Twist of Fate Thursday 20 August 2020 Written update: On Twist of Fate 20 August 2020, Pragya telling Akash and Rachna that she called them to temple to get them married right now.

Rachna says it is not possible. Akash asks if she knows she is doing wrong. Pragya says they are doing a mistake and with one wrong decision, they will regret forever. Rachna says she will not regret as Akash is getting married tomorrow. Pragya says Akash he will spoil another girl’s life if he marries another girl and what will she feel if she does not feel love in his eyes and what will he feel if that girl gets pregnant. She then tells Rachna that her child will be called illegitimate and whole society will ask his father’s name, maybe she will marry another man to give father’s name, but what is the guarantee that man will accept her child. She further tells they both are doing mistake will ruin a girl and child’s lives. They should forget the past and think their lives will be peaceful, they will get happy seeing each other’s face in the morning and enjoy seeing their child’s play. Their one mistake will ruin their future and their child will blame them for its ruined future. She tells Akash that she did wrong by calling him here before his marriage, but her decision is not wrong and they will blame themslves whole life and asks if they want to live life with their memories or live together.

Racha apologizes Akash and hugs him. He also gets emotional. She says she did not realize how much he has changed and howmuch he loves her. He says they realized their mistake and he will marry her right now here and will not care about his family’s anger as she and their child is his family now. Rachna asks Pragya what will she tell Suresh. Pragya asks to think of herself and once they get married and live happily, everyone will forgive them. Akash says bhabhi is telling truth.

Daadi sees Abhi emotional and asks what happened. Abhi says he is very lucky to have her in his life, she takes care of him like a mother and even takes care of Pragya like her daughter and not bahu. He says today is mother’s day and wishes her happy mother’s day.

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Bride and her family enter with their relative. Taiji and daadi greet them in. Mom tells Taiji they made arrangements really well.

Daadi says Abhi arranged everything. Bride says she is very happy that she is getting married in Abhi’s famil and asks if she can take a selfie with Abhi as she wants to show it to her friends on facebook. Daadi permits. She goes and sits with Abhi who is busy designing mantap and asks if she can take selfie with him. He says she took it yesterday. She says her friends are taunting that her pic was random, so she wants to click another one. He permits her, then walks to Daasi and asks if she saw her bahu. Daasi points at bride and says she is busy clicking selfie. He says she is talking about Pragya. Daadi taunts him that he cannot live without pragya even for a second. Daadi asks Abhi to call Akash. Akash sees Abhi’s phone and tells Pragya that bhai is calling. She asks him to pick call. Akash says he cannot lie bhai, so he will not pick call. Abhi thinks he must be driving.

Pragya convinces pandit to get Akash and Rachna married and pandit starts their marriage. A man sees Rachna and runs of inform Suresh.

Daadi asks Taiji to call pandit, but she gets busy serving bride’s parents. Mitali sees bride taking selfies and asks if she knows anything other than taking selfies. Girl gets confused. Mitali asks if she knows household work as her saas is very strict. Bride says she is joking and says she is getting married in rockstar Abhi’s house and does not have to work. Mitali thinks let her be in euphoria, she will come back to reality soon and will serve her. Taiji takes her to corner and asks her not to think taking bride’s service. Parents ask Taiji where is groom. She says he went to bring his sherwani.

Suresh comes home and does not find Rachna. His friend calls him and informs that Rachna is getting married in a temple. Suresh runs towards temple.

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Abhi informs Daadi that Akash phone is not reachable. Aaliya asks what happend. He says Akash’s phone is not reachable. Daadi feels tensed. Daasi asks her to relax. Mitali thinks this house is full of dramas and hopes Akash should not come back.

Pandit asks Akash to apply sindhoor in Rachna’s forehead. Suresh comes and shouts at Rachna.

Suresh asks Pragya, why you are here. And you didn’t tell me that they are marrying. Pragya asks Suresh to come with her and asks Rachna and Akash to continue marrying. Suresh says Akash will spoil Rachna’s life again. Pragya says she is doing what he was supposed to do. Suresh says everything has happened right infront of you. First he acted to love her, made her pregnant and then left her. Pragya says you just know that you had happened in the past, but don’t know what will happen in the future. Suresh says Rachna can’t be happy in that house. Pragya says she is very happy in that house. Suresh says he knows well. Pragya says everyone thinking is different. She asks can’t you see your sister’s happiness. Suresh is shocked.

Pragya says why you are stopping marriage of two people in love. Suresh asks you are saying this. Pragya says you are not same like before. You are getting jealous and behaving like her enemy. Suresh gets angry and raise his hand to slap her, but stops. Pragya says Bulbul’s rejection has made you like this. You didn’t get happiness in love, and that’s why you can’t see other happy. You want to see others suffer exactly like you. Suresh says I don’t understand why you are saying this. I really don’t believe. He gets teary eyed and says he didn’t feel bad hearing Bulbul’s rejection, but feeling bad hearing her perception about him. Akash and Rachna come to them upon completion of their marriage. Suresh is shocked to see Rachna and Akash holding each other hands.

Pragya tells Suresh to bless them to be happy and proved her wrong. She will be happy. Suresh comes near them. Rachna says she is helpless and don’t want to see him sad. She asks him to bless them and bids adieu. Suresh accepts and hugs them. Pragya is happy and cries. Suresh tells Rachna not to cry as she didn’t do anything wrong. Pragya apologizes to Suresh and says she said everything intentionally. She says I knew that you are really a good hearted person. She says Rachna have to fight for her right and you have to support her. Suresh says you set everything fine and thanks her. Disa and Dadi wait for Akash. Mitali thinks Akash will not come so there will be no marriage here. Taiji tells that Akash called and said that he will be coming soon. Dadi asks Pandit ji to start the preparations.


Akash comes to the marriage venue with Rachna, wearing garlands. Dadi turns and is shocked to see them married. Tai ji asks what is this joke? Akash says I really married Rachna. She slaps him. Everyone is shocked. Akash says he tried to correct his mistake. Abhi comes downstairs. Dadi says let me talk. She says you ruined everything in a min and cries. Tai ji says she will punish them and refuses to accept Rachna as her bahu. She asks Akash to throw her out else……Akash protects Rachna and says she will stay with him as she is his wife now. Tai ji asks them to leave from her house. Pragya comes there. Everyone is shocked to see her. Pragya says Akash and Rachna didn’t do anything wrong. She says she got them married.

She says Akash is a son of this house. When he corrected his mistake then there is no place for him here. She asks Dadi about her decision. Dadi says she was never against Rachna. Pragya supports Rachna and says you would have talked to her before taking decision about Akash. You thought Akash would be alone, if not married. She tells that Rachna is pregnant since 8 and a half months, but no one bothers about her. She didn’t share her feelings with anyone. There was no one with her. She just heard taunts from people. She says pregnancy is a big happiness to have happen to a woman, but it was a curse for Rachna. She asks Tai ji, if Akash is not her blood. Taiji says you are always wrong. Rachna cries. Abhi looks on.



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