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Monday, August 15, 2022
September Teasers

Twist Of Fate September Teasers 2021

Twist Of Fate September Teasers 2021
Twist Of Fate September Teasers 2021

Twist Of Fate September Teasers 2021: Alia thrashes Abhi for attacking Gayatri (Pragya posing as a maid). Tanu decides to convince Gayatri to not quit her job. While Prachi questions Sahana for helping Ranbeer, he vows to make Prachi his.

Twist Of Fate September Teasers 2021
Twist Of Fate September Teasers 2021

Zeeworld Twist Of Fate September 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Episode 204

Alia spins more lies than usual and creates confusion between Abhi & Pragya. While Abhi is determined and committed to marry Meera – Pragya vows not to let that happen. Rhea runs out of the shoproom. Pragya is saved by Purab.

Thursday, September 2, 2020

Episode 205

A hitman is hired in order to kill Abhi. Pragya runs into the hitman while she’s on her way towards the temple. Ranbeer stops Prachi from finding the truth. Pragya confesses her affection to the hitman as he is about to fire the shot. Baljeet spots Aryan inside the temple.

Friday, 3 September 2021

Episode 206

Alia loses control when she sees Abhi get married to Pragya by video calling. Abhi and Pragya race out of the temple following the wedding. They hear a gunshot, and the hitman follows. Ranbeer is informed of Rhea’s arrival.

Saturday 4 September 2021

Episode 207

Pragya & Abhi realise that there are many people after their family and they seek refuge. Rhea, who is at the temple, assumes that Aryan will be marrying Palak. Meera gets furious at Alia because she betrayed her.

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Sunday 5 September 2021

Episode 208

Rhea insists Ranbeer mar her that day. Pragya is allowed to hide with Abhi in their home by a couple. Ranbeer, when it comes time to marry Prachi gets nervous and refuses betrayal.

Monday 6th September 2021

Episode 209

Abhi and Pragya are both emotionally affected by Ratna’s and her husband’s charming actions. Two of the contract murderers vow to kill Abhi. Pragya, Abhi, and Pragya share some sweet moments. The hitmen locate the horse and go to every house in the town. Rhea then tells everyone what Alia did.

Tuesday 7th September 2021

Episode 210

Ratna’s husband and wife are tortured by the hitmen. Abhi injures a hitman, then escapes with Pragya by driving away. Another hitman intercepts them. A fight ensues. Pragya is concerned by an unlucky occurrence that occurs just in time.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Episode 211

Pragya meets Abhi at a temple where they exchange vows. The shocking truth about Digvijay is revealed. Digvijay’s men disguise themselves as police officers, and bring Abhi (and Pragya) to a farmhouse. Sarita is being worried about another untoward omen.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Episode 212

Baljeet & Sarita learn that Pragya’s life is in peril. Pragya later views a photo of Ashok with Killer Snake and Snake. Ashok’s spouse renders Pragya unconscious. Abhi watches Pragya as Baljeet (and Sarita) begin the puja.

Friday, 10th September 2021

Episode 213

Ashok’s husband is killed when Pragya (Abhi) and Pragya escape the farmhouse. Purab goes out looking for Abhi & Pragya after receiving a call by the inspector. Pragya talks to Abhi about Ranbeer and his daughters. Killer later chases them.

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Saturday, 11th September 2021

Episode 214

Purab learns all about Abhi (and Pragya)’s whereabouts. Pragya is furious when Abhi becomes injured while fighting the hitmen. He begs for his own life. Pragya insists on Abhi’s survival and seeks out help. Digvijay then orders Killer, to bring Abhi to him.

Sunday 12 September 2021

Season Finale

Episode 215

Pragya sees that Killer didn’t know Abhi was at the hospital. Everyone is shocked when Abhi’s condition is revealed by the doctor.

This is Fate replaces Twist Of Fate on the 13th September, 2021. 

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