Twist of Fate Sunday 16 August 2020 Written update: On Twist of 16th August 2020 update, Daadi telling Abhi that in marriage, one partner has many irregularities and another partner should never think of it, else it will be difficult to live together.

He is very lucky to have Pragya as wife who tolerates all his nonsense. He reminisces scolding Pragya often. Daadi should know what he needs. Abhi thinks he is confused what he needs and if he tells he what he needs, he will lose her which he would never like.

Pragya walks on the road towards Sarla’s house. She sees Tanu’s parents searching her house and asks how come they are here. Mom says she wants to meet her mom. Pragya asks why. She says she told Abhi and Tanu can marry in June. She asks who exactly they are. She says they are Tanu’s parents and though their daughter is independent, they have to talk about her marriage. Pragya realizes the situation and tells mom that her mom is out of station and she herself will talk to her. She thinks how dare Tanu is to send her parents there.

Abhi is busy engrasped in thoughts. Tanu comes and says her parents have come and she has sent them to Pragya’s mom’s house, says he should talk to her dad and fix marriage. He reminisces dadi’s words and hugs her thinking she is Pragya. She says though he loves her, it is not the right time to get so intimate, he should go and talk to her parents about marriage as he promised. He says he is tensed and asks her to keep quiet. She says she does not care if he is tensed. He asks her to get out. She says how can he speak so rudely to her, she is not Pragya. He says if she does not care about him, then he also does not care, so she should get out. She apologizes him and tries to get intimate. He kicks her out of room and locks door. She walks down crying. Daadi and Daasi who are searching Pragya are surprised to see Tanu crying and think it is good for them.

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Abhi in distress scolds robin for setting small table for his drinks. Robin says madam told this table is perfect for him. He says he is asking to take it out and then asks him to go. He says he is confused if he loves Pragya or not, takes her pic and tries to break it over mirror. Purab who is listening to his conversation silently standing outside the door gets irked seeing him trying to break Pragya’s photoframe and is about to enter to stop him when he stops and thinks he cannot break it.

Tanu goes back to her house and thinks when Abhi is not ready to talk to her, why will he talk to her parents, she is in deep trouble. Pragya comes there. Tanu asks what is she doing here. Pragya says she will not tolerate her nonsense now. She says her mom is heart patient, why did she send her parents with her marriage. She did not care earlier, but now she does not want to separate from Abhi and if she ever tries, she will inform her parents that she is forcing to separate husband and wife. She continues and asks her to stop troubling her mother and husband. Tanu says she is troubling her instead and says because of her Abhi kicked her out of his room. Pragya says she must have done something, so he kicked her out. She continues and says she will fight with her fate this time to save her marriage.

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Purab enters Abhi’s room. Abhi asks when did he come. Purab says since he started yelling at Robin. Abhi says why does he try to play with his feelings and try to manipulate him. Purab says he knows since chilhood, he always thought only good for him. He should realize how much he loves Pragya and show his feelings. Abhi says he will not. Purab asks will he when Pragya leaves him and says he always breaks Pragya’s heart thinking she will forgive him, but she also has a limit. He will have to express it before it is too late.

Tanu telling Pragya it is too late now and how dare she is to enter her house and scold her. Abhi only loves her and even after knowing that, she married him. She is Abhi’s daadi’s choice and not Abhi’s, so he will kick her out. She says she loves Abhi and will fight for her love now.

Abhi on the othe side asks Purab why don’t he feel love for Pragya. Purab asks if he does not love her, why did he go to save her and got shot instead of letting her die, why did he feel jealous. He further asks if he does not love Pragya, why did he tell her I love you and keeping her pics instead of throwing. He himself has solution of his confusion and is egostic, so it is not letting him accept his feelings. He always meets Pragya as Abhi the rockstar and not Abhi mehra, he has many fans but does not have love. He asks him to shut his eyes once and think if he ges Pragya’s face or someone else.

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Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic and reminisces their diwali dhamaka and recent events and misses him.

Pragya takes Tanu to hospital and asks her to get her pregnancy test. Tanu hesitates. Pragya asks if she is tensed that her truth will come out. Doc comes and asks who wants to get check up. Pragya shows Tanu and says pregnancy checkup. Doc takes her inside, comes out and says she is 1-1/2 month pregnant.

Pragya walks on the road sadly reminiscing her and Ahi’s moments together and thinks why did she love Abhi whom she cannot get, why did she become such a big emotional fool, why did she become emotionally weak. Abhi scalls her and asks where is she, he is waiting for her since a long time. He says he wants to talk to her a lot of thinks and asks her to come soon as he is waiting for her. He asks if she is there. She with teary eyes says she on the way and will come. He thinks she must be angry on him, but once she returns he will apologise her and set thinks right. She thinks Abhi does not love her and she cannot get away with this truth.

Tanu comes back to her home and thinks already Abhi is angry on her and if she tells him about her pregnany, he will break his relationship. What if Pragya informs him before, thinks let her tell first.

Pragya comes home and sees Abhi sound asleep on sofa. she tries to correct his posture, but stops thinking she should not wake him up. He wakes up and sees her going towards balcony.

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