Twist of Fate 30 March 2021 update: starts with Aaliya beating Nishant in the lock up and twists his hand. Nishant shouts, but nobody hears his screams. Aaliya takes out her earrings and pierces in his hand and then wears it again.

Nishant shouts. Rhea asks her to hurry up. Aaliya asks Nishant if he will take Rhea’s name. Inspector, Abhi and Vikram come there. Abhi says aaliya you are here. Inspector says she can’t touch the man in custody. He says he can file case against her. Abhi asks why did she come? Aaliya says you people didn’t tell me, as I am nobody. He asks why did you come? Aaliya says this man trapped innocent girl like Prachi and got angry seeing her. Rhea thinks she is clearing her side. Aaliya asks Abhi not to trust him and says he can trap anyone, you, Vikram or me. She says lets police do the work and says lets go. Abhi says I know how much to trust him and asks Nishant to tell who asked him to keep drugs in Prachi’s bags. Nishant says I will tell the name, but you won’t believe me. He says your daughter Rhea. Shahana sees Aryan in the college and smiles seeing him. He asks why are you smiling at me and says you always fight with me. Shahana says I came to thank you as you…and then says she is happy and saying thanks to everyone. She says she is waiting for Prachi. Aryan says I am waiting for Ranbir. She asks do you wait for him daily? He asks why? She thinks why is she behaving strangely and thinks something is strange. He sits on the opposite chair and says we will wait together, as I will look as fool. Shahana says we both will look fool. Aryan says if we don’t talk then they will think we are strange. Shahana says you are right.

Nishant tells that Rhea had insulted with his Chacha and that’s why he planned to keep drugs in her bags, but mistakenly kept drugs in Prachi’s bags. Abhi says Rhea did right. Vikram scolds him for taking Rhea’s name and asks why you took her name. Abhi asks Inspector not to call him again for Nishant.


Aaliya asks Rhea to meet her in the car. Rhea asks her how she convinced Nishant? A fb is shown, Aaliya threatens him and tells that she will give money to his man and will take him out from jail and set his life, but if he takes Rhea’s name then she will make his life a living hell in jail. Fb ends. Rhea thanks Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to relax.

Ranbir comes there wearing headphone and listening to music. He collides with Prachi. Prachi says we are in college, this headphone is not allowed in college. He takes it out. She says she wants to talk to him. Ranbir says I know what you want to say and why you remember to talk to me. She asks why you are upset? Ranbir says you will scold me and call me mannerless, and all manners are in you. he says you will make me realize that I am mannerless, but I am not in a mood to hear your lecture. Prachi says I thought you are good and have manners, but you are good infront of your family. She says you was good till yesterday and now you got arrogance in college. She goes upset. Ranbir calls her secretary and asks her to come to college on time. Shahana comes to Prachi. Aryan goes to Ranbir. Prachi is angry at Ranbir. Shahana says do you know what happened with me.

Rhea and Aaliya promote the film Judgemental Hai kya..Rhea tells that she has many superheroes in her life, one is dad, other is Prachi’s mom. Aaliya says Prachi’s mom. Rhea says she is so sweet and has warmth. She says when I heard her crying for Prachi, I felt really bad. She says she saved Prachi and Ranbir and says she is one woman army. Aaliya says middle class people were like this and says even your mum was like this, she used to impress all and says what she did at the last, betrayed us. Rhea gets emotional and cries. Aaliya asks her to stay away from middle class people. Rhea says Prachi’s mom is so good. Aaliya asks her not to cry. Rhea asks her to drop her in the side and says she will meet her friend and come back home. She gets down the car and thinks Prachi’s mum is good.

Beeji comes to Ranbir and asks her to come near her. He asks what happened? Beeji says you know that I love you very much and says she don’t like to see him in jail. Ranbir says I am outside now and tells that it is not a bad place. He says he made a friend in jail also and he was so nice. Beeji says no criminal is good. She says she don’t like it. He gets Prachi’s call and she asks him to bring blue color file from his house. Ranbir asks who is boss and asks her to come to his house and take the file. Prachi thinks he became arrogant after becoming boss. Beeji asks who was on the call? Ranbir tells that she is so arrogant. Beeji says don’t know if you will fall in love with her. Ranbir says no and tells that she has not even one quality to impress me. He says I love someone else. Beeji asks whom? He recalls Rhea asking him not to tell anyone about her. Beeji gives him promise and asks him to tell. He describes Rhea. Beeji asks him not to bring her infront of her. Ranbir says he is joking.

Pragya is stitching something. Shahana says she wants to learn later. Prachi searches for dupatta. Shahana says you are wearing this. Prachi goes. Pragya closes the door. Prachi rings the bell. Pragya opens the door. Prachi comes inside and says she forgot her purse. She gets her purse and goes. Door bell rings again. Pragya opens the door and finds Rhea standing.

Rhea coming to Pragya’s house. Pragya sees her and asks what happened? Rhea hugs her. Shahana gets upset. Rhea recalls Aaliya’s words and says I don’t know why I came, but I have come here. Pragya says I will not ask you why you came and asked seeing tears in your eyes. Rhea says how do you know? Pragya says there is something between us. Rhea tells that she was going by taxi and having headache, so she came here. Shahana says medical shop was outside. Pragya says even we have medicine and asks her to get medicine from inside. Shahana hides the medicine and tells that medicine is not at home, asks Rhea to bring it. Pragya wipes Rhea’s hairs and asks Shahana to bring ut. Shahana takes umbrella with her. Dasi finds her almari open and thinks she might have let it open. She then thinks to check if something is missing? She checks her necklace and finds it missing. Aaliya comes there and sees Dasi getting shocked and calling Abhi. Aaliya asks what happened? Dasi asks her to call Police. Aaliya says your jewellery is not lost and says she took her jewellery for cleaning so took hers also. Dasi says when I asked you to take my jewellery for polishing, you didn’t take it. Aaliya says she is bringing change in herself. Dasi says you did right? Aaliya says I am sorry that I should have asked you before taking it. Dasi says atleast I didn’t get the heart attack. Aaliya recalls Dasi giving her teachings about Purab and thanks her. She hugs her and asks her to tell next time when to take jewellery for polishing. Dasi hopes they stay happy.

Purab thinks to talk to Disha and asks his secretary to come to his cabin. Juhi comes there. Purab tells that he wants CM vasudha’s media coordinators. Juhi says old and new CM’s media coordinators are same. Shahana comes home and sees Pragya massaging Rhea’s head and Rhea resting on her lap. She asks Pragya to ask her if she wants massage or not. Pragya says she will feel light and good. Shahana says Rhea wouldn’t have get head massage before. Rhea says nobody did it before. Shahana says I will bring taxi for you. Pragya says she is not going now and asks Shahana not to trouble her, says she will make coffee for her. Pragya goes to kitchen. Shahana says you are doing the same thing for which you keep blaming Prachi. She says you blame Prachi, but you are snatching his mum. Abhi talks to the secretary Juhi. He sees Pragya’s message and thinks to reply her. He then thinks if I message her then she will think I am thinking about her. Pragya thinks of Kiara and Abhi and hopes to make coffee for her other daughter (Rhea). She burns her hand in the kitchen and Abhi gets the feeling of burning. He asks Juhi if she get such feeling. He then asks to give message to Mr. Juneja.

Shahana asks Rhea why did she come here when Prachi is not at home. Rhea says she was having headache really? Shahana says don’t act infront of me and says you think that Prachi is snatching your dad from you then you want to snatch Maasi from Prachi. Rhea says nobody can snatch her parent from other. Shahana asks her to go before Pragya comes. Rhea says if you keep saying this then I promise to snatch Prachi’s mum from her. Pragya brings coffee and gives to Rhea. Shahana asks if I have to get headache to get coffee. Pragya says my jealous daughter and asks Rhea to drink. Rhea thanks Pragya and says she is feeling very light and this coffee is best. She asks can I come to meet you whenever I want ? Pragya asks her to come whenever she wants and says I will feel good. Rhea hugs Pragya. Pragya goes to keep the coffee cup in kitchen. Rhea hugs Shahana and asks her not to come in her way and make her angry, says if she gets angry then will snatch her mum from her. Pragya comes and says bye. Rhea leaves.

Juhi gets Disha’s number and gives to Purab. Purab dials her number and thinks what to talk to her. He gets Kiran’s number and she asks him to get Aaliya’s report. He says ok. Purab thinks of Disha’s husband and thinks if she is married, then why Kiran will say.

Secretary comes to Disha and says Hritik sir is calling you downstairs. Disha says she is very busy. Hritik comes there. Disha says she has many files. Hritik asks Varsha to send all files to home. Disha says the same. He takes her with him.

Shahana calls Prachi and says Rhea came after you left and tells everything. Prachi says she asked you to stay out of it and tells that she will talk later after coming home. She rings Ranbir’s door bell. Beeji says I came to meet you and then says I know you came to take the file. She goes to get file. Ranbir comes and scares Prachi. Prachi runs behind him. Beeji comes there. Ranbir says she got scared. Beeji asks him not to tease her. Prachi asks about his age. Beeji asks why? Prachi says he is grown up, but childish. Beeji asks Ranbir to take Prachi to office.


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