him and says you was leaving me for Prachi. I never thought of this. He asks why are we talking about this? Pallavi says we shall talk straight, you can go to Prachi, I can live alone. Ranbir says I am with you. Pallavi asks him to accept Rhea or let her die. Vikram hears them from outside. Pallavi asks him to promise that he will marry Rhea. Ranbir recalls his promise made to Prachi and making her wear the ring. Pallavi asks will you refuse and break my heart? Ranbir thinks of Doctor’s words and agrees to marry Rhea. Pallavi says I knew that you love me. Ranbir says I love you more than anyone else.

Aaliya blames Abhi for the happenings and says when Prachi and Pragya met Rhea, they said that she is a bad girl, daughter, unlucky, doesn’t deserve a mother. She says this has happened because of you, if you had brought a mother in Rhea’s life, if you had a family then nobody would have interfered. She says my friend came 11 years back, who is well settled now, if you had married her then she would have loved Rhea. She says if Pragya wanted to get back, then she wouldn’t have called you Mr. Mehra. She says she wanted to hurt you and wanted to harass Rhea, so that she attempts suicide. Abhi says just like I like Rhea, Pragya loves her too. Aaliya asks him to prove that he can do anything for Rhea’s happiness, and asks him to tell if he has only Pragya and Prachi in his life. Abhi says I love Rhea and no need to prove. Aaliya asks Abhi to bring a mother for Rhea, who loves her and makes her believe that she has mother’s love in her life. She says until you get married, Pragya will pull you towards her. Abhi asks if you are mad and says Pragya is my wife and will always be, I love her. Rhea comes and asks what about me? She says if I am so unlucky that I didn’t have even step mom’s love. She says I have a feeling that I am so unlucky and you also love Prachi. Abhi says Pragya is your mom. Rhea tells whatever Prachi had said and asks if it is her mistake, that pragya took Prachi and not her. She says I am nothing for Pragya ji and not for Prachi and not for you too. Abhi asks her not to think this. Rhea asks him to remove this thought from her mind. She asks him to prove that I am the world’s lucky daughter. He says I will do whatever you ask for, even my life. Rhea asks him to marry Meera and give her a mother. Mitali is shocked. Aaliya smirks.

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Abhi telling Meera that Rhea said that I shall marry you. Meera gets emotional. Abhi asks her not to cry and asks her to forget everything, even I will forget that I have come here. He says thank you very much and is about to go, when Meera calls him and says it was her life’s important part to become Rhea’s caretaker and she never thought she will become her mom actually. She says if I get this responsibility then I will be the luckiest woman in the world. Abhi gets shocked and says marriage with me…? Meera says there is nobody good than you and says you have paid all my bills when I was in hospital and helped me. Abhi says I would have done with someone else too. Meera says you have done many favors on me and it is my good luck that I am getting chance to accept your marriage proposal and I will not refuse. Abhi gets tensed and says thanks, I will tell Rhea. He goes out and don’t see Rhea standing. Rhea gets happy and messages someone.

Vikram comes to Beeji and says Pallavi told Ranbir that if he wants to see her alive, then forget Prachi and marry Rhea. Beeji says then what is the problem? Vikram says Prachi is his first love. Beeji says many people don’t get their first love. Vikram says Ranbir is not among the many people and says he will talk to Pallavi about this. He goes to Pallavi. Pallavi asks where was you? She says I asked something from Ranbir. Vikram says I came to talk about it. Pallavi says she is feeling unwell. Vikram says I will call Doctor. Pallavi says I am in pain, as my son is in pain and says my son agreed for my sayings, but couldn’t forget Prachi. She says I am his mother and knows his heart. She says Prachi is not suitable for him, when he marries Rhea, then he will forget Prachi and everything will be fine. Ranbir comes to Beeji. Beeji hugs him and blesses him.

Rhea comes to Aaliya and tells that Meera has refused. Aaliya says this is not possible as Meera loves bhai. Rhea gets happy and tells that she came out of guilt now. Aaliya says I will talk to Meera. Rhea says Meera aunty was very excited and said yes shyly. Aaliya hugs Rhea and says I was tensed. Rhea says Prachi and her mom shall get tensed now, they will know that I have a mother and more loving than Prachi’s mom. Aaliya thinks you will make me win the fight which I had lost with Pragya.

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Prachi cries still. Prachi thinks of Pragya. Ranbir thinks of his promise made to Pallavi and cries. He tries to take off the ring and sits on the floor shocked. Prachi picks Pragya’s photo frame and cries. Song plays….ab na tumhe jaane denge…..Ranbir sees Prachi’s missed calls and calls her. He says sorry and says I couldn’t fulfill my promise. Prachi says why you are saying sorry as you couldn’t come to my home, and atleast you called me. I am feeling good and wanted to talk to you. Ranbir says I came out of house to come to you, but I had a fight with Maa, and then…Prachi says yes, you did right. Ranbir says I love my mother so much and didn’t come to meet you on her sayings. She asks are you crying? Ranbir says mummy got a heart attack when I was leaving from home. Prachi asks what, and asks how is she now? Ranbir says she is fine now and will be discharged till morning. Prachi asks him to take care of him and Pallavi. He ends the call. She thinks to go and meet Ranbir and Pallavi. Ranbir cries badly and thinks of his moments with her. He thinks of his promise to Prachi.

Aaliya congratulates Meera and asks if she is happy? Meera says I never thought that I will become his life partner. Aaliya says I was against your affair and wanted to kick you out. She says I have closed the doors for Pragya, before she comes here. Meera says did you ask Mr. Mehra to marry me? Aaliya says no, it is his own wish, he started feeling for you and that’s why proposed you. Mitali comes there. Aaliya says she will give this good news to everyone on the dining table. She thinks Meera will always be under me and that Pragya will be always far from this house and Abhi’s life.

Abhi is in his room and thinks he couldn’t ask Meera to refuse for the marriage, as Rhea was standing there. He thinks I don’t know if Meera will hide this from Rhea, that I don’t want to marry her, or Rhea will blackmail her and know everything. He thinks to call Pragya and inform her everything. He says Pragya can make Rhea understand that her mom and dad are us and not…He calls Pragya and thinks if it is wrong number. He thinks to ask Vikram to send the number.

Prachi tells Sarita behen that Pallavi got a heart attack. Pragya comes there. Sarita behen asks her to go and sleep. Prachi tells her about it and tells that she is going to hospital. She goes.

Sarita behen asks did you know where you have sent her? Pallavi hates her. Pragya says Prachi will win everyone. Vikram gets Abhi’s message and sends Pragya’s number. Abhi thinks this number is different and calls her. Pragya doesn’t hear the call. Sarita behen says I know you are a good mother. Beeji asks for water. Ranbir goes to get the water. Vikram asks Beeji, why Pallavi can’t see Ranbir’s love for her. Abhi sends voice message to Pragya asking her to meet at the hotel, says it is very important.


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