Twist of Fate update Monday 28th December 2020 Zee world

Twist of Fate 28 December 2020 Zee world: Pragya telling Abhi that she tried to protect him from his enemies and that’s why name his property on her name. she says one has to become like enemies to defeat them.

Abhi says I have no enemies, but just family and fans. He says you are just making story and don’t want to leave the lifestyle which you got in my house. Pragya says I can live without a good lifestyle, but can’t live without you. She says I can’t see you get cheated. Abhi asks her to stop her acting. Pragya says I thought my love will change you, and asks him to hear her completely. She says I will tell you everything, I saw hatred in your eyes. She says I left house thinking Tanu is pregnant with your baby and loves you, which I haven’t give. She says I was living with your memories and came to know about your engagement with Tanu. She says I reached home to meet you, and saw Tanu talking to Nikhil.

A fb is shown. Tanu tells that it doesn’t matter even if baby is not of Abhi. She says I reached office and heard Aaliya talking to someone and planning against you. She says I didn’t know what to do and was walking on the street. She says she had the accident. She says when Dadi came, I told her everything. She says Dadi asked me to protect you from your enemies and gather evidence. She says we thought to take your enemy on my name to stop your enemies. She tells that Dadi got his signatures on the papers and got properly on her name. She says I have troubled everyone, but not Dadi. She says I was her daughter always, and she supported me throughout. She tells that even Purab supported me and tried to bring out truth. She says Bulbul lost her life because of Aaliya, it was a bad moment for me. She says Tanu always saved herself, sometimes due to her pregnancy and sometimes because of emotionally blackmailing you. Abhi thinks Tanu emotionally blackmailing her. Dadi brings aarti and asks Bunty and Babli to take it. Mitali asks where is Pragya? Dadi says she will do aarti tomorrow. They promote the show Brahma Rakshas.

Nikhil tells Tanu and Aaliya that lets just finish Pragya. Tanu says if anything happens to Pragya then we will be behind bars. She says Dadi will file police complaint against us. Nikhil says Police can’t do anything. He asks did you forget about DNA test. Tanu says I trapped her. She says we have to snatch proof from her hands. Nikhil says destiny don’t support us always and says if she gets a proof then everything is ruined. He says if Dr. Sheela tells everything to Abhi, as her daughter reached her and is not under pressure. He says Dadi and Purab will help Pragya also, and says we have to do planning and kill her. Aaliya says yes, we have to kill her as she has become stone tied to our legs. She says we are still at the same place and says if she is alive then we can’t achieve our goals. She asks him to kill her and says it should look like an accident and no clue should be left anywhere. Nikhil says I will kill Pragya so that nobody can reach us. She thinks to fail her car brakes and kill her.

Pragya says I thought to expose Tanu and took Ronnie’s help. She tells that Tanu confessed that the baby is not of yours. She says they have broken the proof and came to know that I came back for you. She says I challenged Tanu that only my baby will be his. She says Nikhil did Sarla’s accident. Whenever I try to tell you….Abhi asks her to stop it and asks why didn’t you tell me. Pragya says even if Tanu tells you then you will not believe as you want that baby to yours. She says I brought DNA report and proved her wrong, but she brought fake report and proved my wrong. She tells that Dr. Sheela told me that her daughter was kidnapped. I went to Nikhil and got kidnapped too. Abhi says you sent the divorce papers to me.

Pragya says I didn’t send those papers and says Nikhil threatened to kill Pari if I don’t sign. She says Nikhil threatened my family and asked them to get your signatures. Abhi recalls beeji asking him to sign. Pragya says I never thought that you will sign, but Nikhil showed me the papers. I called you and heard your voice. I got strength and escaped from there with Pari. She tells that Nikhil and Tanu tried to kill her and lost their baby. I took her to hospital. Pragya cries and says I had only this proof and came here to show you, but when you don’t want to see it, I have broken it. She says I thought your love for that baby is much that my love is nothing for you. She says what I would have got if I showed you that video. She says if truth is the one which is proved, and asks why it can’t be felt.

Pragya telling Abhi that she will always be upset as she couldn’t expose Tanu. She says I had exposed Raj and Aaliya’s truth, but no use. She says may be God don’t want us to be together and says she has no complains. She says I am not asking you to save our relation, but please don’t trust on Tanu, else Dadi’s prayers will be unanswered. Purab comes to the hotel following Tanu. He peeps in the room and hears Tanu and Aaliya conspiring to kill Pragya. Aaliya says Nikhil will do something to Pragya’s car. She sees Purab and is shocked. Purab comes inside and slaps her. He says I thought you will change, you came to India and never talked to anyone. He says first you killed Bulbul and now planning to kill Pragya. He tells Tanu that he hates her very much, and says he felt bad when her baby died, but it was good as he died, as she would have killed him one day for her advantage. He tells Aaliya that Tanu don’t love Abhi, and asks you both are a big cheaters. He says you both might have thought to cut ties with the other once their work is done. He tells that he don’t want to talk to her and hopes Abhi and Pragya are fine.

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Pragya continues talking to Abhi…Abhi looks on…Saiyyara Re plays…………A fb is shown, Abhi recalls their happy times. Pragya says I know that these things don’t matter to you, and says I have build hatred in your heart for me, and took enough time to get proofs against Tanu. She says then also I lost and she went ahead. She asks her to talk to Purab or Dadi. She says I can’t bear defeat and asks him to talk, and cries. She says I couldn’t fulfill the promise made to Bulbul and couldn’t fulfill Dadi’s expectations. She says I have lost and cries. Abhi thinks about Dadi’s decision that she don’t want to stay with him, if he thinks Pragya is wrong. He gets up and hugs her. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays…………

He kisses on her forehead and says I don’t want to hear anything from anyone. He says you would have told me before, I don’t need any proofs. I would see in your eyes and know everything. He says you would have told by your heart then I would have heard it. He says I have felt from my heart. He says your expressions, heart beat, and shaking voice proves that you are saying truth. He says I can feel that you had bear enough because of me, and says you are looking like my fuggi as I can see the depth of your eyes. He says I had a doubt that Tanu and Nikhil were upto something and I had shared my doubt with Purab. He says now I came to know why Tanu feigned stomach ache again and again and why Nikhil visited our house frequently.

Abhi says my Dadi can’t do anything wrong with me. She says I knew that my fuggi can’t betray me who taught me relations and says I knew that my fuggi is hidden behind mogambo, and says she is right infront of me. Pragya asks him to take her promise and tell that he believes her. Abhi says I don’t need any promise to tell my words. Pragya says you are believing me, even without talking to Dadi or Abhi. She asks will you believe Tanu if she brings fake proofs. Abhi says no. Pragya asks him to promise by keeping hand on her head. Abhi says I will never leave you and will be with you always……Pragya hugs him happily and emotionally. She says you didn’t know that you gave me a big happiness today. She tells that Sarla and Dadi will be very happy to know this. She says I would have trusted on our love, and told you long before. She says I haven’t told you as I was afraid to lose you. She says I used to pray to God about this day, and the day is finally here. Abhi says Dadi is right, we shall stay together. He says I am not upset as you have told it so lately, but I am upset as we are not together before. He says I am happy that I got my fuggi and you got me. Abhi says I will leave mogambo’s job and asks can I be your Abhi all our lives. He says I love you….Pragya says I love you too and hugs him. Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays……….Abhi and Pragya are happy and hug each other. Abhi lifts her in his arms. He kisses on her forehead.

Pragya telling Abhi that it was very difficult to act infront of him. Abhi says that’s why you put my finger in hot tea. Pragya says then you would have got doubtful about me. Abhi says Dadi tells that love happens while fighting. They reminisces their moments. Abhi says I had planned to propose you, but Champak entered. Pragya says I know as Dadi told me. Abhi says I will talk to Dadi. He says he is very happy to see smile on her face, and asks her to smile always. Pragya says if I smile always, then people will think me mad. Abhi asks her to keep smiling and says he will throw a party for their union and will call everyone. He says I will keep party for my fuggi and will tell the world that I love my fuggi very much. He says we will keep party here as we met here, and plans everything. Pragya asks do you have any savings. Abhi says I don’t need to worry as mogambo will managed all. He says we have missed Purab, Dadi and your birthday too as Champak ruined it. He says every alternate day we will rock it. He asks her to wear specs in the party. Pragya says we will discuss this later and asks him to call Dadi once, and inform him that they are together. Abhi says yes.

Nikhil comes to the mechanic and asks him to compromise with the car parts. Mechanic is shocked. Nikhil says I will give you address and asks him to fail the car brakes. He says when the car is found then nobody should know that the car brakes was failed. Mechanic refused to work. Nikhil threatens to beat and kill him. Mechanic asks for three times more money. Nikhil says okay and says work should be done today itself. Mechanic says I will fail brakes. Nikhil asks him not to leave any evidence or touch car. He says I will meet you after work is done. He thinks I shall check if Pragya is alone, or someone will come and save her. Abhi tells Pragya to call Dadi. Abhi says Dadi has always supported you and says we shall go home and inform her. He sneezes. Pragya says she will make kada for her. Abhi says wait, and lifts her in his arms. Pragya asks what you are doing. Abhi says when you can suffer so much for me, then can’t I do this. A song plays while he takes her to kitchen…..Pragya asks him to go. Abhi says let me help you. Pragya says I can’t make kada if you are here. Abhi says okay and asks her to call him when kada is made.

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Aaliya tells Purab that she is angry at Pragya and she has snatched my love and family from her. She says she is just helping Nikhil and Tanu. Purab asks her to stop it and says Pragya never separated me from you. He says your family went far from you as you have done bad with them. Aaliya asks if good thing happens with good people then why bad had happened with you. She tells him that you did whatever Abhi told you, and says everyone know that you are just his friend. He says I am happy with what I got, but what did you do? He says you have a big family, but everyone hates you. He says I have a brother like Abhi and Dadi also. He says I can do anything for them and says I get love, happiness from them. Aaliya tries to manipulate him and says I will change for you if you want. She asks him to say once that you love me, and says I will not support Nikhil and Tanu. She promised to unite Abhi and Pragya then. She asks what can I do. Purab asks can you bring Bulbul back? He says no, says you can reverse the life, but can’t get her. He says I will forgive you, but you will change Bulbul’s love in my heart. He says I will always hate you and asks her not to do anything as he will unite Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says you will be responsible for whatever is going to happen. Purab asks her to go. Aaliya asks him to rethink and says nobody can love you like me.

Abhi thinks my Pragya has suffered because of Tanu and recalls her acting. He thinks how can anyone stoop so low, and thinks why could I not see Tanu’s truth. He thinks Tanu has taken advantage of my goodness, I knew that I didn’t go close to her, but believed her and took care of her like a husband. He thinks Tanu and Nikhil were partying and left me to mourn for the baby who was not mine. He thinks I will ruin Nikhil and he will not get even a Peon job. He thinks I will send him back to the dirty lane. He thinks I will not forget Aaliya and will not let Dadi also forgive her. He thinks he will punish Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil, and won’t let them come near his fuggi. Nikhil comes there and sees car.

Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words that he loves her. Nikhil peeps through the window and sees her in the kitchen. He thinks perfect murder, she is alone and thinks to give hint to her. He recalls getting call from Aaliya asking him to kill Pragya and not to give hint to her. Pragya thinks somebody is seeing her and comes near the window. Nikhil thinks you shall drink last cup of tea, don’t know if you will get everything in heaven, but if you go to hell then you will get just boiling water. Pragya brings kada to Abhi. Abhi asks why didn’t you call me and asks her to decide on the name. Abhi says Abhipra/prabhi. Abhi says this is our baby’s name. Pragya says name should have meaning. Abhi says you don’t like this idea, but you liked about idea of having baby. Pragya asks him to have kada. Abhi drinks it. Abhi says I was thinking to have honeymoon in this house and then go, as this house is lucky for us. He says we shall have babies now as we are married since long. Pragya says we can’t stay here as we didn’t tell Dadi or Maa. Abhi says we will give them double news naa. Pragya says I will not do anything until I talk to Maa and Dadi. Abhi says you have postponed our honeymoon plans, and says lets go, inform them and return here back. Pragya blushes. Abhi says I can see that you want what I want. They have an eye lock. Bheegi Bheegi Sadakon pe….plays…………………..They hug each other romantically.

Nikhil says are you ready for your last ride Pragya. He gets mechanic stuff near the car and hits the mechanic. Mechanic shouts and says I wouldn’t have worked for you. Nikhil says you are working for money. Mechanic says I have failed the brakes well. Nikhil says he has cut car brakes and says car can run for only 10 mins and then accident will happen. Nikhil thinks Pragya will have to go.

Purab tries calling Abhi and thinks Pragya’s life is in danger. He thinks why he is not picking the call. He is in the car on the way to Lonavala. Abhi tells Pragya that he found a new name. Pragya asks him to let her take bath. Abhi says he got a good name and wants a cute baby girl like you. He says Abhigya. Pragya says it is good. Abhi asks her to come out and says we will have honeymoon. Pragya asks him to wait for another 2 days. Abhi thinks to bring breakfast for Pragya and surprise her. Nikhil gives money to mechanic and asks him not to tell anyone that he did the work for him. Mechanic says I didn’t remember. Nikhil thinks what you will do Pragya now? And says he is waiting for the time when the accident happens, laughs. He thinks he couldn’t wait any longer.

Tanu thinks what does Purab think about himself and asks why these people sacrifices and don’t think about himself. She provokes Aaliya further. Aaliya asks her to shut up and says nothing will happen now. Nikhil calls Aaliya and Tanu, and sings congratulations and celebrations….Aaliya says I am not in a mood to celebrate. Nikhil asks her to make mood and make arrangements for last rites. He says even last rites will be done by the accident. Aaliya says there is a problem here. Nikhil asks what happened? Aaliya says Purab came to know about our plan. Nikhil asks did you tell him. Aaliya says why I will tell him. Nikhil says you loves him. Aaliya says I love him, but I am not blind. She says Purab heard about their planning and left even after I tried. Nikhil says Pragya will die before Purab can reach here. He says arrow is out now and anyone have to die, either Pragya or Purab. Aaliya is shocked.

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Pragya comes after bath and asks Abhi to tell what he wants to say. She couldn’t see him anywhere and thinks he is teasing her and hidden somewhere. She asks him to come out and looks for him. She sees his jacket, and wonders where did he go? She gets a letter from him, that he is going to market to buy readymade breakfast, and asks her to come soon after bathing and then they will have breakfast together. Pragya thinks all mornings should be like this and promises to give you happiness all life.

Abhi coming out of house, just then cat crosses him…He thinks about Dadi’s words that it is inauspicious to go when cat crosses way. He rubbish his doubts and thinks to go back to Pragya and tell her about baby name. He then thinks he shall bring breakfast for her first. He sits in car, but it doesn’t start. Then he starts car and thinks about Tanu. He thinks he can’t bear to even think about her and thinks to take out his frustration on her, and calls her. Tanu picks the call and tells him that she was waiting for his call and blah blah blackmailing about the baby. Abhi reminds her that baby is dead, and tells her that he knows all her truth now. He says you don’t know what I will do with you now. Tanu says what you are saying? Abhi says just Pragya loves me and you love just my money. Tanu says Pragya is lying and says that video is fake. Abhi says I didn’t tell about the video, and says the more you will try to prove that you are innocent then I will get more angry. Tanu says I have been loyal to you always, and loved you and not your money.

Abhi asks about her loyalty and says he has fulfilled their relation with loyalty, but not you. He thanks God as Pragya entered his life and made him understand true love. He says you don’t deserve me, but need punishment only. He says your boyfriend Nikhil…and your baby with him. He says I believed on your lies, and it have snatched my peace, and everything. He says I was crying thinking that the baby is mine, but you was partying with Nikhil. Tanu says that baby was yours and says Pragya had killed him. Abhi asks her to stop her lies and says you have always emotionally blackmailed me and made me doubt on Pragya. He says if you asked for money, then I would have given you. He says your kind of woman are family breakers and you don’t need babies as you think of baby as a burden. He asks her to give message to her boyfriend and says I will ruin him for playing with my life.

I will tell him how to play a game and says I will get him fired from his job and will make him bring on road. He says now your partner in crime Aaliya. He says I will not forgive her and not let Dadi forgive her. He says she is dead for us, and will not see her face. He says until I come back, don’t go anywhere…as I will come and kick you out and will send you to your boyfriend’s house. He says I like cleanliness, but don’t like to dirty my hands. Tanu is in shock. Aaliya says how this has happened, says this is impossible. Tanu says Abhi will not leave me. Aaliya says Pragya has planned to kill three of us. Tanu says Abhi will not harm you, and says she is at loss. Aaliya says I can’t enter home now, and says you can go to your family. Tanu says even my family will not let me enter home. She says Abhi will ruin my career. Tanu says how can Pragya do this, and says if Abhi is with Pragya. Aaliya says you told that Pragya is alone, and even Nikhil checked. She says Pragya must have sent video on Abhi’s phone. Tanu says I told that we shall kill Pragya. They argue. Aaliya asks her to stop fighting and says let her think.

Abhi is happy and thinks Tanu is out from his life and Pragya is in. He thinks he can’t wait any longer now and says wait for me…I am coming in sometime. Kisi Khwab Ki Tarah song plays……………Purab calls Abhi. Abhi says this is called true friend and says hello. Purab asks him to hear him first. Abhi says I will always be under your favor and tells that he came to know everything how he supported Pragya along with Dadi. He appreciates him. Purab says let me speak first. Abhi says I will meet and hug you. Purab says I am very happy, but need to tell something more important than this. He tells that he heard Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil planning against Pragya and did something to her car. He asks Abhi not to let Pragya sit in car. Abhi is shocked and looks at the car. Purab asks him to call Pragya and asks her not to sit in car. Abhi asks him not to worry and says I will tell her not to sit in car and says I can’t return your favors in this birth, and asks him to become his brother in next birth. Purab asks him to call Pragya. Abhi thinks he might die before he could reach there.

Dadi comes to Abhi’s room calling Robin and his photo frame breaks. She gets worried. Rachna asks her not to worry and says she will get another frame. Abhi asks Purab to take care of Pragya and Dadi, and always support them. Purab says I will do as you said and asks him to call Pragya first.


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