Twist of fate update Saturday 21st August 2021

Twist of fate 21 August 2021 update: starts with Rhea hitting on the bed as if she is beating the robber with hanger. Aaliya comes there and shouts cockroach. She asks where is cockroach? Rhea says I was trying to do acting of mom and says she has beaten them like this. she says she might be black belt in college and says she has beaten them nicely. Aaliya asks why she is calling her mom. Rhea says she is my mom, but. Aaliya says didn’t you see that Pragya didn’t look at you. Rhea says yes, I asked for her help when robber aimed gun at me, but she didn’t save me and ran to save Prachi. Aaliya says why she will save you. Rhea says yes, she was ready to fight for Prachi and not for me. Aaliya provokes her against her and says she must have done something, so that Prachi comes in Bhai’s good books. She wants to snatch your love and give that love to Prachi. Rhea gets furious.

Pragya cries thinking about Abhi. Abhi looks at the fuggi doll and asks why do you go away from me, if I am so bad. Pragya asks if I am bad. Sarita behen comes to her and says I can understand that you don’t want to eat food, asks her to drink some milk. She says if you cry then you will get weak and asks her to have milk. Pragya says how can he do this? if he don’t love me. Sarita behen says Mr. Mehra can answer this and asks her to ask again and again until she gets the answer. Pragya says I would have asked if the situation is not such and says I thought that he loves me, but he gave my right to someone else. She says when I met him for Rishi’s case, I didn’t ask him if he is remarried, as I knows that he loves me. She tells that my daughter regards Meera as her mother and tells that her hopes are ended now. Sarita behen tries to pacify her. Abhi hugs fuggi toy and cries. Song plays….

Dadi asks God to make everything fine between Abhi and Pragya. Door bell rings. Servant opens the door and receives the wedding cards box. Dadi asks Servants not to tell anyone, but just then Mitali comes and calls Aaliya and others. Dadi thinks everyone wants their happiness and thinks to go and meet Pragya. Rhea excitedly checks the card and shows to Meera, calling her mom. Abhi says he will give the first card to an important person. Aaliya and Rhea think that the person might be business associate. Sarita behen asks Shahana to open the door, when the door bell rings. Abhi comes there and asks if your mom is inside. Sarita behen asks you have come. Abhi says I want to give something to Pragya. Sarita behen goes to call Pragya. Prachi says I will make tea for you. Abhi tells her that her parents love her so much. Prachi goes. Shahana asks why did you tell her this and asks Abhi? Abhi says you are smart and tells that if the parents separate then she shall not get affected. Shahana feels that someone’s heart will break. Abhi asks her to love Prachi so much so that she don’t misses her sister. Abhi takes towel and wipes his face, says something went in his eye. Dadi is on the way and thinks to tell everything to Pragya, about Abhi’s helplessness.

Sarita behen tells Pragya that Mr. Mehra has come and tells that he brought gift too. She tells that Mr. Mehra told that he will make everything fine and says he must have come to take you home. Pragya gets happy and hugs her. Sarita behen asks her to shower love on Abhi. Pragya comes out and feels shy. Sarita behen asks Shahana to go and take bath. She says even I will go and see if the tea is ready. Pragya asks him to sit. Abhi says I am fine. He says he has come to give her gift and tells that he thought her wrong before, and came to give her what she wants. Pragya thinks he must have realized that her anger was fake. Abhi says we will not fight, today is the happiness day. He gives her card. Prachi comes there with tea tray. Pragya checks the card and says Meera and your marriage? She looks shocked. Prachi hears her and is shocked too.

Pragya asking Abhi if he is marrying Meera seeing the wedding card. Abhi says you wanted me to marry Meera and I know that you hate me. Pragya says I thought…Abhi asks do you think that courier guy will come here. He says very few people’s wishes come true. Pragya thanks him and says she has never thought that he will come personally to give this precious gift, call him Mr. Mehra. Abhi calls her Pragya Ji and asks her to come. She says she will come and dance so much until she faints down. Abhi asks her to dance for his engagement. He leaves. Pragya thinks how can he do this? Sarita behen hears them. Prachi comes to Abhi and asks why are you doing this with Maa? She says she used to think that you will come one day. Abhi says why I will come? He says I have searched you and your mother everywhere and says if your mother had searched my name on the net, then she would have known all my addresses. He says he is getting married because of Pragya, Rhea, and Prachi. He leaves.

He gets down and cries holding her pic and then throws her pic and his wallet on the road. He again sits in the car. Halla Halla plays….Pragya cries and tears the card, then burns it. Abhi again comes back and searches for his wallet on the road. He finds it and leaves. Pragya throws the ashes and throws the dustbin.

Prachi comes back to Sarita behen and tells that Papa said that he is marrying Meera aunty because of Rhea and me. Sarita behen says Rhea is arrogant, but when she tells you anything, you counterattack on her verbally and don’t stay quiet. Prachi says this can’t be the reason. Sarita behen says because of you both, they have taken this decision. Prachi thinks she will talk to Maa and will go and see her.

Aaliya asks Meera to give orders and not to take orders. Meera says I love doing this. Aaliya thinks she asked the bowl to get the charity. Abhi comes home and tells that he has invited Pragya for his engagement and marriage, and tells that the special guest is Pragya. He asks Meera to take care of Pragya. Rhea asks why did you call her? Abhi says I want to end unnecessary hopes. Rhea doesn’t want Pragya to be there. Aaliya says this is the perfect answer for Prachi, now you can tell her that you have a mother now. Mitali says our work got easy now. Aaliya says seriously I am worried that their love fire will set up again. She says Pragya shall feel that Bhai always wanted to marry Meera and she will make her believe her. Mitali asks until when will you lie. Aaliya says until Pragya goes away from here. Mitali prays for Abhi and Meera’s marriage.

Prachi comes to Pragya and tells that you always said that my Papa is the world’s best Papa and you respect him a lot. Pragya says now they are distanced for 20 years. She says he used to shower much love sometimes and hatred sometimes. Dadi comes there and asks Pragya to stop Abhi. Pragya says let it happen. Dadi says it is Daljeet’s wish. Pragya says we can’t unite, this is our destiny. She says she will attend his marriage happily and asks her if she wants sweets. Dadi says sweets seem to be poison for her. Pragya hugs her and cries.

Ranbir tries to make Pallavi have food and teases her. He says I love you. Pallavi thanks him and goes to sleep. Aryan comes to Ranbir and asks where did you go? Ranbir says he had gone on a walk and forgot to tell him. He says when he saw Prachi in the store, he got relieved and saw so much love in her eyes. He says she misses me and says when I tell her that I want to break up with her, then she will be very hurt and then I can’t bear it. He says anger might go for once, but pain stays always. He says he can’t tell her the reason being his mummy, so now he will make Prachi hate him so much so that she takes two steps behind and hates him. Aryan asks do you know what are you saying? Ranbir says he has decided. Aryan says now you want Prachi to hate you. Pallavi cries hearing their conversation and comes to the room. She tells Vikram that Ranbir loves her so much and that’s why wants Prachi to hate him. Vikram says you can’t bear his pain, so forget about the condition and let him marry Prachi for his happiness. Pallavi asks how can I let him go to Prachi. Vikram says he will be with you even after marrying Prachi. She says didn’t you hear from Aaliya that Pragya had ruined Abhi’s life since she came into his life and made everyone danced to her tune. Vikram asks her to think again. Pallavi says she has decided. Ranbir will marry Rhea.
Rhea comes to Abhi and says buji has brought clothes for everyone and asked me to give their clothes to everyone. She goes. Abhi thinks about how to marry Meera in front of Pragya. He thinks he loves Pragya and Rhea and has to do engagement with Meera.


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