Twist of Fate 27th June 2020: On Twist of Fate Saturday 27 June 2020 update, Abhi burning his hand in havan fire. Pragya gets worried for him, asks why can’t he be careful and runs to get ointment.

Twist of Fate 27th June 2020: On Twist of Fate Saturday 27 June 2020 update,Tanu follows her. Pragya tells Abhi why can’t he see Pragya’s love for him and asks him to see truth. Aaliya says he needs to see truth and not Abhi and drags him from there. Sarla says Abhi that he is trying to change destiny and got burnt, says he cannot change, her daughter will prosper and he will repent his whole life.

Rachna gets labor pains. Akash gets her to hospital. Doc asks him to finish admission formalities. Receptionist asks him to tell child’s father’s name. He says Akash Mehra.


Aaliya takes Purab to a room and asks why is he doing all this and trying to test her patience, she loves him and is keeping quiet. He says it is clear that he loves Bulbul and not her, she should stop talking her bullshit. She says Abhi loves Tanu and she will do anything to get them united. He asks if she is behind this MMS as he knows she can stoop to any limit and asks her to stop Pragya’s marriage, he will marry her in the same mantap right now. She asks if he is sure. He says yes. She says she will not stop it as she loves her brother and cannot see him with a characterless girl, but will marry him for sure. He walks out of room irking her.

Tanu goes to Pragya’s room and asks why is she showing fake concern for Abhi, whe she has agreed to marry Suresh. She asks if she wants to show she cares Abhi more than her and asks if Abhi will change his decision seeing it, he himself is getting her married and is kicking her out of house, she knows all this, even then she is doing it. Mitali comes and asks Tanu to go and nurse Abhi soon. Pragya runs with ointment.

Doc says Akash that labor pains are common in pregnancy and she needs rest and come back when her due date comes.

Pragya comes down running with ointment. Sarla and everyone angrily look at her. She says she could not control herself seeing Abhi’s burnt hand and gives Tanu ointment. Tanu applies ointment on Abhi’s hand and Pragya watches it helplessly. Abhi watches here sad face and reminisces he taking care of her before and then getting her ready for marriage.

Daasi and her cousin request comatosed Daadi to wake up as Pragya is getting being forcefully married. Daadi blinks her eyes. Daasi runs and brings nurse. Nurse says patients blink in coma usually. Cousin daadi asks her to wake up, else she will not be seeing Pragay again.

Pandit asks Pragya to touch elder’s feet and take their blessings. She comes near Abhi. He says she does not have to marry, says he saw her concern for him when he burnt his hand and he cannot trouble her, says he will not leave her now and hugs her. Everyone claps. Pragya opens her eyes and it is just her dream. Abhi says he is tying knots for marriage first time in life and says he wants their relationship to continue for lives and asks panditji to continue chantings. Pragya watches his baffoonery with teary eyes.

Aaliya tells Purab that they can marry in the same mantap now if she wishes. She gets a message from someone that he sent Pragya’s innocence proof to Abhi and he will get it anytime. Tanu and Mitali also get same message and they hurriedly walk out to meet everyone. They all meet and tell they got his message.

Aaliya, Mitali and Tanu telling each other that they got the same message and have to find out who sent it. Aaliya says they have to go out and see everyone’s facial expressions. They go and check and find everyone normal. Mitali says everyone looks normal and if Abhi gets Pragya’s proof of innocence, Pragya will be back in his life and Abhi will kick her out and may keep them both as they are his dear ones. Aaliya says Pragya must have sent it and wanted us to make mistake, so they should be alert and especially Mitali.

Pragya in mantap looks at Abhi who is as usual his baffoon mood and smiles. Mitali comes and sits in front of Pragya. Aaliya comes and asks her to not make Pragya doubtful and takes her from there. Panditji asks bride and groom to bring their hand forward and keep it on each other’s. Pragya does not. Abhi drags her hand and keeps it on Suresh’s hand.

Mitali on the other side prays god to send Raj back and Pragya out, she will not do mistakes again. She sees a man trying to get in with envelope saying it is for Abhi and servant getting in to inform Abhi. She thinks she should inform about this to Sundari/Mundari aka Aaliya/Tanu about it and tells them. Servant informs Abhi about envelope, he goes and receives it and keeps it in his pocket. Mitali gets worried and tells Aaliya now Abhi will read it and will know we all three are behind it. Aaliya says if she starts worrying like this, he will definitely come to know and asks her to stop panicking. She says we have to steal it from Abhi. Mitali asks who will and says if she wants her to steal it, she will not. Aaliya says if she goes, she will definitely be caught and looks at Tanu. Tanu says if Abhi catches her, she will have a bad impression, so she will not do it. Aaliya says she has to just distract Abhi, she will steal it. Mitali praises Aaliya for sharp brain. Aaliya asks her to use also her brain.

Tanu engages Abhi in her talks that she wants to marry him and leave modeling and everything.. Aaliya tries to steal it from behind. Tanu asks where will they go to honeymoon. He says he has not thought about it and will think after marriage. She asks as something went into her eyes. He blows air and gets busy while Aaliya steals envelope. She shows it proudly to Mitali. Abhi comes there and asks what is she doing. She says nothing and asks him to come and enjoy Pragya’s marriage, else he will miss it. He says he will come later. Aaliya goes and adds envelope in havan along with sticks and smiles.

Pragya and Sureshs’s peheres start. Abhi stops them and adds water in havan. Panditji scolds him for stopping marriage and says it is a big abshagun/bad luck. He says he did right.


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