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Twist of Fate December 2020 Teasers: Season Finale! Pragya receives devastating news about Abhi. Aliya and Tanu take advantage of Abhi’s condition and throw Pragya out of the house. Could this be the end of Pragya and Abhi’s love story?

Zee world Twist of Fate December 2020 Teasers

Twist of Fate Tuesday 1 December 2020
(Episode 245)

Tanu convinces Abhi to marry her the following moment. Will she convince him to do so? Tanu rubs salt in Pragya’s wounds.

Twist of Fate Wednesday 2 December 2020
(Episode 246)

It is the afternoon of Tanu and Abhi’s wedding. Purab and Akash are not happy with the wedding occurring. Pragya does something that leaves Tanu gobsmacked.

Twist of Fate Thursday 3 December 2020
(Episode 247)

Aliya’s past comes back to haunt her. Pragya tries to make a deal with her enemy but things don’t go as planned. Once more, Aliya gets herself in trouble.

Twist of Fate Friday 4 December 2020
(Episode 248)

The family makes the decision to send Aliya to Australia, where she can’t hurt anybody. Tanu sees Abhi embracing Pragya. Nikhil manipulates his way back to Abhi’s great books.

Twist of Fate Saturday 5 December 2020
(Episode 249)

Pragya receives a call from a stranger offering to help her. She provides her promises that direct Pragya to impossible dreams.

Twist of Fate Sunday 6 December 2020
(Episode 250)

Pragya goes to see the person who claimed to have proof against Tanu. Pragya goes ahead to view Tanu even after finding out the facts.

Twist of Fate Monday 7 December 2020
(Episode 251)

Matters take a twist when Sarla arrives to save Pragya out of Tanu’s plans. Tanu gets caught up in her lies.

Twist of Fate Tuesday 8 December 2020
(Episode 252)

The nurse at the hospital attempts to prove Tanu brought a man into the hospital because her husband. The situation later turns out in her favour.

Twist of Fate Wednesday 9 December 2020
(Episode 253)

The family realise that the cash from the safe is missing. Tanu sets a trap for Sarla. Pammi calls the authorities to investigate a crime which Tanu blames Sarla for.

Twist of Fate Thursday 10 December 2020
(Episode 254)

Tanu turns the story around and blames Pragya for its theft. Sarla admits to having stolen the money to save Pragya’s marriage. Sarla decides to leave the home to avoid any further complications.

Twist of Fate Friday 11 December 2020
(Episode 255)

Kulpreet’s condition deteriorates. It seems that a health catastrophe will bring out the truth about Tanu. Will she manage to get herself from the situation?

Twist of Fate Saturday 12 December 2020
(Episode 256)

No teaser accessible.

Twist of Fate Sunday 13 December 2020
(Episode 257)

No teaser accessible.

Twist of Fate Monday 14 December 2020
(Episode 258)

Abhi and Pragya share a romantic moment at her birthday party. Tanu tries to instigate Abhi against Pragya however her plans do not work. Tanu and Nikhil set up Pragya and portrays her as having a affair.

Twist of Fate Tuesday 15 December 2020
(Episode 259)

Tanu accuses Pragya of cheating before guests attending to her birthday celebration. Abhi falls for Tanu’s tricks. Once more, Pragya and Abhi’s connection is tested.

Twist of Fate Wednesday 16 December 2020
(Episode 260)

Abhi invites the guy claiming to be Pragya’s boyfriend to remain with them for a couple of days. Could Abhi be providing Nikhil and Tanu an Opportunity to go contrary to Pragya?

Twist of Fate Thursday 17 December 2020
(Episode 261)

Tanu spikes Pragya’s beverage and later fulfils her plans to ruin Pragya’s reputation. Can Tanu’s plans work this time?

Twist of Fate Friday 18 December 2020
(Episode 262)

Purab saves Pragya from an attack that could’ve broken Pragya and Abhi’s marriage. Pragya lumps to a gynaecologist buddy and she secretly does a DNA test to reveal Tanu’s lies.

Twist of Fate Saturday 19 December 2020
(Episode 263)

Abhi asks Tanu to leave the home. Sheila, the gynaecologist, turns her back on Pragya. Pragya follows Nikhil to where he’s hidden Pari. She tries to save her but Nikhil gets into the way.

Twist of Fate Sunday 20 December 2020
(Episode 264)

Abhi asks Tanu to leave your home. Sheila, the gynaecologist, turns her back on Pragya. Pragya follows Nikhil to where he has hidden Pari. She tries to rescue her but Nikhil gets in the way.

Twist of Fate Monday 21 December 2020
(Episode 265)

Pragya finds herself in a much worse position after trying to assist Pari. Sarla finds out that the only way to save Pragya is by ending her daughter along with Abhi’s relationship.

Twist of Fate Tuesday 22 December 2020
(Episode 266)

Daljeet shows to Kulpreet the reason for giving Abhi the divorce documents. Abhi requires the decision to break ties with Pragya. Can their connection be mended?

Twist of Fate Wednesday 23 December 2020
(Episode 267)

Nikhil and Tanu attempt to kill Pragya, but instead of their lives end up in danger. Even after everything they’ve done , Pragya saves Nikhil and Tanu’s lives. Tanu informs the family that she has lost her child.

Twist of Fate Thursday 24 December 2020
(Episode 268)

Kulpreet threatens to leave Abhi when he decides to let go of his connection with Pragya. Pragya will get proof from the 3 musketeers.

Twist of Fate Friday 25 December 2020
(Episode 269)

Pragya attempts to show Abhi the evidence against Tanu but Abhi won’t give her a opportunity. How will Pragya manage prove her innocence?

Twist of Fate Saturday 26 December 2020
(Episode 270)

Pragya shows the truth to Abhi. Can he believe her this time? The three evil muskateers strategy Pragya’s murder – Purab overhears afterward conversating.

Twist of Fate Sunday 27 December 2020
(Episode 271)

Pragya finds out that Abhi’s life is at risk. Aliya and Tanu realise that the snare laid for Pragya has hit Abhi.

Twist of Fate Monday 28 December 2020
(Episode 272)

Abhi and Pragya prove that love truly conquers all. Pragya receives the best information of her entire life. Will this be the start of their happy ever after?

Twist of Fate Tuesday 29 December 2020
(Episode 273)
Season Finale!

Pragya receives crushing news about Abhi. Aliya and Tanu take advantage of Abhi’s condition and throw Pragya from the house. Could this be the end of Pragya and Abhi’s love story?

A rebroadcast of Amma simplifies Twist of Fate when it finishes.


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