The Episode starts with Tanu and Aaliya coming to Nikhil’s house. He looks at Tanu and says what a pleasant surprise. Aaliya and Tanu get inside his house. Tanu asks why did you come to the hospital? Aaliya reminds of his promise that he will not roam around Tanu. Nikhil says you said that Tanu is marrying Abhi for his money and will leave him after getting money. He says you don’t understand a father’s feelings and was shocked. He says I can’t let anything happen to my baby. Tanu says you would have asked Aaliya and called her. She says Abhi was doubting him. Nikhil says I don’t care. Aaliya warns him to do as she says. Nikhil asks her to keep quiet else. Tanu warns him and asks to keep quiet. Nikhil says I am father of this child and cares for him. Tanu picks the knife and says if Abhi gets to know about them then she will kill herself and the baby. Aaliya asks her to leave the knife and come with her. Nikhil looks on tensedly.

Bulbul puts Purab’s finger in hot tea. Purab scolds her. Bulbul says I am Bulbul. Sarla comes and laughs seeing them happily fighting. Bulbul makes Dadi and Pragya eat chocolate in the restaurant. Dadi says we will have to find out about the third person helping Aaliya. Bulbul says we have to find about Tanu’s baby father. Dadi sees Purab coming and tells that she can’t act. She tells Purab that she can’t hear her. Pragya asks her to agree and says you are supporting us in the plan to expose Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya laughs. Dadi asks who told him. Bulbul says Purab catched her in Sardar’s attire and they don’t have the way other than saying truth. Dadi says it is good and asks him not to tell Abhi. Bulbul says Abhi’s enemies can’t stay infront of our team. Purab says he will do everything to support Abhi. Raj is angry with Aaliya and Tanu. Tanu promises that they will not do anything without his consent. Mitali comes and hears him saying sorry. He tells her that he wants to give them job and realize their talent. Mitali says she needs job also. Raj says he will give her job as well. Mitali asks her to call boss. Aaliya hugs him and leaves. Mitali hugs Raj and says you gave me good gift of my life and your business will grow. Raj says I hope so.

Pragya comes to her room and sees Abhi with moustache and beard. She gets scared and says you are looking scary. Abhi asks her to wear it. Pragya refuses. Abhi insists her to stick on her face. He asks her to wear it and says he will stop calling her lady mogambo. Pragya agrees. Abhi makes her sit and makes her wear moustache and beard. Pragya gets scared seeing herself. Abhi clicks her photo and says you are looking like lady mogambo. Pragya says you said that you will not call me lady mogambo. Abhi asks when did I tell you. Pragya asks him to delete the photo else she will break fuggi’s specs. Abhi pretends to delete the pic and says I got both. Pragya tries to take his phone, but Abhi leaves.

Purab checks the papers in his office, and asks how can papers pass without his sign. Someone hears him and calls Raj. He informs him everything. Raj asks him not to call him whenever he is in office. Purab sees the employee calling someone and follows him. Raj says we have to think something else. Aaliya also says the same.

Mitali asks Dadi if they will celebrate Dussera. Abhi asks how you will celebrate. Dasi says we shall celebrate. Abhi says Pragya is like ravan and she will not celebrate. Pragya comes and informs them that they will celebrate Dussera like last year. Abhi says you can’t get any donation in Dussera and says we shall burn you instead of Ravan. Dasi suggests Ram Leela. Payal suggests Dandiya. Pragya asks them to get the sponsors. Just then Nikhil comes and asks if everyone is waiting for him.

Nikhil coming to Abhi’s house and apologizes for not informing them before coming. He says you people are looking shocked. Abhi says we were talking something and you came. He asks him to help his friend and says he wants to sponsor personal function. Abhi asks him to talk to Pragya. Pragya asks him about his company’s poster. He says they need a model for an ad film. He says Tanu can act in his ad film. Nikhil says she can’t. I saw her in hospital. Abhi says yes. Pragya says she will check if his company deserves to sponsor our brand, and says they need 15 crores for this function. Abhi spits water and is shocked. He takes Pragya to a side. Aaliya is shocked too. Abhi asks Pragya, why she is greedy, and asks why she is quoting the rate. Pragya says she has to cover the loss and asks him not to interfere. The sponsor says amount is big, but we have a condition. He says Abhi will be our model for our company. Abhi refuses to model for lady product. Abhi refuses. Pragya says decision is taken. Abhi asks Nikhil to take part in Dussera function. Nikhil agrees. Tanu and Aaliya are tensed.

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Tanu tells Aaliya that they have to do something and find a solution. Aaliya asks her to stop thinking about Nikhil. Tanu says he was trying to get close to me. Aaliya says he cares for you. She asks her not to behave like that and says people will doubt seeing your behavior. She asks her to calm down.

Later in the room, Abhi comes to Pragya and asks why did she say yes to ad. He says I am not an actor nor a model. Pragya says I am your boss and you have to do everything I order you. Abhi takes her saree and wears it. He wears her necklace. Pragya smiles. He wears her specs too. Pragya says I will increase your pocket money. Abhi says to hell with your pocket money. He says people will think him wrong. Pragya says they shall not know about our fights, and must think that you loves your ex wife still. She says she don’t want popularity. Dasi comes and greets Abhi, thinking her to be woman. Dadi pretends to scold Abhi and says you have changed. You have become her servant. Dasi says you are dancing indisguise of a woman and that too infront of her. She says Pragya might have hypnotize you. Abhi tries to say, but Dadi and Dasi scold him and leave. Pragya asks him not to come near her else he will attack him with a pen. Abhi says okay, you want to pen fight with me, and says we shall make this game interesting. He says he will fight with his black pen. They fight.

Abhi puts dumb bells near the door and thinks Pragya will fall down. Pragya comes and thinks he wants to make me fall. They argue. Abhi asks her to move and takes his phone. He puts his feet on the dumb bells and is about to fall down, but Pragya holds him and kisses him mistakely leaving her lipstick mark on his cheek. They look angrily. Abhi thinks why hero always loses. Ronnie and Payal see lipstick mark on his face and sings song. Abhi asks if they want to become singer and asks to go. Tanu comes and is about to kiss Abhi. She sees lipstick mark on his face and calls him cheater etc. Abhi wonders what has happened to her. He thinks about Tanu’s words that she gets mood swings and hyper. Abhi thinks she needs personal space and I should let her alone.

Pragya tells everyone that she will decide about their roles in Ram Leela. She asks Dadi to be narrator. Tai ji says I can be narrator. Pragya asks if she knows Ramayan Chaupayya. She gives roles to Dasi and Dasharath’s role to Taya ji. Mitali says she will become Sita, and then thinks she will become Urmila to rule in Palace. She gives Taiji, role of Kaikiye. She gives role of mantra to Tai ji. She gives Suparnakha’s role to Aaliya. Aaliya says she is least interested. Pragya says her decision is final. Mitali asks about Tanu’s role. Pragya says there is no role for her. Abhi informs Bulbul and Tanu that lady mogambo is organizing Ram Leela. Purab asks if he was with someone before coming here? Abhi says he was with Pragya in his room. Abhi asks why you are asking? Purab tells Dadi that your grand son is enjoying. Aaliya says it seems he is spending time with enemies. Tanu gets irked. Abhi says I have to admit you again. He asks about their roles, and says lady mogambo will do Ravan’s role. She gets angry and looks at lipstick mark on his face. Abhi thinks she got afraid and went. Bulbul tells that she got shy and left. Purab takes the photo and shows him. Abhi is shocked.

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Purab taking Abhi’s pic and shows lipstick mark on his face. Everyone smile looking at him. Purab says they are shying. Mitali says this mark might be left by Tanu. Tanu says she is not shameless. Mitali asks her not to open her mouth. Tai ji says if she is not Tanu then who is she? Purab asks Abhi, what he is hearing and says you have gone to enemy side. Bulbul says it is not fair and asks him how can he let Pragya kiss him. Abhi says it was unintentional and she fell on me mistakenly. Bulbul says you have taken advantage of the situation. Abhi asks her to think what she wants to think. He says I will deal with Pragya first, because of whom this has happened. Tanu makes faces as if she is sad. He says no one shall come near the room. Bulbul and Dadi smiles.

Pragya thinks what to do as Abhi will never accept that it was not her mistake. Abhi enters the room. Pragya gets scared. Abhi asks her to look at him. Pragya asks him to say. Abhi says don’t you have any shame? You should have told me about the mark. Pragya says I didn’t do anything and says you should thank me. Abhi says I can prove you. He asks how can he get red lipstick on his face. He turns and sees orange lipstick on her lips. Pragya says my lipstick is not matching with that mark, and says you have to justified as you have blamed me. She asks him to let her kiss him. Abhi is shocked. Pragya says everyone will know that this color is not matching with red mark. Abhi refuses to let her kiss him. Pragya insists and tries to kiss him forcibly. Abhi runs from there. Pragya smiles.

Abhi comes to Dadi and says Pragya wants to create misunderstanding between him and Tanu. Bulbul says jiju couldn’t do anything and might have learnt a lesson. Abhi says she has tried to kiss me. Pragya gets shy. Abhi tells he loves her fuggi. Pragya smiles. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya wants to trap Abhi, and she shares room with him. Aaliya asks her to sit down and says you forget that Abhi is a rockstar, and says he is a loyal man. She says question is that why did Pragya do that? She wants to create misunderstanding between you both. Tanu says yes. Aaliya says she don’t want you to marry him. She is really after money and thinks Abhi’s value will get down after he gets married. He will have less female following and it will be her loss.

Purab comes to Sarla’s home. Sarla asks do you want to tell anything. Purab tells that Abhi is celebrating Dussera festival and is inviting you all. Sarla refuses to go. Bulbul says he will feel bad. Sarla says I will talk to him. Bulbul says I understood that you gets scared of Pragya. Sarla says I will go there and tell her that I am not afraid of her. Jhanki asks her to give a good lecture to Pragya. Bulbul asks them to take part in Ram Leela and come home. Sarla says I will do Mahabharath in her house.

Pragya talks to someone about organizing the event. Abhi comes and hears her. He thinks she wants to create misunderstanding and thinks to create misunderstanding for her. She comes to Tanu and says he wants to talk something. He says we have to act to be husband and wife, and says Pragya wants to create misunderstanding between us. Pragya hears them. Abhi says we have to behave like boyfriend and girl friend infront of her. He shares his plan. Pragya hears them. Abhi and Tanu come to room and start romancing. Pragya says it is my room and I will decide who will enter my room. Abhi says it is my room also. Pragya says this house and room is mine. Abhi says I don’t want to spoil my mood by arguing you. He says we will be together and asks her to go. Pragya says okay and asks him to do whatever he wants to do. Abhi asks Tanu to hug him. Tanu says yes baby and runs towards the wall. Pragya turns her face. Abhi and Tanu start acting to kiss each other.

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Pragya sits down to look at their kiss. Abhi says I can’t concentrate. Tanu says if she is not ashamed then why shall we. He thinks why Pragya is not getting affected. Pragya smiles and eats popcorn. Abhi sits on bed and asks Tanu to come. Tanu jumps on bed and the nails injures her leg. Abhi takes her from there. Ronnie prays to God and says I am playing hanuman’s role. He rehearsals the scene. Abhi comes and asks if is having lighter. He asks if he wants to act with him. He asks him to stand on the fountain and tries to light his tail. Ronnie runs. Payal comes and he falls with her. They have an eye lock. Abhi scolds Payal for losing her concentration and asks Ronnie to run. Nikhil comes and holds Tanu’s hand. Tanu gets tensed.

Nikhil coming to meet Tanu. Tanu is shocked and asks you??? Nikhil says are you dreaming about Abhi? Tanu asks him not to take her advantage, and says she will land up in problem if anyone see them together. She gives their child’s promise. Just then she sees Pragya standing and pushes Nikhil. Nikhil hides behind the curtain. Pragya asks why she is sweating till now. Tanu says you were torturing me. Pragya says may be Abhi wants to torture you. Tanu says you are lying. Pragya says Abhi sleeps on left side of bed, and says why did he call you on right side. Tanu gets doubtful and thinks to ask Abhi. She pulls the curtain and sees Mitali standing. Mitali tells that the person standing here went missing. Tanu goes. Mitali thinks there is a ghost there and runs. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks where is he? He says he is outside of house. He thinks Tanu might have divorced Abhi till now, but she didn’t marry him till now.

Dadi reaches restaurant to talk to Pragya, Purab and Bulbul. Pragya tells them that Tanu got angry and held her neck when she provoked her. Dadi says Tanu is thinking you want to create misunderstanding between them. Bulbul gets an idea and says they will make Abhi scold Tanu when he sees her not taking care of baby. She says Tanu will dance in Dussera and then Jiju will scold her. Pragya doesn’t like the idea and says she can’t play with baby’s life. Dadi says I am with her. Purab says I don’t think so and asks her to think about other idea. He goes to bring chocolate for her. Bulbul thinks she is stuck between them.

Tanu tells Abhi that you called me at right side of bed and tells what Pragya has told. Tanu says you don’t love me and I know. Abhi says you are at my left side of heart, so I called you at right side. Tanu says I will leave the house with baby. Abhi asks her not to cry. Pragya hears them. Abhi asks her to take rest. Pragya thinks Abhi is angry and she shall not go near him.

Sarla gets ready. Bulbul gives her compliment and leaves with her. Pragya asks Ronnie to check arrangements. She asks everyone to rehearse for Ram Leela. Sarla comes and greets Dadi. She looks at Pragya and looks on. Pragya asks Dadi to rehearse her part. Dadi welcomes the guests and says she wants to call Ajay Mehra who is playing Dasharath’s role. Dasi comes and enacts her role. Aaliya comes and says she will play Sita’s role and rehearse the lines. Pragya says you can’t do acting and asks her to leave it. Aaliya says who are you to judge me. I am not interested, but you have forced me. Ronnie says you can’t do it. Pragya asks him to keep quiet.

Dadi calls upon Sarla to rehearse her lines. Sarla enacts as Mata Ansuyya. Sarla tells about woman duties towards her husband. She says a woman who gives more preference to other things, can’t be happy. Even if she stays in Palace without obeying her husband then she can’t be happy. Pragya gets teary eyes and hides her face.


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