Twist of Fate 18 December 2020 Zee world: Tanu coming to Abhi and sees the room dark. She calls Abhi and says she thought he would be alone and that’s why she came there. She says I came to know about Pragya and Champak, a week before, but I was not having proofs. She asks if you are upset with me.

Abhi says no. Tanu hugs him and tries to trap him in her fake love. Abhi gets irritated with her hug and asks her to go. Tanu says I want to love you and share your pain. Abhi asks her to go. Tanu thinks she will not leave Abhi from tomorrow and will spend time with him. Pragya comes and is about to collide with her. She says sorry. Tanu asks if she was crying in Dadi’s room and asks her to go to Sarla’s room. Pragya says if your truth comes out the nobody will wipe your tears. Tanu says you are trapped in an illegitimate affair, and says you couldn’t prove my illegitimate affair. She asks her to give to her room and checks her position in Abhi’s eyes. She says Abhi is heart broken now, and only I can support him. Pragya says it is my room and my husband, I can talk to him whenever I want to. Tanu asks her to go, and says today I know that Abhi will go far from you, the more you try to get closer. She says Nikhil told me something and tells about the proverb. She gives her fake good luck and goes.

Mitali thinks she shall inform Pragya about Tanu and Nikhil’s conspiracy. She asks Robin where is Pragya? He says he saw her going to kitchen. Mitali goes to kitchen. Tanu is in the kitchen and thinks why light is off. Mitali thinks Pragya is there and tells that she came to know about the secret, and says it is all Tanu and her boyfriend’s plan to make you fall down in Abhi’s eyes. Tanu hears her. Mitali says I will support you as you are Mehra bahu, and asks her to expose Tanu. She asks Pragya to give her something and says I am in your team. She says Tanu will leave from our house while hiding her face. Tanu throws chilli on her eyes and says I am Tanu. Mitali says how you are here? Tanu says I thought to open your eyes. Mitali says why did you throw chilli on my eyes, and asks her to give water. Tanu refuses and says she will bring her fake lover and then Raj will kick her out. She goes. Mitali cries and asks for water.

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Abhi is sad. Pragya enters their room. Hamari adhuri plays…………….Pragya cries. Tanu thinks she will have fun to hear about Pragya and Abhi’s fight. Tai ji thinks she will spy on Tanu and wears the googles. She asks Tanu what you are doing? Tanu says she is walking. Tai ji says if I walk with black specs then I will get good sleep. Tanu thinks how I will hear Abhi and Pragya now. Tai ji thinks she will check on Tanu’s doings and will inform Mitali. Taya ji informs Taiji and asks her to bring water. Tanu asks her to go and thinks it is good she went else my night show would have gone.

Abhi asks Pragya to wear her specs. Pragya is shocked. Abhi says I want to see where I was wrong? You have become shameless just as you took specs off from your face. He says you have done affair and also accepted it shamelessly. He says you have broken my hope. He says hope is an important thing and can snatch life from a person. He says I was hopeful that my fuggi will return and I bear you torture because of hope, thought you will change yourself, but you have snatched my hope from me. Abhi says when a person realizes love then it is true love. When I was about to confess, propose and surprise you, but you have stabbed me at my back after hugging me. You used to say that your kumkum is everything to you, and asks what is in that man that you forgot about your kumkum, marriage etc. Pragya cries and tries to clear the misunderstanding. Abhi says he will punish himself for her mistake. Pragya asks him not to punish himself rather punish her for her mistakes. She hugs him and cries. Abhi looks on…..Kaisa yeh Ishq hai…………………..

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Abhi asks Pragya what she will name the second man in her life. Pragya says you are thinking me wrong. Abhi says I had feelings for you until you was my fuggi, but now I don’t have even hatred for you, you don’t exist for me, I end all my relations with you, marriage, friendship, boss-employee relationship and humanity also. Tanu gets happy and says Nikhil’s idea is super hit. We will celebrate now. Abhi says this room was my world, but I feel suffocated here. I will punish myself for your doings. Pragya asks him not to leave room and asks him to listen to her. Abhi says you have lost the right now, and says I have done what you wanted, with the hope that one day you will hug me and tell that you are my fuggi. He says I won’t let you fool me now. He asks her not to tell anyone about their conversation. Hamari adhuri plays…………

Tanu calls Nikhil. Nikhil asks why did you call me. I thought you will stay with Abhi all night, and he will cry keeping his head on your shoulder. Tanu says I went to his room, but came out soon. She says Abhi have insulted Pragya and have broken all relations with her. Tanu says Pragya’s condition is more worst than my condition when I was caught. Nikhil says it is like music to my ears. He says Abhi can’t come out of this, and I am feeling much peace. Tanu argues with him. Nikhil asks why we are fighting, it is actually Abhi and Pragya’s fighting night. Pragya thinks she went far from Abhi and cries badly….Darmiyan song plays……………..

Rachna wakes up in night and tells Akash that storm is going to come. Akash asks her not to worry and says we will solve their problems together. Rachna hopes that they get closer. Abhi comes out and thinks he will get drenched in rain, but will not go inside. Pragya thinks what to do? She thinks Abhi will catch cold, and thinks to call him inside. She thinks he might scold me, but let him scold me, I won’t let him stay outside. She holds his hand and tries to take him inside. They have an eye lock. Pragya takes him inside. Abhi asks her not to touch her. Pragya asks him to sit down and goes to bring towel. She covers him with blanket. She washes his feet in hot water and applies vicks on his chest. Abhi thinks of her confession and brushes her hand off him. Pragya says you are having cold, don’t go outside. Abhi goes outside and locks the door. Pragya cries.

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Dadi sees Abhi sleeping in her room and asks him to wake up. Abhi says I will bring my stuff here and says he will stay in her room now like he used to in childhood. He says Pragya didn’t tell me about her affair and humiliated him infront of guests. He asks did I do right by leaving her. Dadi says you did right. She says if man does betray his wife then it appears to be good, but if woman does then she is wrong. Abhi asks if you are taunting me? Dadi says you have made Tanu pregnant before marriage and says she is proud of him. She gives examples of kings. She says wife should bear loneliness, sadness etc, and says Pragya did wrong. Abhi thinks Pragya didn’t do it intentionally, but may be she wanted me to feel pain just as she felt with my extra marital affair. He thinks it means she loves me even now, it is so confusing, I will ask Dadi.

Abhi asks Dadi about Pragya. Dadi says may be she wanted to teach you a lesson and make you taste of your own medicine, and took revenge. Abhi thinks to find out.


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