Twist of Fate 29 September 2020: ON Twist of Fate Tuesday update 29th September 2020 Zee world update, The Episode starts with Abhi seeing Pragya in the hotel. Pragya hides. Abhi thinks it might be his imagination.

Pragya thinks why did he come here and gets worried that she will be exposed rather than Aaliya. Raj calls Aaliya and asks her to come. Aaliya says she needs to attend a party and refuses to come. Raj gets angry. Aaliya says she will wrap up the party within an hour and come there.
Bulbul comes indisguise of a sardar and flirts with Pragya. Pragya shouts for help. Bulbul asks her not to shout and hugs her. Pragya gets happy and says I couldn’t identify you. She says Aaliya left from there. Pragya tells Purab and Abhi are here. Bulbul is shocked and says we will finish the work. She asks her not to take tension and covers her head with pallu. Pragya says saree is of net and face can be seen through it. Ronnie comes indisguise of a gujrati man.

Bulbul covers Pragya’s head with Ronnie’s dupatta and asks them to follow her. Dadi prays for Pragya’s victory and safety. Dasi says I didn’t think that you will change so fast. She says you don’t take me anywhere and don’t share your heart talk with me. Dasi gets angry and tries packing her bags. Dadi asks her to listen to her and makes her sit on bed. Dasi says you hides everything from me, so I will go to Bhatinda. Dadi says there is nothing like such in my heart. Dasi cries and says I can’t bear your indifferent behavior. Mitali hears them. Dadi says it is not like that, and tells something big will happen today which I am thinking since long. She says then I will tell you everything. Mitali thinks to find out. Abhi, Purab, Ronnie, Pragya and Bulbul are in the lift. Ronnie asks Pragya not to worry. Abhi tries seeing her face, but Ronnie comes in his way.

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Abhi says I saw you somewhere. He says your face is like my enemy. Abhi tries to see Pragya’s face. Ronnie gets angry and asks not to touch the woman. He says if you touch her, then you have to marry her. Abhi reasons with him by giving example. Bulbul in sardar get up says nobody shall see woman with a bad eye. Abhi asks why you are getting angry. Abhi says I was seeing if she is my fuggi? Someone identifies him as rockstar Abhi. A woman says he should be beaten. Purab apologizes on Abhi’s behalf. Purab stares Bulbul and tries to identify her.

Taya ji and Tai ji come back from walking. Mitali tells that something big is going to happen today. She wonders what is going to happen and says we have to find out. Tai ji says we have to find out. Purab asks Abhi, what happened? Abhi thinks Purab will think him mad if he tell that the girl was like Pragya. He tells that girl thought I am teasing her. Purab sees moustache falling off from Bulbul’s face and stops her. Pragya asks her to come and looks at Purab standing there.

He says what you are doing with her and thinks she is conspiring against Abhi. Bulbul asks him to listen to her. Purab thinks she will lie again. Purab says I will tell the truth to Abhi. Bulbul says you have to listen to me. Purab says you are betraying me and acting. He asks her to listen and says I didn’t think that you will lie even in my dreams. Purab says Pragya have betrayed everyone and you are supporting her. He says I will tell Abhi right now. Bulbul stops him and asks to listen. Purab says he will decide and asks her to leave his hand. Purab takes his hand and she falls on wall.

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Purab and Bulbul arguing. Pragya asks them to come and take to room. She asks why they are fighting. Purab asks her not to tell anything being wrong. He says Abhi loves her very much, but she betrayed him. He says Abhi never asked money from anyone, but she made him poor. Bulbul says she did more than you can’t imagined. She says she has sacrificed big for Abhi and says you don’t know the truth. Pragya tries to stop her. Bulbul says you wants to hear the truth and tells everything which is muted. A flashback is shown. She tells this is sacrifice and love. She says Pragya want to expose Aaliya, and she can’t without a proof as it was you who would be trapped. Purab looks on shockingly.

Abhi wonders where is Purab? A fan requests him for a selfie with her. Purab apologizes to Pragya and says I am really proud of you. Pragya says I had to do all that to made everyone hate me. Bulbul gets angry. Purab apologizes and asks what is the matter? Bulbul tells they have to expose Aaliya and tells Aaliya came to sell Abhi’s scratch music. Purab couldn’t believe and assures his help. Pragya asks him to take Abhi from there. Purab agrees. Bulbul asks her to make her wear moustache. Purab obliges. Purab comes back to Abhi. Abhi keeps looking at Pragya without knowing it is her. Pragya signs purab. Purab asks Abhi to come to some other table and says bad smell is coming. Abhi says there is problem in your mind and asks to order food.

Aaliya comes to restaurant and gets Tanu’s call. Tanu asks did you meet producer and got money. Aaliya says she entered just now. Tanu gives her stupid tips. Aaliya says she knows how to talk to others. Tanu gives her tips again and disconnects the call. Aaliya thinks she will call again and puts the phone on flight mode. Purab tries to convince Abhi, but he doesn’t listen. Pragya asks Bulbul to do something. Bulbul throws something on Abhi. Abhi sees Ronnie staring him and thinks he might get him married to his sister. Bulbul throws paper ball again. Abhi thinks not to leave him. Purab asks him to ignore them and says we will leave from here. Abhi says okay and sprays sauce on Ronnie before going.

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Bulbul tells Pragya that Abhi left. Pragya asks Ronnie to be there and asks Bulbul to be aware of Aaliya. Bulbul says she will expose Aaliya and her idea will works. Purab comes back and tells Pragya that he has a good plan. He tells what is the need of finding proof, and says he will bring Abhi to see Aaliya doing the deal of his scratch music. Pragya says okay and says she will message him when Aaliya comes. She thinks it is good. Dadi wonders what is happening there and thinks what to do. She thinks she shall wait for their phone call and then thinks to call Pragya. Pragya tells Bulbul that Purab shared a good plan with her, and told that he will bring Abhi to see Aaliya selling the scratch music. Bulbul says he has become smart because of her.

Dadi calls Pragya and asks if Aaliya reached. Pragya tells no, and tells Abhi reached here. Dadi says Abhi shall not see you, else Aaliya will go from here. Pragya says Abhi will see Aaliya selling the music. Dadi says Aaliya is very clever and can trapped you in this game. Pragya says God is with us and we will win.


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