Twist of Fate Season 3 February 2021 Teasers

Twist of Fate Season 3 February 2021 Teasers: On the Season 3 premiere, Pragya and Abhi blame each other for Kiara’s death. The Mehras rush Pragya to the hospital, due to her premature labour pain. Soon, she gives birth to twin daughters. Coming up on Twist Of Fate February 2021 Teasers.

Twist Of Fate February Teasers 2021 Zee world

Twist Of Fate February Teasers 2021 Zee world

Zeeworld Twist Of Fate February 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 10 February 2021

Episode 1

Several months pass by as a montage reveals the Mehras lovingly caring for Pragya. Tanu visits Nikhil and strikes a bargain with him to hurt Pragya’s unborn child for 1 crore INR. Shortly, disguised as a Rajasthani drummer, Nikhil arrives in the Mehra house. Abhi and Pragya get worried when they don’t find Kiara in the home.

Thursday 11 February 2021

Episode 2

Meanwhile, Nikhil gathers Rocky and his group of goons to execute his strategy. After exploring, Ashish tells Abhi the kidnapper has abducted Kiara for revenge. Nikhil calls Abhi and demands a ransom of 30 million INR. Ashish attempts to prevent Abhi from performing the kidnapper’s bidding. Ashish understands the authorities involved in the situation. The police’s sudden intervention contributes to Vicky getting murdered!

Friday 12 February 2021

Episode 3

A furious Abhi faces Ashish for involving the authorities whilst Pragya faints in the news. Soon, the sound of a bullet being shot on Nikhil’s side silences everyone. King comes rushing to fulfill Pragya, who asks him to loan her the money for Kiara’s ransom. Meanwhile, the Mehras rush Pragya into the hospital, because of her premature labor pain. Shortly, she gives birth to twin daughters. Abhi matches Pragya and tells his daughters about Kiara.

Saturday 13 February 2021

Episode 4

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King feels cheated and bitter by Abhi for his loved ones. Abhi reflects upon Purab and Disha’s words and decides to Speak to Pragya. But he finds her missing on returning home and realises where she should have gone. Pragya meets Kiara in the address given by Shetty, who asks her to meet outside and take Kiara with her. Shanky gets Shetty’s place from Abhi. Pragya will get hold of Kiara, but Nikhil and his gang arrive and beat up Shetty.

Sunday 14 February 2021

Episode 5

Kiara manages to escape from Nikhil’s calls and captivity Pragya but is not able to talk about her location. Pragya faces Abhi for not showing faith in her. Afterwards, Nikhil calls Pragya for ransom. King plans to run away with Kiara to London to induce Pragya to come there also. King and Nikhil become a debate when Nikhil won’t follow through on the terms agreed upon.


Monday 15 February 2021

Episode 6

A distressed Abhi snatches a cop’s gun and threatens to kill Nikhil, who afterwards slips and falls down to the lake with Kiara. Pragya and Abhi blame each other for Kiara’s death.

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Episode 7

Disha reveals that she’d uttered King’s conversation with Nikhil until they’d left to satisfy up with the kidnapper. Still holding each other accountable for shedding Kiara, Abhi and Pragya select one daughter each in the twins and part ways forever.

Wednesday 17 February 2021

Episode 8

Twenty years later, Meera and Mitali have a difficult time attending to Abhi’s daughter, Riya’s tantrums.

Thursday 18 February 2021

Episode 9

When Shahana brings news of her and Prachi being chosen for the scholarship in a school in Delhi, Pragya gets angry and rebukes Prachi. Aliya admits that Abhi is getting an award and his business partner, Vikram, congratulates him. Prachi wishes never to see her father who had been responsible for ruining Pragya’s life. Meanwhile, Abhi finds himself wondering about Prachi.

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Friday 19 February 2021

Episode 10

Prachi, who hears Abhi’s speech, is transferred by his love for his daughter. She remembers Biji’s words about her dad. Finally, Riya arrives at the service and greets Abhi.

Saturday 20 February 2021

Episode 11

Riya arrives in the school, and as part of faculty ragging, assigns Prachi using a job to smack Rohit, a fellow pupil. Prachi comes across Ranbir, but his pricey attitude miffs her. When Prachi and Shahana’s aunt demands them to pay for shelter and food, Prachi decides to search for a job. The following day, Abhi surprises Riya on her birthday.

Sunday 21 February 2021

Episode 12

Prachi and Shahana bag work in a catering firm and get assigned to a huge party. Purab gets into an altercation with his wife, Alia. After greeting everyone, Riya spots Shahana and Prachi and compels the latter to throw a drink at Ranbir to save her job. Prachi does so, but the beverage splashes on Abhi instead.


Monday 22 February 2021

Episode 13

While Prachi provides a shoulder massage to Daljeet, Riya talks to Alia about the ideal time to execute their strategy. Abhi wants Ranbir to be the face of the company. Elsewhere, Pragya becomes stressed for Prachi when their picture falls down and breaks. Afterwards, Riya accuses Prachi of stealing the necklace to get back at her.

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Episode 14

Prachi is detained after Riya’s necklace is located in her pocket. Shahana informs Pragya concerning the episode. Meera slaps Riya after learning about her devious action. Riya’s action to fool Meera impresses Alia. Pragya and Abhi’s paths cross, but they do not find each other. Prachi signs the confession letter to rescue Shahana from being detained.

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Wednesday 24 February 2021

Episode 15

Abhi assures Prachi he will get her out of this jail. After engaging in a verbal tussle with the cop, Abhi requires the support of the media. Pragya and Abhi fail to meet again. Afterwards, Pragya needs Sanjeev to publicly apologise to Prachi.

Thursday 25 February 2021

Episode 16

Riya plans revenge on Prachi after Abhi rebukes her while Abhi reminisces about Pragya. Alia prevents Riya from telling Abhi the reality. Prachi is shocked to find posters calling her a thief in school. Alia fails to fool Mahesh.

Friday 26 February 2021

Episode 17

At the school, Prachi is astonished to hear Ranbir’s belief that she’s not a thief. Dasi matches Pragya, who manages to dodge Abhi. Aryan’s query leaves Purab disturbed. Afterwards, Prachi gets back at Riya.

Saturday 27 February 2021

Episode 18

Riya’s revenge plan backfires as Prachi slaps her. Abhi won’t believe that Dasi had fulfilled Pragya. Riya vows to create Prachi cover slapping her. Abhi plays the CCTV footage, but Alia saves Riya’s deed from being vulnerable. Pragya defends Prachi against her aunt.

Sunday 28 February 2021

Episode 19

Pragya motivates Prachi and Shahana. Abhi and Meera relaxation Riya after she’s a nightmare. Upset at the news of her movie of being slapped by Prachi going viral about the campus, Riya attempts to run over Prachi with her vehicle. Meera looks for Pragya’s image in Abhi’s room.


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