Twist of Fate 7th March 2022 Written update

Twist of fate 7th march 2022:  On Twist Of Fate Monday 7 March 2022 update Zee world, starts with Pallavi asking Prachi to prove that she is good so that others can think that she is suitable to be a good bahu. She says Kohli surname comes after your name, but think of it first. She says you have to impress the guests so that they say that Pallavi Kohlis bahu is good and responsible. She tells Prachi that Soni told that she has soaked the chole at the right time. She says Rhea will use the main kitchen and Prachi will use the spare kitchen. Teji tells Prachi that the chole batura has to be made with hands and the guests just want delicious chole batura. Dida asks Rhea if she knows cooking, as 2 years back…you didn’t know even to make tea. Rhea says yes, I know cooking. I have learnt many times in these 2 years. Teji says whoever makes good chole batura, will be declared as best bahu.

Abhi is walking in the lane and collides with someone. The guy asks if he is drunk? Abhi drinks and then scolds the guy. Rhea asks the helper to go and tells that she likes to do on her own. He says Pallavi Maam asked him to assist her. Rhea asks him to leave. Prachi asks Soni to bring some tomatoes for her. Soni says I can’t help you, as there is a competition going on between Rhea and you. She says. Prachi tells that Rhea is her sister and there is no competition with her, whoever gets the keys, it doesn’t matter. Rhea tells that Prachi might be thinking there is no competition between the sisters, but it has between us. She says I will do anything to defeat you. Prachi says we are bahus of the same family, we shall not fight and shall stay together. She thinks Rhea might be missing Maa and Papa, and thinks she will not less her miss her mayka being her sister, and she will not feel anything missing in her life. Rhea says you have snatched my Dad and my love and likes to see me alone. She says this time I will plan and you will lose, as time has changed. Prachi takes the kadai and finds chole masala less. She goes to ask Rhea, but she is not there. She thinks where did she go?

Sushma watches the news in which Gaurav is accusing Pragya of molesting him. She is holding the papers and thinks if Pragya does this, then will come out of all troubles and this Gaurav Thapar will get a befitting reply. She asks Shagun about Pragya and goes to her room. Pragya is in her room and thinking about Lawyer’s suggestion. Sushma comes there and says I got the solution and tells that Tanu. Pragya says don’t know how dare she to ask me this, but I don’t want to talk to her. She says she gets angry hearing her name and says I want to call him and asks him how he can stay with her, I can’t stand with her even for 2 mins. Sushma says I was thinking of Lawyer’s advice and says this is the only way to come out of the trap, as told by Tanu. Pragya says you are supporting her and asks if you think she is right. Sushma asks her to calm down and says this is court papers, Gaurav has filed case against you. He is pressurizing you and tells that we have one way, as told by Tanu and suggested by Lawyer. She says Lawyer told clearly that we have to take society’s judgement in our favour. She says Judge thinks of the society’s thoughts. She says Gaurav is ruining your image, we have to bring your ex husband back in your life and do what Tanu is saying. Pragya says she is asking about buying him, I can’t stoop to her level. Sushma says Tanu came to you with the deal. She says this is a chance for you. Pragya says I can’t do this. Sushma asks if she has any problem to buy Abhi. Pragya says she doesn’t trust Tanu. Sushma asks her to think of her advantage and asks did you read the papers, did you see what he has written? She says he has video proof against you. Pragya says even I will get the chance to prove my point. Sushma says the case will go long and the people will get chance to ruin your image. She says if your image breaks, then you will break down. Pragya says I will not keep quiet and will fight back. She says my mother taught me to fight and you taught not to accept defeat. She says I want to get you out from the trouble and will do whatever I think right. She says I am a mother, and this is a mother’s suggestion which can’t be wrong. She says Tanu is talking about selling her ex husband and I am talking about buying him.

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Prachi goes to Rhea and sees her getting manicure and getting pedicure done by someone. She asks if you didn’t start work till now. Rhea says she wants to look best fully. Prachi says she wants chole masala and doesn’t want to take in her absence. Rhea asks her to get it and not to be formal. Prachi says ok and tells that Pallavi has much expectation from you. She goes. The beautician tells Rhea that she will do the manicure after she does cooking. Rhea says she is not going to cook and will order from a good hotel. She threatens the beautician to give her the least rating and reminds that she is high paying customer. She asks her to praise her. The beautician thinks you are the worst bahu, but tells you are good paying customer. Rhea gets happy.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she had gone to meet Pragya, as I have old relation with her. Aaliya asks why did you go? Tanu says to help her. She says she went for their advantage, but…it doesn’t work. She says I supported you for helping Gaurav, but he didn’t give us any money. Aaliya asks her to tell why she did. Tanu says Abhi said that my tongue and mind don’t work without my advantage. She says I went there to get money from Pragya. Aaliya asks why Pragya will give you money. Tanu says I will sell my husband to her. Sushma asks Pragya if she will buy Abhi. Pragya nods no. Sushma says it is a big trap. Pragya says she will fight and will do what Abhimanyu did. Sushma asks did you know what happened with him. She says you can sometimes delay the fight.

Sushma telling Pragya that sometimes we don’t need to fight to win. She says you can cancel the fight too. She says if you are thinking what Abhi will think, then I guess you shall think about yourself and your self respect. Tanu says even if we don’t have self respect, then also we shall have money, I know well what I am doing and will win. She says I have done the deal and will complete it. Aaliya asks you have done your husband deal and asks what Pragya had said, asks if has kicked you out. Tanu says by the time, she asked me to leave, I had told her about my deal and says right now Pragya’s namesake mother might be convincing her to accept the deal. Sushma asks her to think about herself and her self respect, once Abhi returns in her life, everything will be fine. Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya is not like you, she believes in her values and will never buy your husband. She says if Bhai goes to her life, then what will left in her life. Tanu says Pragya has changed and believes in miracle and not in values, and will do what benefits her. Aaliya says it will not happen. Tanu says she will call Sushma and give her 10 seconds. Aaliya says you will hear many bad words in those 30 seconds. Sushma tries to convince Pragya, but she doesn’t want to buy him. Tanu calls Pragya. Sushma says it is Tanu’s call, sometimes useless coins works. Pragya picks the call and shouts at Tanu. Tanu tells Aaliya that she didn’t pick the call.

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Sushma asks her to think about her benefit and asks why she doesn’t want to buy him. Pragya says I respect him for the relation we lived, there are many memories that can’t be saleable. She says she respects the relation and him, and also she ……..She then stops and says she can’t insult him, and can’t make him fall in his own eyes, like he is a thing which can be bought by anyone. She goes. Sushma gets angry and thinks she has reason to convince her, and will not lose another daughter, will not let her be stubborn.

Aaliya says we have framed Pragya using Gaurav and very few days are left for her destruction, but you don’t have patience. Tanu says she can’t fulfill her wishes and reminds Aaliya what she told 2 years back. She says now she has stress on her face and tells that everyone will get whatever they want. She says Abhi will get Pragya and she will get him, and I will get money. It is a win win situation. Aaliya says it will not be such. Tanu says I am selling him. Aaliya says he is my brother too. Tanu says even you will become rich and tells that Pragya will soon agree. Aaliya asks how did you know that Pragya will agree. She asks what is going on in your mind? Tanu says something big. Aaliya thinks what will happen if Bhai comes to know about her.

Abhi is drinking in the bar and thinks of Aaliya and Tanu’s provocative words for Pragya. He recalls Pragya’s hatred for him and recalls her words. A sad song plays….He gets teary eyes and wipes his tears. He recalls and a fb is shown, Aaliya telling Abhi if he will not believe what she said. Abhi says he came to get money from piggy bank. Aaliya provokes him against Pragya and tells that when Sushma came here to get him arrested for the car damaged and asked him to give 1 lakh compensation. She says it must be Pragya’s idea. Abhi calls Pragya. Pragya picks the call. He says you picked the call in one ring, and asks if she was waiting for the call. She says she was thinking something. He asks her if she knew that Sushma wanted to get him arrested. Pragya says yes. Abhi ends the call. Pragya says first I didn’t know, later I came to know, and then says hello. Abhi haven’t listened this. He thinks of Aaliya’s words that Pragya offered him a job through someone intentionally. She says whenever you had fight with her, she used to return, but now she didn’t return as you don’t have money. She says her thinking is so cheap. Abhi says I don’t want to hear. Aaliya says I have mailed you everything and asks him to read about Marcus Company who ruined us. Abhi checks the mail and says Pragya’s company has ruined us. He thinks Aaliya was right.

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Pragya talks to the lawyer and says she is appointing another lawyer. Abhi calls Pragya and asks what is her company’s name? Pragya says Marcus company. Abhi asks do you know what is my company’s name. Pragya couldn’t hear him. Abhi asks if she ruined his company and says if you haven’t done this, then tell me, I will believe you and will not ask for any proofs. He asks her to tell if she did this. Pragya says hello and tries to hear what he is saying. She tells that she has no option and will not be quiet after whatever Gaurav did and will ruin them. Abhi says I thought Aaliya couldn’t handle our company and we were ruined. He says I didn’t know that you ruined us. Pragya says hello. Abhi says you have suffocated me always and says you have done wrong with me. He says she couldn’t see the poverty and left me. Pragya couldn’t hear anything. Abhi says I will not let you ruin me more, and will not let myself love you, and will hate you. He throws his phone in anger. Pragya says your voice is not coming.

She thinks he might have come to know what Gaurav did in conference and thinks he cares for me. Abhi thinks you have ruined me, I hate you Pragya.Prachi is cooking in the kitchen and shows bature to Ranbir on video call. Ranbir says you have made nicely and tells that why you didn’t let me come. She says she will make again for him. She says her chole bature will be best. He says he will come home and eat. She asks if he called for work. Ranbir says he was missing her and that’s why wanted to hear if she missed him. Pallavi comes there and asks Ranbir if he has work in office and asks him to let Prachi do the work. Pallavi ends the call. She asks Prachi to do the garnishing fast and tells that Sharda ji will be coming. She gets Sharda’s call and goes to attend it. Prachi asks herself to focus.

Rhea waits outside to receive the parcel of chole bature. She thinks if anyone comes then will ask what I am doing here and if anyone goes to kitchen. She calls the restaurant and asks to send the number of the delivery guy.

Pallavi, Teji and Dida welcome Rajeshwari ji, Sharda ji and others. A guest tells that they came to have food here. Dida asks them to have tea first. Pallavi says her both bahus made chole bature. Rajeshwari says it is good, we will get to eat the tasty food, if one couldn’t make nicely the we can have tasty food made by other bahu. Pallavi asks Soni to get the table ready. Prachi gets ready with the garnishing and serving the batura.


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